September 27, 2011

Baby videos

Here are a few videos of Miles that I have taken this last week... enjoy!

This was Miles the morning he first got sick... poor guy

This is Miles talking to Carl

Miles talking to me this morning

September 26, 2011

New CLOTH Diapers

If you don't want to hear about my views on cloth diapering, don't read this blog... just skip it and read another post. I really am warning you, I am going to tell you exactly why I decided to go for cloth, so if you are totally against it, just go ahead and stop reading... no one has to know.

For my birthday, my mom decided to go halfsies with me and split the cost of cloth diapers.

The diapers are called fuzzibunz and are really cute! They are a pocket diaper and are really easy to use, did I say cute??, and will grow with Miles until he is 30 lbs! We will be able to use them for Miles and 2 more kids after him.....after that we might have to buy new ones (or they might STILL be good to use, if we take good care of them). I absolutely LOVE these diapers! We still have some disposable diapers from the medical school diaper shower that was thrown for us, but I think those will mostly be used for when we are traveling.

If anyone is thinking about cloth diapers and wondering why in the world I would want to do them, just read this and this. Using cloth diapers is good for the environment AND will save you TONS of money! It is so great and easy... it is NOT like how cloth diapers used to be... no pins or touching any poop. I really love the diapers so far and am so excited about how they look on Miles. (Also, as a side note... ladies think about wearing a pad, is it comfy? NO, so why would you want your baby to be in something like that 24/7 for 2+ years? It is just one more reason I like cloth diapers, they are so soft!)

Anyway... sorry for the rant, but I just really love them. Here is my little model wearing a yellow one (We bought them in blue, green, cream, red, and white.. SO cute!)

here he was laughing at Carl

He noticed I had my phone and decided to give me a very serious look, but the diaper is still cute!!

September 24, 2011

Friday update

11 weeks!
1. Miles now has super great hand control. He grabs his binky and pulls it out all the time
2. He had/has his first cold.
3. He wakes up all stuffy and wet sounding.
4. He now has wants, not just needs.
5. Carl finally has a whole weekend off instead of just one day.
6. We took miles to the state fair last weekend and he did really good.
7. Miles more has a yell cry. It if super annoying. He does it when you are doing something he doesn't want, like laying him in your arms when he doesn't want to sleep.
8. Carl and I are going on a date tonight for the first time since miles was born..... And yes, miles is going too.
9. I still find myself getting used to my not pregnant body... This morning in the shower, I thought it was weird that I was not overheating and had to remind myself that only happened when I was pregnant.
10. I did this whole blog on my phone :) that's why there are no pics attached... Sorry guys.

September 23, 2011

Food blog!!

It has been SO long since I posted about food.... I think this is largely due to having a baby (who is much more fun to post about) but here is the latest food stuff I have made

Chocolate croissants inspired by one of my pintrest pins
First you take nutella (yum) and spread it on croissant dough (I bought a refrigerated roll at walmart)

 Then you put marshmallows on top

pinch together the sides and bake at 350 for around 12 minutes

They turn out tasting kind of like smores... yummy!

Now for my new go to dinner:

Garlic and cheese pasta. You boil pasta and while it is cooking, you saute garlic with oil in a pan. Add in whatever veggies you like (I did zuchinni, bell pepper, and tomato) and cook. Then add in cooked pasta and parm cheese. It is SO good and so easy! 

September 22, 2011

First cold

My poor little guy has officially gotten his first cold. Thankfully it is only a head cold, so he is congested and feels yucky but there isn't any tummy issues. He woke up at 3am with the worst sounding cough. It was so wet sounding and it was followed by a few sneezes and a stuffy nose. He nursed and went back to sleep. He then woke up at 8am, stayed awake for an hour and fell back asleep. He slept most of the day, only staying awake long enough to nurse and then sleep.. with the exception of twice he stayed up for a bit. I think he was only awake for maybe 6 hours all day long.

