July 31, 2012

Family Update

Wow... I finally have a few moments to myself and am able to let you all know what's been going on in the Bryce family household. I was so good about doing an update every week up until Miles turned one... then we were just SO busy that blogs got put aside. Well, wondering what we were so buys with? traveling, a new one year old!, getting back into a routine at home, having visitors, cleaning, laundry, appointments, and SO much more.

1. We had Miles' one year appointment and he got 4 shots. This time was a bit different because instead of laying him down on the bed and having me hold his arms and talk to him, I had to hold him in my lap and hold his whole body. I must say that this way was a lot harder on me. I didn't like holding him while he cried and got hurt. It was easier when I just held his arms and talked sweetly into his ear while the nurses did their stuff. Miles handled it like a champ though and just cried for about 2 minutes or so after it was over.
     He hasn't really grown much and was only 24 lbs 15 oz (that's only 1 lb more than he was 3 months ago!) so he is in the 75% for weight for age and 78% weight for height. He was 31 in tall which is 80% for age. His growth has slowed a bunch these last three months. In fact, he is still wearing the same size he was 6 months ago!

2. Getting home from Idaho was a bit tough. We spent only two nights at home before going to visit my mom to pick up our doggie and to have one last party for Miles. We had a blast celebrating with family and having everyone see a more grown up Miles. His last celebration was so fun and Miles still hates cake.

3. When coming home again, we had so much work to do. We had to clean a whole house, do a months worth of laundry, and get our house back in order. We had to buy so much food and clean out the fridge, freezer, and pantry. It was quite the task, but now I know what food we have and can start to plan out meals again... I also found a really cool notepad of weekly meal planning at target. It is helping a bunch!

4. Carl and I also cleaned out our garage... It was so messy and so full of furniture we don't need anymore, can you say hello garage sale! So we priced everything and we are going to have a garage sale on Saturday. Hopefully we make some good money!

5. Miles is such a little man. He does new things all the time. He says new baby words and tries to be just like us. He does things he sees us do, like putting the straw in and out of a cup (with the lid on!). He also has started mouthing words. It looks like he is mocking you when he does it and it is really funny to watch.

6. We went to church on Sunday and left him in the nursery for the first time! He did really well but the lady said he cried a bit. I think we will keep doing this each weekend and start getting him used to being away from us.

7. Miles is the little chatter box! He loves to talk and talk and ask "sss dat?"  "dat?" and he loves to know what everything is. His favorite thing is to have you "read" to him by showing him what stuff is on every page. He isn't really interested in the words on the page, but really wants to know what all the pictures are about.

8. We are busy with managing the home next door. The owners live in another state and since our managers moved, we are the new managers! This means that we have a lot more responsibilities than before. We have been so busy with cleaning and getting the home ready. The people left a BUNCH of stuff in the home and that leaves us with the responsibility of getting rid of it all. Carl went over yesterday and spent 2 hours inventorying all the stuff and it took up 6 pages! AAAA! It is so annoying that we have to deal with other people's stuff.... oh well, I guess that's what we get paid for, LOL.

9. It has been so great having Carl home. He has a few more weeks off and then we are starting his fourth year in medical school... I think this next year will be fun and hopefully won't be as busy as last year!

10. I am hoping to get more blogs done, but it might just turn into a monthly thing instead of a weekly thing... but here are some pics to help if you are craving a Miles fix!

Miles playing the piano with dad

Our family with a one year old!

Happy boy giving momma loves

quite the little man now, right?

Thanks Lin for taking such great pics of us!

July 17, 2012

Friday update

1. I know this is so late, but we were in Idaho for the last few weeks.

2. Miles has started to really grow into his own person. He now is even more interested in everything and tends to do things imitating us.

3. Miles now says "de" for deer.... Yes we saw enough deer for him to learn this... And "ba" for bye. It is so cute.

4. Miles now loves any girl that is around his height. He will follow them, grab them, bonk heads, and not leave the cute girls alone. I am a bit worried about when he gets older.

5. Miles is now officialy eating whatever we are eating. If he shows any intrest at all, I give him a bite of whatever I have. He really likes noodles, meat, beans, and crakers. He also will eat some cookies (like vanila wafers) but he hates cake, frosting, and ice cream. If he eats something he doesn't like, he will push it out of his mouth with his tongue and wipe off his tongue with his hand. It is so funny to see him wiping his tongue off.

6. Miles is still a little chatter head. He loves to baby talk and say whatever to everyone.

7. We had so much fun in Idaho. We floated the river, spent so much time with family, moved a bunch of stuff for my grandparents, went to a zoo, played at the park, and went to a museum to see an egyptian exhibit for king tut. We had such a great time and Miles got to meet so many people in our family.

