May 29, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles has started saying nine... It is so cute to hear the different sounds he thinks of saying.
 2. We bought a splash pad for Miles and he loves it. We have spent at least two evenings outside in the backyard with him splashing around, trowing rocks into the tiny pool.
 3. Miles loves to chase around the doggie. He will follow her around and around laughing and trying to get her.
4. We bought a blow up pool to use this summer and I am so excited... While I was pregnant, all I wanted was to swim... Now Miles and I will get to almost every day.
5. We all got new swimsuits and this is the first time I actually LOVE my swim wear... It is so cute and doesn't show too much cleavage.
6. Miles likes to drag clothes everywhere. If he sees his jammies or Carl's socks, he will grab them and walk all over the house. This means that we have clothes all over. At our front door right now, we have Miles' sleep shirt and his swim shirt.
 7. He also loves shoes and drags his shoes everywhere. They start out on the fireplace and end up in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, trash can, his dirty clothes hamper, diaper pail, and all over the living room floor. He is very messy.
8. This summer is going to be so crazy. Looking at the calendar, We are all doing so much traveling... I'm not even sure when or for how long we will be in out actual home(the pool is stay at my mom's for the summer, since we will be there a bunch).
9. I have read so many books since Carl has gotten off of school... with him to help with the baby, I have so much time to read!
10. Because of our crazy idea to go visit family 2 days earlier than expected, this Friday update is REALLY late!

May 20, 2012

Friday Update- on Sunday!

1. Today is Carl's birthday!
2. Miles is 45 weeks old... where does time go?
3. Miles is officially walking! He decided while we were at my mom's to just go for it and walk. He took 15 steps and then moved on from there... he is now preferring to walk over crawling.
4. Miles is back to giving kisses again. When he is feeling sweet, he just leans in with his mouth open to "kiss" you. It is so sweet!
5. Carl is officially done with his third year. He finished his last day in psych today and has two weeks off before going on to his first sub-internship.
6. Miles has a very strong will... he wants what he wants and he lets you know! My mom commented when we were there that he is so smart and she thought it was so funny that when she would touch his face, he would grab her hand and push it away because he didn't like it.
7. He also is very curious and wants to try everything. Today he was using a spoon to hit another toy to have it make a noise. It was really cool to watch. He also keeps putting things in the diaper trash and trying to throw away everything from his shoes to his shorts, toys, new diapers, wipes, and in general whatever he can find that is by his diaper bin.
8. Miles has had a few days of really cuteness. He will wake up and just let me or Carl hold him. It is so sweet. He lays his head on you and will just sit there while you pat his back and rock. He will do this for 10 minutes or so.. it is a really sweet reminder of how much he loves us and one reason we love him so much too.
9. Miles is super teething. He is growing in his bottom right tooth and so he bites everything. That includes toes, fingers, arms, legs, toys, shirts, and whatever he finds that happens to fit in his mouth. He will crawl up to you and grab your toe and bite it, hard. It is naughty, but he thinks it is so funny and will laugh if you tell him no.
10. Miles is 25.2 lbs and 31.5 in tall! He is growing so big so fast!
Happy Miles

Looking out the window

He pushed this chair all the way from the table to the door

Here's where the chair used to be

Grandma giving Miles a sink bath

Miles playing with some toys at Grandma's

Playing with momma's kindle

He stuck the stick that closes our door outside

Miles and Carl on Carl's birthday

Happy boy!

May 11, 2012

Friday Update

1. We are visiting my mom again this weekend for my friend's wedding shower.
2. Miles is turning into a walker! He walked 14 steps yesterday and now prefers to try to walk everywhere instead of crawl.
3. Last night Miles decided he didn't want to nurse to sleep so I had to rock him while he cried until he fell asleep. It sucked and I am hoping this is not going to be a new trend.
4. Miles still warms up to other males really quickly. My mom got home and he was all shy, but when my step-dad got home, he went right to him.
5.Miles has stared making this weird spitting noise. It is so funny sounding and he does it all the time now.
6. Carl only has one more week of Psyc and then he gets a bit of time off.
7. We are going to be in Idaho for Miles' first birthday this year... I am SO excited because this means that he will get to meet a bunch of my family... plus this means that Carl gets to meet some of my family that he hasn't seen yet.
8. Miles dances... it is so cute, he will stand and shake his body when he hears music he likes. It is so sweet.
9. Miles hit his gums on my mom's coffee table yesterday... he was trying to walk and his hand slipped off the table and his face hit the table. I felt so bad... he bled a bunch but really is doing just fine.
10. Miles really likes to eat. He wants to try whatever you are eating and he will smack his lips whenever he sees me eating. It is so cute... so far he likes beans, ice, bananas, meat, noodles, all baby food veggies, and most baby fruits. I tried to give him some watermelon the other day and he wasn't so sure about it. I think it was too slippery or something.
11. Miles has started bumping heads with me. When I crawl over to him, he puts his head down and bumps my forehead with his.