He really was such a trooper and slept so well last night (although he did wake up again at 3 with that horrible cough and stuffy nose). I videoed his yucky sounding breathing, but I don't think you really want to hear it. BUT... here are some pictures I took yesterday
one of his brief awake moments

this was what I saw most of yesterday... a sweet sleeping baby :)

I hope he feels better soon

Two moms

I was lucky enough to grow up with two moms... both very different and both teaching me different things. I had my school year mom and my summer mom. I know it was't easy for either of them to raise me, but I look back and am super blessed to have ad both of them.... not many people can say that they had TWO loving moms.

Yesterday was my "summer mom's" birthday. She is way more than just a summer mom and has been for quite awhile. I no longer get to visit and spend my summers with this mom, but she is still such a big part of my life.  I am really glad that my dad married her and that we have our own kind of friendship. No, we don't call each other every day, but we don't really need to. We can pick up where we left off and talk like great friends. It is a great relationship. I call her mom and that is what she is to me... she may not  have given birth to me, but family comes in many different ways- she has been my mom for over 16 years already!!! 

Well, thanks for all the great memories- sticking up for us when dad used to get angry that we were still awake, taking us shopping in Vegas, GOING TO DISNEYLAND just because it sounded fun, and so many more great times, 

I hope you had a great birthday mom. We all love you over here in NM and can't wait to see you again.

a GREAT picture of my mom and dad :)

   Macey, Carl, and Miles

p.s. sorry I didn't write this yesterday, but having a sick baby makes things a bit tricky to get finished. LOVE YOU MOM!

September 16, 2011

Friday Update

10 weeks have flown by!!!

1. Miles LOVES walks... we went on one yesterday and today ad he fell asleep within the first 10 minutes.
2. Miles has found his hands.... he likes to put them in his mouth, whenever he remembers they are there.
3. I finished reading 'The Help' and loved it... such a good book!
4. Last night the power went out and for the first time I was actually scared instead of excited (to my credit, Miles and I were alone... Carl was spending the night at the hospital because he was on call).
5. Carl comes home and tells me all about the cool stuff he got to do or see in surgery... some of them are really cool, others not so much (such as, " I got to hold ___ tool for an hour today during a surgery!" to which I replied, " that's great honey." )
6. The Jezzie is finally starting to like Miles. She doesn't just run anytime he is near,

7. Miles really likes his play gym. He talks to the stuffed animal that plays music and cries when the music stops.
8. It is finally cool outside! I love the fall and am so excited to be able to go outside again!
9. Miles did so well with his shots this week, but one of  his legs is still a bit sore and he doesn't like it to be touched to much. I bet it is from the TDAP shot... that one hurts!
10. I will leave you with some sweet sleeping baby pictures, all taken yesterday or today.

September 13, 2011

2 month shots part 2 (plus a video)

I thought I would write a quick blog about the rest of our day after Miles got his 2 month shots.

It was so hard. Miles spent the rest of the afternoon either sleeping or wanting to nurse. He would cry and then nurse and then sleep. Once he finished his really long nap (and waking up 3 times and crying during that nap) he was great! It was about 5 and about the time Carl got home and Miles was happy and giggling for Carl. He looked like he was totally fine.

He continued to be in a great mood until he got tired again and then the only thing that could stop his crying was nursing. Poor Carl felt so helpless. Miles did really well that night while sleeping though... he slept and only woke for a 3 am feeding and a 6 am feeding. It was great!

He is doing much better today and isn't fussy any more than normal. It is nice to know that his crying and fussiness only lasts one day!

On another note, I totally forgot to add on yesterday's post (and didn't remember until I was talking to Carl) that the spot on Miles' heart that was found in our ultrasound is nothing. The doc was listening to his heart and said it sounded good... I commented that he had a spot on our ultrasound on his heart and the doctor was surprised and said that everything seemed to have cleared up and his heart sounds great... nice and strong. Thank goodness! Miles also was super flirty and made both nurses (and even the doctor) fall in love with him. He gave them all big smiles and showed them what a handsome baby he is. It was really sweet.

