December 2, 2012

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a castle.

It was a beautiful castle with no real enemies. It stood for a long, long time... keeping watch over it's townspeople. But like any story, there is always a turn of events. There was this giant. A giant named Miles who craved destruction. He wanted nothing more than to hurt and destroy the beautiful castle.

He was not satisfied with the raw materials and did not want to create his own castle... he grew restless.

The elusive giant was on the move.

He came upon this beautiful castle and waited. 

Waited for the perfect opportunity to strike.

He seized the castle and declared it his own. 

He shook it and demanded riches or the people would see it's destruction.

The people had no riches.

As you can see from the following, the giant was not satisfied.

He pillaged the castle and left it in ruins. Never to be restored to it's original glory.

November 15, 2012

Family update

1. Miles is getting so big! It seems like he isn't growing tall, just growing up... If that makes sense.
2. Miles says all kinds of words now. They are his own language, but I know what the sounds mean. He says "wwwwwa" for water, "mi" for milk, "ba ba" for bye bye, "nI nI" for night night, " hhhha" for hot, "nn ak" for snack, "huh huh" for yes, "ba" for tons of things... Like ball, bak (the sound a chicken makes), sheep and, frog (for ribbit, lol).

He says tons of animal sounds and makes the sound whenever he sees that animal. He knows bee, fish, camel, monkey, elephant, Cow, horse, lion, snake, tiger, bear, zebra, owl, and he kind of squeels for spider. He can also say giraffe and of course, mama and dada. Miles can also make the sign for milk when he wants to nurse.
3. Miles learns so fast. You have to be careful what things you show him because he will remember them and do it on his own rigght away. He learned how to open one of his toys by Carl showing him once.
4. I am so excited for Christmas this year. I think it will be one of the best Christmas times in awhile. I'm hoping to take some great pics of Miles Christmas morning and I'm hoping that the gifts I got Carl will be perfect.
5. Carl has such a light schedule that we get to go see our families for Thanksgiving this year! Last year we had Thanksgiving here with my mom and Rodney, but this year we get to go home and see everyone! I am really excited to spend time with family and do some last minutes blak friday Christmas shopping.
6. Speaking of shopping, I am almost finished with shopping for Christmas. Only a few more gifts and this Christmas will be complete!
7.  Miles is teething again. I think. He keeps eating his hands. Whenever he isn't too busy playing, his hands are always in his mouth. Yes, I said hands. He ususally has BOTH hands in his mouth at the same time. I have cheched and can't see any tooth buds, but I think he'll surprise me by all of a sudden having another tooth. In fact,when I ask him if he is getting another tooth he says huh, huh. So it's got to be happening, right?
8. Miles got totally sick last night. He woke up crying and throwing up at 1,4 and 4:30. It was hard watching him cry and throw up while holding him and a bowl over his mouth. He was a super trooper though and went right back to sleep with no fuss.
9.  Miles was a bee for Halloween and Carl and I were father time and mother nature. It was fun to dress up and see Miles trunk-or-treat.
10. After haloween, my mom bought Miles an Elmo costume for $5 and he is actually a bit scared of it. Lol, he loves Elmo but really doesn't like the idea of being Elmo. Lol

October 24, 2012

Family Update

We have been up to a bunch of stuff lately.

1. We went to a pumpkin patch and had a blast!
Miles playing in the corn bin they had. He loved it!
2. Miles has been playing outside a lot lately. One of his favorite things is to wear his bee costume while playing... it is so funny to see. 
3. Miles has started to climb. He climbs everything! If you get out of your chair he climbs right into it, so we brought out a chair he CAN sit in and he gets in it all the time! He loves to throw his toys in the chair and then climb in and play. 

4. Miles went to his 15 month doctors appt and here are his growth stats:
    31.5 in tall which is the 60% for height for age
    27 lbs which is about 80% for weight for age
     He has only grown 1/2 an inch in 3 months and 3 lbs in 3 months. I think we have a BIG growth spurt coming up.

5. We have started using time out when Miles is naughty. He is old enough now to know when he is doing bad things and he is understanding what time out is. He knows the words and the warnings and I am hoping this helps with the little things (like climbing up the fireplace and standing up). I only started it yesterday so we'll see how it goes.

6. Carl is doing really well in school and we are looking forward to finding out where we will move. We find out December 15th and don't really know what our lives will be like for the next 3 years until then.

7. I have been doing a diet for a few days and hate it. I lost 2 lbs this week but have decided not to continue because it is making me crazy. Oh well.... since having Miles 15 months ago, I have lost 50 lbs. That is the 25 lbs of pregnancy weight and another 25 lbs of my own weight I put on while teaching. I haven't been this light since my 21st birthday when I was on weight watchers!

8. We went out for dinner the other night and Miles used my phone camera to take these pictures of us while we waited for dinner to come:

not too bad, right?
9. Miles still LOVES elmo! When ever we go to the store, he wants to play with the tickle elmo... he tickles his tummy and elmo laughs. He loves it and I am thinking about getting it for him for Christmas. 

10. I am so ready for the holidays. It should come soon... I mean it is Halloween next week and my birthday right after that... then it is Thanksgiving and then Christmas but I don't want to wait! I am excited to put up our tree and decorate our house.  I'm also excited to see what Miles thinks of the tree and lights and to see him open presents! It is just the excitement of seeing Christmas through Miles' eyes that makes it so great. 

