June 7, 2013

Our very temporary home

We moved and knew that we would have to live in a small hotel for an undetermined amount of time. We got here, moved in, unpacked about 6 boxes of food and clothes and other needed items. We went to the housing office and found out that we couldn't even be out on the housing list until Monday. We waited and went to the office first thing Monday morning. We found out there was a house open and ready for us to move into if we like it and wanted it. We saw the house and decided to take it! 

We expected to have to wait at least a month if not two and we only had to wait a week and a half! We get the lets tonight and move in tomorrow. We are so excited to finally have a home and a place to grow a few roots. I'll post a blog later about our new home but I thought it'd be nice to remember our little one bedroom temporary home and how good it has been to us.