Anyway... here is a video of him this morning (with a cameo appearance from Miss Kim Kardashian)! ENJOY 4 minutes of my morning :)

September 12, 2011

2 month shots

us waiting for the doctor

Today Miles had his two month check-up and shots. He got weighed and measured and this is how he stands up:

Weight: 14 lbs 3 oz.
Height: 24.5 inches or 63 cm
Head circumference: 17 inches or 43 cm

He is in the 90th percentile for weight for his age but only 75th percentile for weight for height.
He is in the 80th percentile for height.
He is in the 96th percentile for head circumference.

My baby is getting so big! He is tall and has a big brain... he's going to be such a tall man and very smart :)

He did really well with his shots, he cried his very sad cry and had tears too. It was so sad that I almost cried. Afterword, he nursed and would stop nursing just to cry to tell me all about it. It was really sweet (alhtough each time he would move his legs while nursing, he would cry again, which was really sad... I could tell his legs really hurt). After about  15 minutes of nursing, he started to fall asleep so we got ready and left. He slept the whole way home and for about 30 minutes in his carseat at home. He woke up and was all better! He smiled at me and didn't even cry when he kicked his legs.
right after he woke up... happy little guy 

He is currently sleeping again but it is time for his long nap, so I knew he would be sleeping. I hope he continues to be such a great trooper and that he isn't too fussy tonight.

falling asleep again

His poor little legs where he got his shots

September 9, 2011

Friday Update

9 Whole weeks!

 here are some pics!

(my mom asked if he is doing the macarena, lol)

 Carl captioned this as, "I don't want to wear the whale outfit!" LOL

1. Miles has officially grown out of his 0-3 month clothes and is now wearing 3-6 month.... which sadly means he no longer fits in his cute whale outfit :( or any of the other cute jumpers... BUT he now gets to wear new outfits. I changed over all his clothes yesterday.
2. Carl's Vava is here for the weekend and visiting Miles for the first time. We are super excited!
3. This is the cutest dog video ever... wish Jezzie could do that.
4. We went camping on Saturday and actually spent the whole night in Cuba with my family. Miles did great! He slept good and just loved all the attention he got from all of our family, plus he LOVED being outside.
5. Miles and I had our first night alone together on Sunday. Carl was on call and stayed the night at the hospital so I had Miles from 5 pm on Sunday until 5 pm on Monday. Miles and I had a good time and we both slept really well.
6. I have gotten Miles to sleep in his swing 3 times this week! I was able to get laundry done, the kitchen cleaned, and food made... it was great so I hope this nap time thing continues!
7. Miles and I had our first outing without Carl. We went to ABQ to see my ob and went to target. It actually went really well. He didn't even have a meltdown and it was during his naptime. 
8. On the way to the car from the ob, an 80-ish year old lady in the elevator looked at Miles and said, "wow... you need to go on a diet... but you sure are cute." I wanted to punch her. A DIET???? He isn't fat and who says that to a baby?
9. Miles has had a bit of a wet cough and stuffy nose each morning... I think I might start using a humidifier at night and hopefully it will go away. I wonder if the wet cough is from him swallowing my milk down the wrong way.
10. He is saying more and more things... lately it is "air-ga" or "er". He also has started to squeal whenever he is talking...not just as part of a laugh.

