July 29, 2011

Friday Update

Three weeks old today!!

We had one set of grandparents visit us this last weekend... it was SO nice to have them meet Miles and to just have them to hang out with! 

Miles loved being held by Grandma and Grandpa! 

This was yesterday... he finished nursing and was just so sleepy and happy! Don't you just love his outfit?

Naptime!!! I took this yesterday afternoon.... so sweet :)

This was taken this morning while Carl was changing Miles.... good daddy-son bonding time... raspberries to the belly!

This was taken this morning... it makes me wonder what color his eyes will end up being...they are so blue now!

1. Miles is already growing out of his newborn clothes. I think he will only fit in them for another few days.
2. We decided to do an impromptu trip to Farmington. Miles did GREAT.... I on the other hand had a bit more trouble. I think I will definitively need the extra few weeks before I am completely healed.
3. He didn't even cry while we were driving. We stopped half way and he nursed and I changed him and then he went right back to sleep.
4. He took a bath with Carl and LOVED it! Carl let his legs and bottom float in the water and he just stared at Carl. I have a feeling he is going to be a water baby!
5. Miles is getting good neck control. When he sits up with his head on my shoulder, he holds up his head and looks around.
6. He also is REALLY strong. When he is awake and laying on your chest, he likes to kick and push himself  up. 
7. Miles is starting to make more and more noise... it is so cute. Every once in awhile you'll hear "ga" and it was him! I can't wait to hear his little voice (although I am sure once he starts to talk he won't stop).
8. I have caught him moving his body like a laugh while he is sleeping. It is so cute! 
9. His only real fussy time is when he needs to poo or fart and just can't push it out. He will cry and wiggle and push and cry... and when he cries, tears actually come out. It is so sad and breaks my heart because I can't do anything to help him.
10. He makes the cutest whistling or kissing face when he is awake. He stares and moves his lips into a little o... I don't think I have a picture of this yet, but I really want one!

July 26, 2011

Video of Miles

Here is another video of Miles! I took it this morning while he was "talking" to me. Lots of baby coo's :) ENJOY!!

July 23, 2011

Friday Update

I know, I know... it is Saturday. BUT I am going to TRY and update everyone on Friday and I am just a day late this time (I hope it isn't a trend)

1. Miles is getting so big already. He weighed 8 lbs 13 oz the last doctor visit and is around 21 inches long!
2. He is already 2 weeks old! How time flies... I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I was in labor.
3. We are starting to put him down during the day when he is sleeping instead of just holding him and staring at him the whole time.
4. Carl and I are actually getting sleep at night. Miles is a great sleeper most nights and only wakes up once. We usually get a good 4 hours then he wakes up to feed and for a diaper change and then back to sleep for another 3 hours or so. This makes both Carl and I very happy.. we go to bed around 11 and get up around 7-8. It is so nice!
5. Miles is starting to find his voice... he isn't sure of it and can't really control it, but he makes the sweetest baby coo's (especially if he is really awake and nursing).
6. He is staying awake for longer stretches of time... he is usually up in the late morning to early afternoon for about 4 hours, then he naps, and then has another awake time in the early evening.
7. Carl and I are totally in love with Miles already. (The real reason we haven't put him down when he naps... newborns are so sweet and they aren't little for very long, so I figure enjoy while I can!)
8. Miles really likes his swing. When he is awake, he likes to stare at the fabric of the chair. It is really cute to watch him just looking at it. When he is sleeping, the rocking helps to keep him asleep.
9. Carl has already spent a week at home and only gets 5 more off of school. I am so glad he gets this time off, but I am so nervous for when he will leave us and go back to school.
10. We have had tons of visitors (yea!) and haven't even spent a night at home alone because we have had someone here each night for the last 2 weeks... my mom, Bailey, Lindsey, and now my dad and Camille are coming and staying until Wednesday!

July 19, 2011

10 Day check up

Today we had Miles' check up for weight and height and I KNEW he had grown a bunch...

He is now 8 pounds 13 ounces

21 Inches long!!!

He has grown already an inch and a half from birth and gained 9 ounces since birth. WOW! My little boy is growing so much- he is eating almost every hour during the day and every 3-4 at night. He has hit his growth spurt already!

We also took some family pictures yesterday.. here is one of my favorites :)

AND... I weighed myself while he was getting weighed and I have lost all of my pregnancy weight PLUS an extra 4 pounds! I guess pregnancy agreed with me :)

July 18, 2011

Shower time

Today's quote, provided to us by Bailey, "Oh my gosh Miles, that is so much poop!" LOL...

On another topic, Miles took his first shower today (with daddy of course). He LOVED it! No crying or anything... we let the bathroom get a bit steamy so it would be warm enough for him and he could be comfortable. It was so great! Here are some pictures (they are tasteful, don't worry)

Well, my little baby is officially 10 days old now and going through his 10th day growth spurt. He wants to eat every hour! BUT the cool thing is last night he slept for 4 hours straight! It was so nice! Of course he was SUPER hungry after that, but it was so worth it to get a solid 4 hours of sleep in one stretch! Now I just have to figure out what we did to make him sleep that much so we can repeat it tonight :)

July 15, 2011

One week Old Pictures

One week old and growing too fast! 