 8. At the museum Miles played in the children's area and met a little girl he liked. He followed her family around for about 30 min. It was really sweet and her mom was a great sport for not getting mad that a little boy was pulling on her baby.

9. Miles now knows what go, bye, leave, and come to mom mean. If he hears me say go he runs up to me, cries, and makes the sign for hold me. It is so funny. He also knows what change you means and he runs away when I sit down.... that is not so funny.

10. Miles really knows what you are saying. I can say, take this to dad, or pick up your lion, go get me a book, and so many more things. It is so wonderful to see that I am being understood!

11. Each flight went so well with Miles. He slept on each flight and was so good at the airports. Today we had a 3 hour layover in Salt Lake they have little play areas! It is genius! Whoever came up with that is my life saver. Without that area, Miles would have been a terror, but he got to play and have fun between flights, so he was so great!

12. Carl lost his phone...we were really sad about this, until we saw that God was totally taking care of us by making his travel voucher (for going to his internship) be given back to us yesterday and so we can totally cover him buying a new phone... I think he might even be getting a better phone than we had! God knows what we need, even before we do!

13. Miles birthday went so well. We are having one more with Carl's family on Friday so afterword I will try to post pictures of our trip and his party.

July 8, 2012

One year old!

I can't believe it, but my baby is one year old already! Here are some pictures that Sara took for us. I love all of them and now have the difficult task of picking out what ones to frame!


My dear Miles,
     I can't believe you are already a year old. It seems like you just got here but also like you have always been here. This last year has been one of the best years of my life. I have learned so much about you and myself and you have learned so much too. I can't believe what a good baby you are.... I guess you're not really a "baby" but more of a toddler now. You go everywhere! You just love to explore and to try everything for yourself. I think you are going to be a brilliant man because you just love to learn about everything. 
     You love to be outside. It seems like the outside has a magical effect because if you are ever cranky or upset, a quick trip outside and you are a different baby. You love to explore outside. You touch everything and love to play in water. This means that when we visit grandma, you go right to the dog water and proceed to tip it over so you can splash in it. It is so cute. 
     This year has been so great, full of wonder and lots of travel. I promise that this next year I will try to stay home a bit more. You are a total trooper with travel. It seems like it only takes you a few days to get used to a new place and new people and the actual travel is easy for us. Maybe that's because I have always taken you everywhere..... like the 11 hour drive to visit family in Utah when you were 3 months old... man, you really have been so good about visiting people.
      I also promise that I will keep trying to be a better momma. Now that you are bigger, I promise to do more with you. Talk to you more, play with you more, and try to teach you more about the world we live in. You are so much like your dad and you soak up new things like a sponge. I promise to keep giving you things to learn about. 
      Thank you so much for being the best little man. I can't wait to see what each new month brings (although if I could I would make you a little baby again.. I miss you being tiny) and how you change each day. Never grow out of giving loves to me and daddy, always remember I love you so much, and Happy Birthday my little monkey. May you have many, many, many, many more birthdays that are filled with a love that grows each year. Grow strong, be healthy, and be happy.

I love you so much Miles, 
     your momma


July 6, 2012

Friday Update

1. The fourth of July was so fun! We bought and fired off our own fireworks and it was a blast!
2. I gave Miles a late nap so he cold stay up and see the firework show... he was more interested in the glow stick I bought him.
3. We leave for Idaho TODAY! I am so excited for more of my side of my family to meet Miles. I know they are going to love him!
4. Miles is officially taking 2 naps a day, by himself, in a dark room, with me not there! It is great!
5. I think we are going to put the crib back to where it was so he can sleep in the crib for naps. I hope this will be an easy transition, but we will have to wait until we get back to make that happen.
6. Bailey went home today :( we had so much fun having her here. A few fun little things we laughed about (that you most likely won't get but will be fun for me to remember) are:
     - I spy something green.... a tree
     - I spy something brown.... a tree
     - I spy something orange..... a bike
     - I spy something black, hanging upside down..... a bike

     - "This is a starfish"... "no... it's not".... "yes it is." .... "umm... nope. It's really not.".... "oh, I guess it's actually a seahorse."
7. We bought curtains for our bedroom to help Miles sleep longer, I think it is working since his naps are now about 90 min instead of 60.
8. Carl now has almost 2 months off of school. I am so excited to be able to spend some time with him.
9. Our 4 year anniv. is coming up and I have no idea what to do for Carl... any ideas? I think this is one  of the first times I have no clue what we are going to do to celebrate.
10. Miles is now learning how to wave hi. It is so cute.. I really hope he learns how to wave.Learning how to blow kisses will swiftly follow.