June 30, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles is pointing at everything now! He is getting really good at letting you know what he wants.
2. Miles now does the sign for up and nurse. We are working on learning a few more.
3. Miles has now switched over to 2 naps a day instead of 3. It has been a bit of a tough transition, but we are making it work.
4. Miles LOVES to read and if you tell him to bring you a book, he does! He loves to sit in your lap and have you point out all the pictures.. he doesn't really want you to read the words, just point to stuff you see and name it.
5. Carl is doing SO well in his away rotation. Everyone keeps telling him that he is doing so well and we are so excited to possibly be moving closer to some family.
6. Miles HATES getting his diaper changed... at this moment my sister is changing him and he is screaming/crying so much. I think it is the fact that he doesn't get to run around, so he doesn't like to be pinned to a spot for awhile.
7. I am going to be the matron of honor at one of my best friends wedding tomorrow.. I am so  excited. I got my toes done and get to have my makeup done. It is going to be so fun.
8. Bailey dyed my hair last night and it looks great but is a bit dark.
9. I love having Bailey visit... she is more helpful then anyone I know and is so much fun. It is like being around a younger me, so we finish each other's sentences and get each other's jokes. It is so fun.
10. Miles hit his lip on my leg yesterday and now his lip is a bit swollen and he has a mark on it. I feel so bad that he hurt himself on me.

June 22, 2012

Friday Update

1. Wow.. well we are still visiting family and it is HOT here... like swim every day in the 100's hot here. 
2. Miles has started learning new things again.. he now knows how to open doors that have an up and down handle and he understands how to move stuff out of his way that he doesn't like (like a chair hiding an outlet that he wants) AND he has started pointing at stuff that he wants. 
3. Miles has been playing with all of his cousins and having so much fun. 
4. Carl had an interview here for a possible move and he did SO well. I really hope we get to move here.
5. Miles has started eating more and more different things. He had broccoli for the first time 2 days ago and he loved it!
6. His 7th tooth has finally broken through. It still isn't really grown in, but at least it has broken the gums and he is acting more and more like himself (unlike the crazy, unhappy boy he was before).
7. I made a fun frame this week. You use dry erase markers to write things that you love each other for each day. I figure it is a nice way for Carl and I to get a quick I love you in each day.
8. Miles is getting so good at walking! He can almost run already and is going everywhere!
9. Carl has been so busy this week.. He has been working from 6 am to 7 pm everyday... with no days off. It kind of stinks, but last night his parents watched Miles for us and we got to go out and get frozen yogurt! YUM! It was so nice to spend a few minutes together alone to talk and catch up.
10. Did I say I hope we get to move here? It would be so nice to move by some family so Miles can see cousins and we can all hang out more. We all get along so well that it would be great for us to always have people to hang out with. 

cousin Jensie sitting with Miles' giraffe

watching cousin Bryn eat an apple

Playing with Grandma

Hanging at the grocery store

Having fun with Grandpa

sleeping... what a BIG boy!

Holding cousin's hand in the car

Playing with cousins, while Jensie gets away

Look what I made this week... it's a fun way for Carl and I to express love for each other each day.

Playing on the floor.

Notice how a bunch of pics are blurry.... that's why I haven't put many up, most of them are blurry because Miles never quits moving!

June 17, 2012

Friday update

1. Miles is teething. I'm not really surewhat tooth is coming in, butit is horrible. 2. We have been having sucha great time visiting Carl's dad's side of the family. It is nice to get to know another part of my husband... And miles is having a blast here. 3. Miles has been taking really long naps here, so I've been trying to move him over totwo naps a day instead of three..... It is working so far, but I think we'll have to wait for the teething yuck to stop before continueing. 4. Miles has decidedhe is in love with alittle girl named Jenson. Sheis Carl's step-sister's little girl and she is almost a year older than him. Hewalksover to her, pulls her hair, bonks her head, grabs her shirt, and kisses her! It was so funny to see. I about died laughing. He also bit her, which I feel bad about but her mommy said she was ok. 5. Jenson likes to take away whatever miles has and he likes to follow her and try to poke her. She cries and he laughs. It is really funny. 6. Miles now knows how to find your nose.... Not his own nose, but who's ever nose he is near. He also has started to shove his finger up your nose. Gross. 7. Miles has started kind of talking in his sleep. He'll be half between sleep and awakeand he'll make a noise like talking. I hope he isn't going to start actually talking in his sleep... Hopefully he'll grow out of it. 8. We went to a bbq lastnight to meet some of the people in carl's program and we had a great time. It was cool to meet some of the people just starting residency and to see so many of them have kids. I really hope we end up oving here in a year. 9. Miles threw his first fit at the bbq. He was waling and when we tried to turn him around to get our stuff to leave, he dropped to his knees, went limp, and started to cry. Carl picked him up and he screamed! It took me holding him so he wouldn't cry. 10. We have swimming a bunch this summer and look forward to more!

