March 30, 2012

Friday update

1. Miles has started looking more and more like a kid. When he is sleeping in my arms, it feels like he isn't a baby anymore.
2. Miles loves his daddy so much. He cries whenver Carl leaves... It is funny but really sad.
3. Miles tried ice for the first time this week and he loved it... He kept opening his mouth for more.
4. Miles has been super clingy lately... I think it he is just at the stage where he wants to be with either Carl and I all the time. If one of us gets up and it even starts to look like we might be going into another room Miles cries! He cries like his feeling are so hurt that you would even want to leave. He will crawl after you and cry until you pick him up. It is so silly.
5. Miles loves to be in the bathroom. He likes to stand on the scale, pull the toilet paper out, jiggle the toilet handle, open and close the door, and generally just be in there. In fact, whenever you close the door he cries... even if no one is in there.
6.Miles did really well on the drive to my parents. He slept, woke up, ate, cried, slept, woke up, cried for a few minutes, played, and then we were there. I think he only cried for 15 minutes during the whole 3 hour drive.
7. Miles hates strangers. He cries and cries until I hold him. Strangers include my mom and Rodney.... I hope he grows out of this soon.
8. Miles took 2 steps in front of my mom and Rod last night.
9. Carl is going to Cali for a conference for this weekend.
10. Miles is starting to have a good memory.... If he is doing something naughty and I tell him no, I now have to take him away from whatever he was doing and give him something else to do or he will go back to doing the naughty thing.

March 23, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles has started loving books. We read to him each night before bed as a way for him to transition to sleeping. Since we read every day, he has started crying at the end of books. It is like he is sad that the book is over and he doesn't have anymore pages to turn. It is so funny. At first  he only cried at the end of the books at night, but now he is crying at the end of any book.
2. Miles and I are still sick with the cold Carl gave us.
3. I bought Miles a pair of leather shoes from target and we love them. They are light and breathables, but still protect his feet when we are out.
4. We are going to a birthday party tomorrow at a park. It is one of Carl's med school friend's daughter's birthday. She is turning 2 and we are excited to go.
5. We took Miles to the zoo for the first time yesterday. It was so fun. We went with my friend Lauren and her 2 girls. Miles loved it.
6. I am so excited for the hunger games movie. It is one of the few times I wish Miles was older so we could go see it.... But we will just have to wait until it comes out on dvd.
7. Putting Miles to sleep alone has become harder because now he likes to wake up and crawl off the bed head first. I caught him last night as he was about to fall, so now he is getting a later nap and going to bed with us.
8. Miles is standing more and more by himself. He will stand and hold a toy while he eats it for about 10 seconds before he falls on his tushy.
9. Miles LOVES to see himself in the mirror. He loves to see his reflection and usually going in front of a mirror helps to calm him down if he is upset.
10. Miles ate beans for the first time tonight and he really liked it. He hasn't been too into food lately, but he really liked the beans.

March 19, 2012


So Carl came home on Tuesday last week starting to feel yucky. We thought it might just be allergies, but nope. By Wednesday he was full on sick. He was running a fever, tired, achy, and had a head cold that was like allergies but 100 times worse. Needless to say, he stayed home from school while I watched Miles and brought him food and water, checking on him a few times a day to make sure he didn't need anything.

The week finishes up and I think we are out of the clear because it's Saturday morning and neither Miles nor I are sick! Yeah!!!

BUT THEN, Miles starts acting funny and is super cranky and wants nothing but to be held. I tell Carl that I think Miles caught your cold, but he says he thinks Miles is just cranky. Sunday approaches and sure enough, Miles runs a fever all day long (not a big one and we controlled it with meds). Our weekend was full of cranky, sick baby and yucky weather.

Sunday was also full of me wondering why my allergies were going out of control. You'd think I would realize that it isn't allergies after seeing Carl wonder the same thing a few days ago, but no.. I still think it is just allergies and continue my day with cranky baby and massive sneezing, throat soreness (due to drainage... sorry if you didn't want to know that), and all that fun allergy greatness. Then, I wake up at 12:30 am and realize that my nose is watering so much and I now am so cold that even Miles can't warm me... oh no. I must be sick too.