July 12, 2011

Video of Miles

Here is a video I made yesterday-

     Carl went to school for the first time yesterday and so to help him out, I made this video and sent it to him. Our baby is already 3 days old here!

July 8, 2011

Miles Hunter Bryce finally here!

Today has been the most unbelievable day. I guess I should start at the beginning and say that this might not be everyone's cup of tea, so if you don't want to read about labor or delivery or birth, just skip this blog.

We had originally wanted Miles to be born on the 4th of July... how cool would that be?? BUT after him not coming, we thought that him being born on Friday would be best... then we could have family visit and the timing would be perfect. WELL... I had an appointment on Thursday to see if I was even close to going into labor, but alas, I was only a fingertip dilated and 0% effaced with Miles being in a +3 spot. That really means that unless something really changed, Miles was not going to grace us with his presence. So, she swept my membranes and told me that I would feel crampy and bleed a little all night (totally normal) so not to worry.. also if I wanted Miles to move down, I could sit in a chair and roll my hips side to side to encourage him to drop. Well, I spent the remainder of the day rolling on my exercise ball hoping that I wouldn't have to be induced.

Carl and I went to bed at 10 and at exactly 12 am, I got out of bed to go to the bathroom (if you ever have been pregnant or knows someone who is, you will realize how ordinary this really is... I would get up 2-3 times a night to use the bathroom) right after I stood up, a BIG gush of water pooled out. Now...  the super funny thing is I was talking to a nurse about how most people don't get the big gush of water to tell them they are in labor, like in all the movies... most people just get contractions and know.WELL.... Miles must have been listening and wanted to prove his momma wrong. I didn't have any idea I was in labor all night and even told my mom I didn't think he wasn't coming anytime soon.

SOOO.. Miles listened to his mom and dad and aunts and came when it was EXACTLY Friday. LOL

When we got to the hospital, I was checked at 12:45 and was already at 4 cm and 90% effaced... it was THAT  fast. I got checked again around 4 and was at a 6-7. I labored in a bathtub for awhile and it helped but after about 6 hours, I was tapped out. I started talking to Carl about getting an epidural and he asked me to just keep trying... try for another 45 min and I could get re-checked and THEN we would look at an epidural. I agreed and after those 45 min with no changes I begged for an epidural. Literally begged. The doola said that it would take an hour for the guy to get here and I said I didn't care... well, lets just say that it takes much longer than an hour, lol (I never ended up receiving an epidural or ANY pain meds)

To make a VERY long, VERY painful, and amazing story a bit shorter, I ended up in labor for 13 hours... and pushed for 3 of those 13. Miles had his head sideways and was just not turning around (a few of the hospital staff commented that I was a great pusher and had Miles been facing the correct way, I could have had him out in 20 minutes instead of those 3 hours).

Miles was born July 8th, 2011 at 1:24 pm (I looked at the clock and asked Bailey is it 1 am or pm... I really didn't know how long I labored). He is 8 pounds 4 ounces and 19.5 inches long... he has my lips and Carl's feet (although I think his toes are mine as well). He is perfect and so unbelievably cute. He is really calm (although this could be due to the 13 hours of labor... it also wears out little boys!) and likes to sleep with his hands by his face.

Just so I don't forget, Miles was delivered by Gail Rothfork, CNM and there was nurse Alison and our doola Nancy.

I will be trying to upload pictures, but it has been tricky since we forgot our camera cord that connects the camera to the laptop and our phones don't get good reception. Anyway... I have been up since midnight working so hard so I will be spending the remainder of tonight admiring my 9 months of baking and 13 hours of the hardest work I have ever done... and sleeping (I hope)

July 7, 2011

Pregnancy Pictures

Here is one of (what I hope will be) the last pics of me pregnant... I hope to go into labor soon! LOL

(disclaimer: these were taken in my guest bathroom that is currently being used by my sister and we did foot scrubs last night, so the bathroom isn't at its cleanest)

I figured I would take a pic of all sides

I am due on Sunday and hope to go into labor soon... I had another midwife visit and she said that I am dilated to a finger, not effaced at all yet, and Miles is at a +3 station. Sooooo, hopefully I will go into labor soon! 

and no post is complete without a cute pic of my doggie... after all, she is about to be replaced by a super cute baby, so we better give her the spotlight while she is still the only baby we can see and play with :)

Isn't it the cutest little dress on her??? LOL.... and yes, she does let me dress her up, I promise

July 6, 2011

My Fourth of July

Here is a picture review of my fourth of July weekend:

This was our red white and blue lunch.. Hot dogs, chips, watermelon, and blue raspberry koolaid

 I made mini cherry pies from this blog


My yummy jello cake... so easy to make and SO yummy!

Bailey painted my toes and even gave me fireworks :) 

We did this puzzle together- it is a bunch of dogs watching a fireworks show... so fun! 

We had a wonderful fourth of July weekend.... I couldn't help but think that this was the last one without a baby. It is kind of weird to think about, but hopefully Miles will get here soon! We are hoping for this weekend, but I know that Miles is going to come in his own time.