Well, we are doing great here! Hope you all are doing great too!!!!


Miles loves animals. He wants to know what they are all called and loves to tell you the ones he knows. He doesn't know how to say the words but he can say the sounds! Here is a video of most of the sounds he knows... he also knows the monkey sound and I think a few others, but I forgot to ask him.

smarty pants miles!

October 1, 2012


I have been finding and thinking up new crafts. I am still doing fun things, but I tend to forget taking pics and so I don't post about it... but I thought I would show you four of the new things I have done to help out with organizing or just for fun.

First: Carl and I are in the process of making Miles an interactive latch board. It is going to have these wooden shaped doors that he can unlatch and lift up to see pictures of us! Stay tuned for the finished product soon.

Second: I decided to use my already present sconces to hold my necklesses. That way I can actually see what I have and can pick out something that matches what I am wearing. So far I have put on jewelry almost everyday because I can see it sitting there.

Third: Carl and I bought a shadow box and drilled a hole in the top, put a picture of somewhere we would like to vacation, and are already saving up for our next big vacation to..... Disneyland!!! I am hoping that seeing the picture of the castle will make us WANT to save.

Fourth: I decided we needed more counter space so we got rid of our fruit basket and instead went to target, bought $2 baskets, and hung them on the wall. They look really good and give me a ton more counter space. I love it! (the pan Carl got for his birthday and he liked it so much he decided it needed it's own space on the wall to keep it safe from scratches, so it's on our wall too).

September 21, 2012

Family Update

Wow.. once again it has been a LONG time since I have written a blog about what's new for us.

1. Miles is a different boy than he was just a few weeks ago. He has started doing the horrible scream again. I know that this time he does it out of frustration. He wants to do things/get things that he can't and he screams out of frustration. I am so excited for him to finally have words to use so the screams can stop.
2. Miles loves to dance,  but now he spins in circles when he dances.
3. Miles has teethed 4 teeth in the last month. 3 of them are molars. He has been such a trooper with teething.
4. Because of teething, Miles has found his tongue. It is so cute! He sticks his tongue out and bites it.
5. Carl started going back to school again this week and we are all back to normal after months of traveling.
6. I cut my hair. Short. I haven't really taken any pictures of myself. I'll have to soon because I love this cut! I love how sassy it looks now.
7. My mom bought me 2 new dresses and a pair of shoes for my birthday (it's a bit early, but I was visiting and we found some cute stuff!) and I love them! They are so beautiful and they both fit so well.
8. Jezzie is so glad to have us all home. She was such a good dog for my mom and she has been really patient with Miles.
9. Miles is smart. It only takes showing him something new one time before he can do it on his own. I can't wait to see what the next few years bring us.
10. Miles still loves to be outside. He will grab your finger and drag you to one of the doors when he wants out. He just loves to explore and be outside. He likes to push around his little shopping cart and running around the yard. It is great now that it is cooler and not so hot outside. Although, this now means that he hates to be in his stroller for walks. He would rather be out exploring than in a stroller sitting.
11. Miles LOVES using forks and eating whatever we are eating. When he uses forks, he even eats more food than he would otherwise. He is even more likely to try new foods if he can use a fork to eat it.

It seems like Miles has really grown too, but I haven't measured him in awhile so I'm not sure how much. He is my little man now and keeps getting bigger and bigger, learning more and more. The only time he looks like the little baby I used to have is when he nurses. It is kind of sad that my little baby is so big already.

Videos of Miles

Here is a collection of videos that I have collected over the last few weeks.... maybe months?

Wow, it has been a LONG time since I posted a video! Well, enjoy!!

Carl playing with my friends's kids... and Miles getting jealous

Miles sweeping at my mom's house in the backyard. He totally loves to sweep.

This is Miles playing in the sprinkler

This is a video of Miles trying to give Cooper his bone. It was so sweet... Miles would chase Cooper around holding his bone trying to get Cooper to take it.

Miles is riding on his cousin Mya's fourwheeler. It was so cute. I only had to show him a few times and he was able to ride it himself!

This is Miles eating with a fork while watching his "baby movie". Needless to say, he was a little distracted but it's still so cute!

September 11, 2012

Phoenix Part Two

After staying with Lin and Ike, we got to spend a week with Shelbie, Brian, and cousin Mya! We had so much fun! Miles loved playing with Mya everyday and was so excited to go and wake her up each morning. Mya has grown up so much since the last time we saw her. She is talking now! She called me Maysh and called Miles Mies. It was so sweet! It makes me super excited for when Miles can talk. The first day we were there Miles was a little rough, but he learned quickly to be soft and nice. It was so sweet to see how they played. One moment that sticks in my mind is Mya was laying on the floor watching t.v. and Miles walked up to her, laid his head on her tummy, and she patted his head and kissed him. It was so sweet. They both really enjoyed playing each day. We also went to the aquarium again, went to the park, shopped, and played so much!

Here are some pics of our week!

Miles sitting on Mya

Mya hiding so Miles can't get her toy

I love this picture! Such a beauty!

fighting over the stroller

taking a rest together

SOOOOO much fun! We had a great second week in Phoenix. I just wished we lived closer so these two could play all the time. I know that they would be best friends if they saw each other all the time. We just left yesterday and already Miles is missing his cousin Mya.