My baby is getting so big... I will try to upload a few videos soon :)

May 8, 2012

Ten months

     How is it you are already 10 months old? It seems like time is just flying by and now I have to start planning your first birthday! How can you already be almost one?  It seems like you have always been here, but at the same time I can remember being pregnant with you. You make momma realize that each day is so important because it life goes so fast. This last month has been a joy, but also difficult.
     You have learned so much this month! You learned to say dada, you now remember things- like where we put the Jezzie's food, where your favorite toys usually are, that when I say dad's home you know to look at the garage door, and so much more. You also now look at the Jezzie when I say her name, and when I say "look at the baby honey," to daddy you stop whatever you were doing, look innocent, smile, and look at daddy.
     You LOVE to eat whatever we are eating and you go mmmm....mmmmmmmm......aaaaaaa....mmmm....aaaaa... and smack your lips until we give you a bite of whatever we have. You really like to eat beans, bananas, any kind of lunch meat, oatmeal, noodles, vanilla wafers, greek yogurt, and although we don't let you- you really want to try chips. I think you like the crunchy sound it makes when we eat them. Usually I try to give you some mums if you really want something crunchy.
     Right now you are napping on the chair, all by yourself. It is nice. You eat and I rock you and then once you fall asleep, I put you down and you nap alone! Lately you have been napping for 90 minutes at a time... it is a wonderful time for me to read and spend a few minutes to myself..... not that you aren't fun to be with and that I love you so much, but momma needs a few minutes to herself to be a better momma to you.
     We visited Grandpa Griz and Grandma and you had a blast with Grandpa... you were his little mini-me. Whenever he was in a room you wanted his full attention and cried if he left you, stood up, held any other baby but you, or generally did anything without you. It was really cute. I'm sure you and Grandpa will be great friends for forever.
     You are also best friends with daddy. You love when he comes home and fast crawl to him as soon as he is in the door. I think the only one who can beat you to daddy is Jezzie... she seems to race you to dad and win most of the time. Seeing you and dad together is a great thing. I know you will grow up to admire him and be just like dad.
   Well Miles, it seems with every month my love for you grows. You are amazing. You are so smart and loving... a mom can tell these things so soon :) I hope you stay sweet and that you grow up to be a wonderful man, like daddy. We both love you so much and I can't wait to see what the next few days, weeks, months, and years will bring.

With lots and lots of love,
  your one and only Momma
barely a month old


May 4, 2012

Friday Update

1. Things are finally starting to get back to our normal life.
2. Miles is biting everything. His top teeth are in and just growing down and he is biting everything. Today he tried to bite my toe.
3. We have been to the zoo for the last 2 Saturdays and Carl wants to go again tomorrow... this might end up being a weekly thing in the Bryce household.
4. We put locks on the toilets so Miles can't get into the toilets anymore.
5. Miles wore a hat for the first time in awhile and he looked so cute!
6. Miles is now wearing size 4 Wide shoes... they are a little big but I have a feeling they won't be too big for very long.
7. Miles got his iron checked today and he was a bit anemic... I was told he needs to eat more meet and oatmeal.
8. Right now he is crying outside my door because I am in the bedroom trying to type and he LOVES to come over and try to "help" whoever is on a computer.
9. I made 2 different wipes cases for my friend Karoline and they turned out SO cute! I have even thought of updating mine into the frog one and making the pink one for when we have a girl :)
10. Do you remember Miles' old man face? I do... and I miss it.

One of the wipes cases I made

The other case

Miles in his hat

being silly

on the way to the zoo

do you spy two top teeth? They have grown even more since this picture was taken

his old man face... I miss this :(

Miles eating a vanilla wafer and Jezzie trying to get it

May 3, 2012


I figured I would do a quick Easter post while Miles is playing on the floor.

We were lucky enough to spend our first Easter with my family in Saint George. My sister and I flew in with our little ones and got to spend the week with Grandma, Grandpa Griz, Uncle Dillan, Aunt Bailey, Aunt Shelbie, Uncle Brian, cousin Mya, Uncle Blake and Chris, Aunt Becky, cousin Davin, and soon to be Aunt Taylor.

We had so much fun in St. George! Miles played so much with Mya... it was the first real time he has ever played with other babies. We woke up, saw our Easter basket, went to church and played with Mya, ate, napped, hug out, and did a really fun egg hunt! I only wish Carl could have been there with us.

Here are some pictures of our day...

Miles Easter basket

Mya and Miles playing at church... they were playing with the chair. It was really cute.

Miles napping after chruch

Hanging out outside trying to get some Easter pictures.

sitting in the grass... he doesn't really like it too much

Trying to get all grandkids together for a picture proved to be really tough, as you'll see...

I love this picture... I love that Miles is trying to share. It's like he is saying, "here cousin, I know you'll love eating this, just give it a try!" LOL

See... it's fun!

Easter Egg hunting time!

After the egg hunt, we all went to feed the ducks.

Miss Mya chasing the ducks.

Hanging out at the duck pond

Hope you all had a great Easter too!