August 17, 2012

Family Update

1. We had our 4 year anniversary. Carl got me a sweet camera! It was great... anniversaries have always been great for us. The first year we got a couples massage, the second year we went to Disneyland for 10 days, the third year we had a little one month old Miles, and this year I got a super great camera that I have wanted for awhile now.

2. Since getting my camera we have taken so many pictures! We went to the zoo and took some pics of the animals, went to a splash park and took pics of Miles, took pics of our friend before and after she had her baby, and took so many random pics of Miles. This post is going to be FULL of pictures.... just be warned.

3. We have one more vacation before we settle down and get back into the swing of fourth year med school and second year of Miles.

4. Carl has been so busy with handy work next door. I am so grateful that he has been given this opportunity because he has learned so much and I know this knowledge will be wonderful when we own our own home one day.

5. Miles is so cute. He has been learning so many new things lately. He now dances. It is so cute. He will shake his head and bounce his knees. I love it. He loves it. We try to capitalize on it when he is in the mood because it is so fun.

6. Miles does yoga baby. This involves him standing with in the yoga position of downward dog. It is so funny.

7. Miles makes a new face. We call it the stink face. It looks like he is smelling something gross and he crinkles his nose. It actually reminds me a bit of his Aunt Linley and the way she crinkles her nose when she laughs.

8. Miles also has started fake crying. He does it to get attention and when it isn't working, he has started his banshee scream again. It is HORRIBLE!


Us at the splash pad:

action shot! It got him right in his face!

so happy!

giving dad a quick love

we had so much fun!

The zoo!

Random pics

fake cry

totally fake

yup.. fake

almost real, but still fake

see, he went right back to reading.. he was faking it!

cute stinker!