November 26, 2014

6 months

My dearest Logan, 
   These last 6 months seemed to fly by. How are you already closer to a year old than birth? I see you rolling on the floor, trying to eat your brother's toy and I see how much you have really grown. This last month has really been filled with so many changes. 
     You now eat food! In fact, you love food. You open your mouth and say mmmmmm whenever you really like what we feed you. You kind of expect to eat at every dinner we have. You sit in your high chair and growl at me until I give you a bite of food. I kind of think you'll be more of a foodie than your brother. 
     You now roll and army scoot. You are so determined to move where you want and to get what you want. You are so close to crawling and have been sitting up on all fours, shaking, and trying so hard to move forward. Most of the time you just fall and then use your tiptoes to scoot forward. You have become quite good at going where you want.  
     You LOVE your older brother. You watch him all the time and love when he plays with or talks to you. I hope this will translate to you two becoming great friends. 
     You have two teeth already and are biting everything. When we ask Miles why you have to be careful of brother, he replys by saying because you are so bitey. 
     I love you so much Logan Walter. Our family wouldn't be the same without your sweet smile and patient attitude. Thank you so much for each day you give us. May the future hold more joy and great times ahead. 

  Mom (also the word I have been telling you over and over in hopes that you will say mom first😊)