It is now 5 in the morning and I am up because the thought of laying down and having to breathe through my mouth while my throat is so sore is repulsive. I am letting my sweet boys sleep and I am in the living room wondering if and hoping Carl can take the day off to help me with Miles since I really don't feel well (although i doubt he can afford to take a day when this week is busy for him.)

March 16, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles took a step on Tuesday. He was standing at the coffee table, let go, stood there for a second, and then stepped toward me! He only made it one step and fell, and hasn't tried it since. I  think this totally counts as his first step, but Carl says he isn't so sure... Miles did manage to pick up his foot and move it forward, so does it count?
2. Miles is a little spitter. He has learned how to blow on his tongue to make a spitting sound and he does it all the time. He does this more than making talking noises.
3. Allergies are horrible this year. I am so stuffy and itchy and sneezy (is it just me or did you think those sound like dwarf names too?).
4. Miles really hasn't grown for the last few months. He is still wearing the same clothes and is only about a pound more than he was at new years. I think crawling is helping him to gain muscle and lose fat though... his face seems to look thinner than it did and I feel like he looks more grown up than before.
   He weighs 24.2 lbs and is still 28.75 in tall this means he is in the 90 th percentile for weight for age and a little over 75 percentile for length for age.
5. Miles has so many bruises.. I know it's from crawling but I feel bad. He gets them on his head from bonking his head on the coffee table, but he also now has them on his legs from crawling over our baby gate in the kitchen (it has a little lip that he crawls over).
6. Miles is going through his 8 month bad sleep time. It is totally normal for babies. He is just so busy all day learning new things, so when we go to bed it is hard for him to fall asleep. It is also hard for him to stay asleep. When he starts coming out of a sleep cycle, into a lighter sleep, he wakes himself up to play. When he wakes up he rolls over and starts to crawl even before he is all the way awake. It is crazy and makes for a bunch of nursing at night so he can go back to sleep.
7. Carl stayed home on Wednesday because he caught a cold from his clinic. We really tried to keep Miles away from him so we'll see if he ends up sick.
8. Miles and I are going to fly to see my dad and family for Easter. My step mom was nice enough to buy us a plane ticket to visit for a week! It is going to be so fun because my sister Shelbie is also going to be visiting with my sweet niece! I am a bit nervous about going on a plane with Miles by myself, but it for sure beats driving for 10+ hours!
9.  Carl, Miles, and I went to the park the other day and we let Miles put his feel in the sand for the first time. He wasn't so sure of it and just kept squishing his toes around in it.
10. Miles loves playing with the doggie door. He crawls over to the back door and likes to push the door open. I am just waiting for the time when he realizes he can push stuff outside and then learns he can fit through the door himself (when that happens, the dog door will get taken out for awhile).

a current pic of his only teeth

him playing with his remote

me and an outfit I bought this week

cute Miles sleeping... look at the cheeks!

Miles biting the arm of the chair... he likes to do this when he is standing up at the side of the chair

Miles playing with the dog bed, while Jezzie hides inside her blanket

His leg bruises

on his head from falling or going under the table and hitting his head, or whatever we can't catch soon enough

Miles playing with the doggie door

March 9, 2012

Friday Update

1.Carl is loving family medicine. he only has to go 5 half days, but has to go to school the other days so he is still gone most of the weekdays.
2. Miles is doing well, but nothing has really changed this week.
3. I'm thinking about visiting my dad and family soon because flights are so cheap but I'm nervous about flying alone witha baby for the first time... Anyone have a few pointers?
4. None of our family have seen Miles crawling yet... Hint, hint family... Come visit us!
5. Carl got Miles a ball yesterday and he is trying to teach Miles how to roll the ball back and forth. It is so cute.
6. We are trying to work on getting Miles sleeping longer at night, so we are trying to feed him more during the day so he doesn't need to wake up as much.

