September 19, 2010

Our nighttime visitor

Carl and I had a little visitor last night. We were laying in bed reading (well, I was reading and Carl was playing with his iPAD) when we heard a weird noise by our bed. I asked Carl to move the bag (I thought the noise was a plastic bag moving because we had the fan turned on). He got down to move the bag and....... there was no bag. He moved some stuff and he said, "MACEY, COME HERE!!! LOOK!!!!" Well, that usually means it is a spider or cockroach or something I really don't like, but here is what we found:

A FROG!!! We guessed it came in through the doggie door and found our room. It was so funny and he is so small! I was super glad that it was not a spider or something gross, but we both laughed and Carl put him outside by our garden.

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