June 10, 2012

11 months!

       I know I seem to say this every month, but where did time go? How is my little baby already almost a year old? How is it already June and summer and how is my baby walking? It seems like time goes by so much faster now that you are here.
       You are just the best baby. You are sweet and loving and funny and so much more than I ever expected. You have spent so much time this month in my lap playing and holding me and loving me. It is so sweet, you also kiss a lot more, especially in the evenings when you are tired. You will just sit in my lap, play, bonk my head, pull my bangs, and kiss me. I think you are starting to show love by holding hair (because I touch your hair when I hold you). I also think bonking heads is a way you show love.
       You have also spent much of this month playing with us. It seems like you and dad are inseparable. You just love him so much that if he leaves the room you get so upset. You love when he plays just about anything. Daddy and Miles are a team and seem to have been one for quite a while. You are so stubborn! If things are not going as you like, you have this cry that is really more of a scream to let us know you do not approve. It is the kind of scream that flusters just about anyone but me. I guess I just know that it is your only way to show dislike and so it doesn't bother me.  When you want something you sure let us know! You like to replicate what you see so when you see us throwing the ball for Jezzie, you take the ball and throw it too. When you see us eating with a spoon you take the spoon and put it in the jar of food and try to do it too. You don't like it so much when I try to explain the world, but you love to see and do it yourself.
       You are still so talkative. You really only say mama, dada, and nana, alone with yelling sounds that show excitement or frustration or dislike. You went through the phase of not saying mama for about 3 weeks and just started saying it again. I love to hear you say mama. It makes me so happy to hear it. I think I will enjoy this wonderful word until you are old enough to say, "mom, mama, moooooommmmm, ma, mama, mom, mom, mom, mmmmooooommmm, mom, ma, momma, mom, mom, mom," over and over and over and over. Then I will wish you said dada more.
       I have enjoyed this month so much with you. I love to watch you learn how to walk and now learning how to walk straight, not like a dizzy crazy man. You are a joy and a wonderful little man. I love you so much and although I am so excited for your one year old birthday, I am also sad that you are getting so big so fast. Miles, keep being sweet, keep giving kisses, and remember that daddy and I love you so much.


Friday Update on Sunday

1. Miles is starting to run... not just walk, but really fast walk, almost run. It is scary. I was going into the bedroom and 3 seconds later he had quickly walked all the way across the living room to me. I caught him actually at a run. Crazy!
2. We visited my mom and Miles had so much fun seeing his cousin Kobe. They are the same height, but Miles is 5 pounds heavier!
3. Kobe went right up and hugged Miles and Miles cried! He wasn't so sure about his cousin going right up and squeezing him... but after awhile they had fun playing together.
4. Miles has now learned how to crawl up stairs. He doesn't know how to go down yet, but he is great at going up.
5. Miles started making the sign for nursing (we do the milk sign). He hasn't really done it enough to totally understand that moving his hand like that will let me know he wants to nurse, but he is trying the movement out. It makes me super excited to see him sign!
6. We met a little girl who was 18 months and was so small that I thought she was 7 months, but she was so cute making tons of signs at her mom. She would sign more and cheese and thank you and please. It was so cute to see... she even blew Miles kisses.
7. We went swimming with my friend Lauren and her two daughters. It was so fun. Miles loved walking around the big pool and watching the girls play. It was so interesting to see him watching older kids and how he interacted with them.
8. While my friend was over, her 18 month old left her binky. Miles found it and used it as a teething toy. He has become quite attached to it, although he only uses it to chew.
9. My friend Lindsey visited with her family and we went to the zoo.. it was so fun.
10. Carl and I are now house managers for the homes we are renting. Because of this, we are going to rent the house 2 doors down to my friend Lindsey... it was so cool because we showed her the house while she was vising and she loved it. That means that I get to be neighbors with one of my best friends!
sleeping on mom

hanging out at grandma's house

Hanging out at grandma's

sleeping in the car after a long day 

playing ball with daddy