September 8, 2011

Two Months Old

   You are now a whole 2 months old. It seems like you were born yesterday, but also seems like you have always been a part of our lives. You are starting to really show your personality.  I am writing this as you stair at me while swinging in your swing. We both know you want to be held, but it is just too tough to type and hold you.You love to be held, especially by mom or dad.... but especially by mom and especially when you are tired. The only places you can nap is with me or in the swing... thank goodness for the swing.
     You are getting so big that people now ask how old you are and when I actually tell them, they are shocked you are only two months, not four or five. I have a feeling you are going to be very tall. I read on a baby webpage that around 2 months is when babies can start to grip things. Well, sure enough you can grip toys... although not for too long and you end up just hitting yourself in the head. I think we are going to need a few more weeks of practice.
     You have finally found your voice and laugh and smile. Such accomplishments! You now "talk" all the time and squeal whenever you remember you can. When you see me or Carl smile, you smile so big back. It really makes my day. You love to have our attention. When you start to do your yell-cry, usually it is to just get our attention and after we look at you, you smile so big and laugh. It is really cute (but I'm not really sure how long this will continue to be cute).
      I love everything about you. The way your hair is now is crazy looking and only looks cute when I lotion it into a mohawk. The way you are super chatty when you wake up and just want me to sit and listen to you. How you sleep with your arms up by your face (like me) and how you try to pinch me with your long toes (like your dad). You seem to be finding lots of things lately... including your hands. You still don't have great control of them, but whenever they get close to your face your mouth opens and about 50% of the time your fist ends up in it. You love to suck on your fist and when you do you make super suck noises and end up with drool all over your hand and face. You really don't seem to mind.
      I have started holding you in a sweet green blanket and you love it. You like to feel it on your soft skin and I have caught you actually eating it a time or two... thank goodness I wash it often.
     I love our little moments together and actually cherish our days alone. It is nice that we get to spend so much time together. I feel like this time lets me get to know you really well. The days where you are big and no longer can fit in my lap are going to come too fast. I want to be able to look back and say I didn't miss anything. Which reminds me, you are not allowed to grow up. Well, at least don't grow up to fast.
    I hope you learn to nap alone in the next month or two, but if not that's ok with me (remember, don't grow up to fast).


September 6, 2011


The many faces of Miles Hunter

September 2, 2011

Friday Update

Well, Miles is now 8 weeks old and turns 2 months in another 6 days. My little baby is getting so big!

1. Miles now laughs.... a lot, and with this laugh now comes a little high pitched sequel. It is very cute!
2. He now makes a bunch of different noises... Carl often calls Miles chatty. He says, "goo", "gggggga", and a few variations of g sounds. I think he like to say the g sounds. He even said what sounded like "da" yesterday.
3.Miles now gets baggie eyes if he is tired... it is really cute but kind of sad.

do you see the bags? lol

4. He loves to talk and laugh at me. Whenever he is awake (and in a good mood- meaning nothing is wrong like he is fed and changed and happy) he talks to me. When I talk back and smile at him, he gets a HUGE grin on his face and just laughs... it is so cute.
5. Carl has now finished his first week back to school and Miles and I did really well.
        Monday we just were in sync. We played all day and just had a blast.
        Tuesday Miles and I were having fun until he kicked my nail and hurt his foot. I have since trimmed my nails. After the hurt foot, he slept for 5 hours to get over the crying he did for 5 minutes before falling asleep.
        Wednesday Miles did great. We had a regular day filled with eating, sleeping, and pooping. I started to feel like I was getting the hang of things.
         Thursday Miles slept a bit more than usual, but stayed up from 5 pm until 9 pm to make up for the long nap he took.
         Friday (today) we are having a gassy day. Every time he wakes up, he thinks he has to push really hard to push out gas... this makes him cry and get tired and want to go back to sleep. When he wakes up he toots and then the cycle continues. Oh well, maybe he'll get enough out that he will be happy for Carl tonight.

6. We are going to go visit my family tomorrow... they are camping in Cuba and we will be stopping by to see them for the day.
7. Miles has grown out of size one diapers... he is now in size 2 and can even fit in size 3. My baby is getting so big! He has even grown out of some of the 0-3 month outfits.
one of my favorite outfits (Thanks Aunt Lin!) and Miles is  now too big to wear it :(

8. Last Sunday we went out with some friends to a park. Carl played tennis while Miles and I sat in the shade... he LOVED it. He stayed really calm and loved the outdoors. He just stared at the trees and looked around. I think he is going to be an outdoors kind of person.
9. I made triple chip cookies that are AMAZING! I gave a plate to my 70+ year old neighbor who claimed they were the BEST cookies she had ever eaten!
10. I finally finished watching the t.v. show army wives... it was such a great show.. anyone know if a sixth season is going to happen?