December 2, 2012

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a castle.

It was a beautiful castle with no real enemies. It stood for a long, long time... keeping watch over it's townspeople. But like any story, there is always a turn of events. There was this giant. A giant named Miles who craved destruction. He wanted nothing more than to hurt and destroy the beautiful castle.

He was not satisfied with the raw materials and did not want to create his own castle... he grew restless.

The elusive giant was on the move.

He came upon this beautiful castle and waited. 

Waited for the perfect opportunity to strike.

He seized the castle and declared it his own. 

He shook it and demanded riches or the people would see it's destruction.

The people had no riches.

As you can see from the following, the giant was not satisfied.

He pillaged the castle and left it in ruins. Never to be restored to it's original glory.