June 25, 2014

Logan stats

Today is Logan's one month birthday so I measured him at home. This means that he may be a bit bigger or smaller than the doctors scales, but it is close. I thought I'd post his size for his one month birthday. 

Weight: 12 lbs 11 oz (12.7 lbs) 
  95% weight for age 
  75% weight for length
Length: 23" long
  95% length for age
Head circumference: 15.5" 
  98% head size for age

My little Logan is 2 lbs more than Miles was at this age and .5" longer. He is growing so fast! It is hard to believe that my "little" baby is actually so big. We love his little chunky self! 

June 23, 2014

Family update

1. Paternity leave is awesome. It has been so nice having Carl home this last week. Carl and Miles play and Miles has become daddy's little buddy. It has been great having his help all week. 
2. Logan is a little chunker. He has gotten SO big already. At his 3 weeks appt., he was 11 lbs and 22" long. He is such a big baby! 
3. Miles has loved playing with daddy everyday. They come up with new games all the time. The newest is building zombies and plants with his Legos. It is so funny. I'll be in the kitchen and I'll hear, "I need a chili pepper... A chili pepper.. A big dancing zombie, chili pepper, chili pepper. Boom!!" 
4. I am doing really well. It is hard to believe I'm only 4 weeks postpartum. I feel better than I did months after Miles' birth. 
5. Miles has started feeling so comfortable in the water. While we were at Carl's dad's swimming (and by "we" I mean Carl and Miles were swimming) Miles started wanting to swim on his own. Don't worry... He has a floaty on but he loves to jump to Carl and have Carl let him go while he kicks to Carl. This is so different from last year when he was scared to have anyone but me hold him. 
6. Logan is such a sweet baby. I think he is starting to look different from Miles. When he was born he looked SO much like Miles but now he is slowly starting to grow into his own features. 
7. Carl took Miles to a discovery museum this week and I managed to get so much done. I cleaned, baked, vacuumed, and watched a movie. It reminded me how much I can really get done when I don't have an almost 3 yr old asking for stuff all the time. 
8. Logan has been getting one bottle a day. I pump and Carl will feed him. This is in hopes that we can go on a date soon and Logan can take a bottle with no troubles. He has been doing so well with it. The first bottle was spit mostly out, but by the third time he was a champ. He eats about 4 oz and doesn't even spit up. 
9. Every time we do something with Logan or put him in some baby equipment (like the swing or play pin), Miles tells us, "I used to do that when I was a baby." He tells us this each day around 15-20 times. He likes us to be reminded that he did it first. 
10. It is sooooo hot here. Like way hot. Hot like I wish my 6 weeks of recovery were over so I could swim. Hot like when Carl goes swimming I peak at him and Miles and feel so jealous. Only 2 weeks left!! 

Daddy burps
Daddy changing some diapers 
Playing at the discovery museum
Logan at his 3 week appt

Daddy nap time snuggles
Logan's first bottle feed
Cute little Logan

June 19, 2014

Logan turns 1 whole month

Happy one month birthday baby boy! 

  I started these letters with your older brother and loved going back and reading all the changes he made each month so I'm going to continue making these for you. You are a great baby. You remind me so much of your brother but you are also so different. Each day brings new things- new looks, new movements, new schedules, and a new love for you. You still sleep quite a lot, but have the most alert eyes when you are awake. 
    You are an awesome eater. At your 3 week doctor appointment, you had already gained 3 lbs. In fact, you weighed more at your 3 week appt. than your big brother did at 1 month. This makes me wonder how big you are going to be as a grown up. Speaking of size, we have gotten into the habit of calling you tiny. Mostly because you are so tiny compared to Miles. I laugh and joke about you growing up with this nickname and becoming taller than mom and dad. 
     My favorite part of you being so little is the sweet faces you make in the sleep. I love to see all the "practice" faces you make. I can't wait to see you smile and laugh with me. Your little face is just so sweet. 
     I still can't decide who you actually look like. You definitely look like Miles did as a baby, but you still look so new it is hard to tell if you will have more dad in you than Miles. All I know is you are so handsome and are growing into yourself each day. 
     This month seems to have flown by. The last month of pregnancy seemed to take forever, but this month hasn't been long enough. I can't believe how big you already are. Each day it seems like you are bigger and bigger and it won't be long before you aren't my little newborn anymore. 
     I hope that as you grow you know how much you are loved. Mommy, Daddy, and Miles all love you more than you will know (at least until you have your own kids). I hope you grow up to be a relaxed kid and help to balance our family. I hope you grow up and are happy. Happy with life, happy with the choices you make, and happy with who you are. 
     Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. I feel so blessed to have two little boys who love me. Thank you for coming to our family and making it feel complete. I can't wait to see how our family grows and changes with you here. Please don't feel rushed to grow. I love how little tiny you are and am in no hurry to have you grow up. I love you Logan. So. Much. 

   Your momma 

June 11, 2014

family update

1. Miles has started saying my by self (by myself) for everything. He is becoming so independent. 
2. Logan is already growing so much. I can't really tell until input him in his carseat and I can see he is taller. 
3. Carl is almost done with his first year and gets some much needed paternity leave. 
4. I am finally getting the hang of being a mom of two. It's a good thing newborns are easy. 
5. Logan has started finding his own schedule. He wakes up around 7 to eat, goes back to sleep, has an awake time around 8 for about 2 hours, sleeps and eats every 2 hours, has another short awake time in the afternoon, and then has his last awake 2 hour time around 6. He sleeps good until midnight, eats every 1 1/2 hours until 4, and then sleeps until 7. It is working for us. 
6. Miles loves Logan so much. He is so sweet and gentle and loving. I didn't expect so much sweetness to come from him this early. 
7. Miles may be sweet to brother, but he is naughty in other ways. He has started back talking so much. Whenever I ask him to do something his answer is no. About half the time he does it anyway, but he still has to meanly say no. 
8. Miles has mega anxiety about me leaving since I spent the night at the hospital away from him. He knew it was coming and did so well without me here, but now is nervous about me leaving again. 
9. Logan never really cries... Unless you are making him nakie or he is sooo tired he can't fall asleep on his own. 
10. Because Carl is on inpatient, he isn't often home before 7. This leaves a quick hour of together time before bed. Poor Carl and kiddos. I know I can't wait for him to have two weeks off to spend with us. 

June 7, 2014

Almost 2 weeks

Have I really been a mom of two boys for almost 2 weeks now? It seems like time is traveling so fast. The hours between 3 and when daddy gets home drag on and on, but the rest of the day seems to go fast. 

Was I really in labor two weeks ago? Really feeling helpless and crampy and wondering if I would EVER get to meet Logan? How is it possible to feel like he has been here forever but also feel like he is so little and how can he already be 13 days old. I'm holding him on my chest while he sleeps and Miles sleeps next to us and I feel so complete. 

Yes, there are times that are hard (last night with barely any sleep was one of them) but I feel like our little family is so perfect. I'm worried that already it's going  by too fast. I'm going to look back and think, wow he was only little for a blink and I didn't appreciate it enough. I'm trying to not waste his days as a little baby. Have I really already done this? How is it that Miles was like Logan and is now so big? It is so weird to be reminded of that each time I look at my boys. 

Sorry for all of the ramblings, but I guess I just need to get the feelings down so I don't forget this wonderful and special time in our family. 

June 4, 2014


This is my happy place 

Can't believe Logan is already 10 days old. I love my two little guys. Being the only girl in a home full of boys has is perks- lots of love.