March 10, 2013


It has been so long since I blogged... It's not that I don't have the time, it's that I can never get on a computer without Miles deciding he should come over and press every button on the keyboard. It makes for a giant challenge that I have just not wanted to deal with. Plus Carl and I got new phones and getting photos off our phones is a GIANT pain. I am not even sure I know how to get pictures off my phone without deleting every picture and app on there. Oh well, I guess I will just have to see if I can manage... as for now, you'll have to be content with a few I've loaded on facebook :)

1. Carl and I decided, after inspiration form Pinterest, that we'd make Miles a play kitchen. I wanted something he could use to pretend cook and I almost bought him a play table to cook on... but last minute I decided I didn't have room for a big table that wasn't 100% what I wanted. I found some fun things on pinterest when I was looking for play room inspiration and asked Carl what he thought. He said he'd love to make one for Miles and that, even though he had never done anything like that, was totally willing to give it a try. Here is what we did:
We bought a used entertainment center for a wopping $15 at the goodwill

Carl painted it with primer and made a taller shelf/counter
Miles supervised :)

Carl cut holes for the sink and faucet (it was super convenient that our neighbors just got a new kitchen faucet and gave us their old one!)
Carl painted it

Cut out all the doors and made the stove burners- this is close to what the finished kitchen will look like, but Carl is finishing it while Miles and I are visiting my mom.

2. I started making felt food for Miles to play with in his kitchen. I already had some felt leftover from another project and because of a tight budget, I figured this would be the perfect way to help Miles have play food. I have been working on it on and off for a few days and have managed to make 4 eggs and 4 bacon... then I will be moving on to pancakes! Here are a few pictures:

Miles already likes to "eat" the bacon and eggs and thinks it's funny to say na na na (nom nom) and make you eat them too.

3. Carl is in the home stretch of med school. He has only 2 months left and then we are off to Vegas for residency! I am so excited. Right now, he is in another tough rotation (the last one tough one!) and has a busy schedule... the rotation he was on before had a light schedule but had 5 overnights! Needless to say, Miles and I have been spending a lot of time with my mom so Carl could sleep. We were there for one overnight and it resulted in a co-nap with Miles and Carl... it was so cute to watch them sleeping that I had to take a picture

4. Miles is doing so much more... I don't even know what to post as the new things because they aren't new anymore and I'm not sure what things are new.... he climbs everything, loves to watch either The Lorax (which he calls na-na because of a song they sing) or Lion King (which he just rars at you when he wants this one), he still loves to read and now enjoys reading the same book over and over and over again (instead of just wanting new ones), he loves outside and if he hears you say go he will go to the front door and say ba-ba (for bye-bye) over and over again until you either leave or break his heart and say no.... he loves to go places but isn't super great at being most places without having something to play with.

5. Miles LOVES the zoo and aquarium. He asks for it by making every animal noise he knows is there... he will loop the sounds- rar (lion), neigh-neigh (zebra), du (duck), he makes a breathing gorilla sound, he'll say bur-a for giraffe, and then he does the water animal noises- clicking (for shark and crab), na (for nemo), pa-pa (fish sound), and baaaa-baaaa (for bloom bloom the jelly fish noise). It is so cute... if we go to the zoo or aquarium more than once a week, he will ask for it in his sleep. He rolls over and will rarr. It is funny... he just loves animals so much. It makes me wonder if he'll be a zoologist or something.

6. We are planning a trip to Disneyland in April. Maybe we are crazy for taking a toddler under 2, but I have no expectations to do all the adult rides and just want Miles to see something different and fun. I think I'll be a fun trip and a great way to celebrate Carl graduating... plus who knows when we'll get to do another vacation?

7. I am so excited to move. I'm hoping for a house with a yard. Our yard is all rock and SO small. It isn't really a place Miles can play. When we play outside it is in the front yard only. I am so excited for Miles to have a place he can run around and play in. Plus he really needs more room inside to play too. When we visit my mom, he runs everywhere... he loves to run to the kitchen and run back into the living room... at our house, there is NO room to run at all. Our house is just getting too small for our growing family.

8. I am also looking forward to Easter. This is the first one Miles will really understand. I can't wait to dye eggs and do an egg hunt with him. I think we'll do one inside and maybe one outside too (depending on how fun it is for him). I'm looking forward to him getting an Easter basket and doing all the fun Easter stuff... I think we're going to spread it all out and do a week of fun Easter stuff :)

9. Miles has started growing more! At his 18 month check up (I know that was a whole 2 months ago!) he had gained almost 2 lbs and 2 inches since October... I think he has gotten even taller and bigger since then. He decided that the last 3 months were growing time. He finally fits into size 24 months and seems to almost be too big for them. I think by the time spring and shorts roll around he will be in the next size up. We'll see though.. he tends to not do what I think he will (like being in size 18 months for a whole year!).

As of 1/24/13 he was 33.4 in tall and 28.6 lbs!

10. I'm already starting Christmas shopping for next year :) I found a few REALLY good deals online and have already gotten 2 gifts that cost me about $3 total. I love finding good deals and am so excited to see the cool stuff I bought.

Christmas plus

Christmas this year was a blast. I think it was the best Christmas so far. Miles had so much fun opening tons of gifts and playing with family. I think his favorite part was reading with Grandpa and playing with his Uncle and Aunt. It has been really fun seeing him interact with all of our family. He remembers them from Thanksgiving so he wasn't shy at all.

Miles has started doing more and more things that surprise me. My mom has a puzzle that Miles loves. He plays it all the time and now knows where all the pieces go. Even us adults have trouble finding where each piece goes, but Miles can do it so easily.

I'll look over and Miles has done something else surprising. I cut him up some sausage and put it on the table. I looked over and he had climbed up the chair, taken all the pieces, and put them on the coffee table so he could watch Elmo while eating... silly boy.

I think the only bad part of this trip has been the evening we spent in the E.R. Miles got croup for the first time and it was scary! He had been running a fever for about 4 days and started coughing about 2 days after the fever started. I kept an eye on him and gave him Advil at night. He did ok the first night, but the second night he woke up and coughed and coughed and coughed. He coughed so much that he hurt his throat and started crying. Now Miles usually has a loud cry but because of his cough his cry was barely audible. He was gasping for air and making tiny squeek cries. It was really scary. I even tried to nurse him to calm him down but he couldn't nurse because he was trying to breathe and cry. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. 

Anyway, after calming him down we went to the E.R. and got him some medicine and a breathing treatment. We were there for only about 2 hours, came home, and Miles slept really good after that. It was really sad and scary. I hope he never gets croup again! We have never taken Miles to the hospital and we were lucky that because it was Christmas Eve, not many people were there so we were able to get in and out fast. I am really grateful for the people who helped us. When we got there it seemed like Miles was 100% fine... until you made him mad and then he would cough and have trouble breathing again. The doctor was really nice and gave us some great advice and didn't make me feel like I was so stupid for bring my baby in at 1 am.

Well, it seems like that is most of what is going on. Miles is feeling better now (although it took a few days to get over his cough). Carl and I had so much fun watching all of our family open gifts we bought just for them and watching them have fun with our Miles. It is great seeing family and having Miles get to know everyone here.