I guess this is it for this week... Like I said, nothing new is really going on

March 7, 2012

8 Months!

     You are getting to be such a big boy. You are getting taller and taller everyday. It seems like each time I look at you I see a more grown up version of you. You are such a funny baby. You like to follow me around the house, especially if I am going to the kitchen! You love to climb up on the dishwasher and play with the silverware and all the plastic dishes. I will be cooking and I'll look over to see you up on the dishwasher pulling out whatever you can reach and throwing it on the floor. You like to hear stuff hit the floor. It is so silly. I think your favorite thing is either the kitchen or playing guys with us. You LOVE to see me or daddy acting silly. In fact, last night daddy was holding you and I was chasing you guys around the house. It was so much fun. We were all laughing and it was just great. I think I will forever remember last night.
     Right now, you are playing with daddy on the floor. You are eating a block and daddy is smashing stuff for you to laugh at. It is really cute. I think it is fun to see you and daddy playing together. You sure bring out the kid in both of us. You have become quite the little mover. You just go wherever you want and even leave daddy and me to go play alone in your playroom... although once you realize you are alone you either cry or come back to us or both. I can't believe what a good baby you are. It seems like each month goes by and you keep being so good... you would think I would just get used to it, but whenever we go out people always comment on how patient, handsome, curious, happy, and just all around great you are. It is  a nice reminder to be thankful for the wonderful little man you are.
      You also are a little talker. You like to make all kinds of sounds to daddy and me. The newest thing is you like to almost spit with your tongue. It is so funny... it is kind of like a raspberry, kind of like sticking your tongue out and blowing but you do it all the time. You still make the g sound a lot, but have started to say mmmaaa and mooooom and hiiiiiii and heeeeeeyyyy. It is really fun. You also have learned how to kiss and if in the right mood with give one to me! It is so great. I feel like each month goes by so fast and you just grow too quickly. You are my little 8 month old who is bigger than both of your cousins who are older than you. You are so smart and have been doing things that most 9 month olds are learning (and you have been doing them for a month now and don't have any trouble doing them). You love to climb and your dad just showed you how to throw the blocks at other blocks and so you are trying that out with every toy you get your hands on. I just love you so much Miles. It seems like the longer I know you, the more personality you have, and the more and more I love you. You are an amazing boy who is going to do amazing things. Keep growing, and never stop loving your daddy and I because we will never stop loving you.

March 2, 2012

Friday Update

1. I trimmed Miles' hair for the first time this week. He had a few really long hairs and his hair was covering his ears, so I gave him a trim. Now I can make his hair be a mohawk again!
2. Miles has started saying ma. It is his official first word!! He says it when he is upset and wants something. I am almost positive he knows it means me.
3. Miles is getting to be such a mover. He crawls around fast (especially if you have the laptop!) and he is standing up all the time. The other night Carl made the remark that he feels jipped because we didn't get to have a baby for very long, he is already almost a toddler now. He just grew up so fast.
4. I took Miles to the park and let him swing. He didn't like me putting him in a weird thing, but he loved swinging... that is what the video showed. After being there for a few minutes, a man that was playing tennis stopped, looked at us, and said, "best years of life right there... enjoy it". It was sweet.
5. Miles went in his jumpy for the last time... I put him in it and he had fun. He likes jumping. I think he is just getting too big, our living room is too small, and he doesn't like to be in it for too long because he would rather crawl so I had Carl put it away. It actually made me sad to see it go, but I took a few pictures and am very glad we had the jumpy when Miles was little.
6. Carl is starting a rotation that is within walking distance of our home on Monday. I am so excited that he won't be taking 30-45 min each day going to and from work. It means more at home time!
7. Miles loves to play with the blinds. He likes to eat the metal cord (don't worry... he is ALWAYS supervised while he plays with it). It is funny to watch him crawl over to the back door, pat the door, lick the door, and then play with the blinds and cords.
8. Miles is so smart. We have a baby gate blocking the way to the kitchen and it has a door that swings open. When the door is open it has a little lip on it. Miles would crawl over and couldn't figure out how to crawl over the little lip but after showing him once, he now does it on his own.
9. Miles gets SO excited when Carl gets home. He smiles so big, starts crawling toward the garage, and cries until Carl picks him up. It is really cute to see.
10. Miles has started to pull his own hair. He mostly does it while he nurses to sleep. I am a bit worried that he is going to become one of those people who pulls out his own hair, but Carl says he isn't strong enough and it is just a phase. I hope he is right!

Miles' last time in the jumpy

sleeping- notice the shoes? He looks so big with shoes on

Mohawk after the haircut!

Another mohawk pic... isn't he so handsome in the little button up shirt?

at the park swinging for the first time

swinging video