December 30, 2011

Friday Update

1. We are at my sister Shelbie's house... it is beautiful.
2. Miles has been doing this old man face.... it is so cute! He sucks on his bottom lip and you can totally tell he doesn't have any teeth.
3. Miles has started eating food! We have fed him green beans, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and bananas. He doesn't really like food but is starting to get the hang of eating. Every time he starts to eat, he gags.
4. Shelbie got a really nice camera for Christmas and I have been a picture taking fool! So many good pics soon to come!
5. Miles is now wearing a size 12 months! He is so big!
6. Miles is screaming so much! He has decided he likes to scream whenever he wants.
7. Miles makes these little noises every time he is falling asleep that is so cute. He has started fighting sleep.
8. We had a GREAT Christmas... Miles got totally spoiled, but so did Carl!
9. It was so great seeing all our family. I love that Miles gets to see his Aunts and Uncles while he grows up. It is so fun to see him looking at all the new faces.
10. Miles got a pirate ship rocking chair and a baby grand piano.... see? spoiled.


such a sad face!

they are the same size- and Mya is a year old already

Miles jungle gym

This is the old man face!

Happy boy!

aaaannnddd.. Miles is officially bigger than all of his older cousins.

December 24, 2011

Friday Update

1. Miles is already 25 weeks old!!!
2. Miles can officially sit up. Sometimes he will fall, but for the most part he sits up just fine.
3. He has gotten his first real owie. He was sitting with dad on the livingroom floor and he fell over and hit his eye on the coffee table. He now has a red mark over his left eye.
4. Miles opened up his first Christmas present from his Aunt Linley... we just couldn't wait until Christmas for the first one, so we opened it 2 days early. He was a total champ with the unwrapping and I got the whole thing on video. It was really cute.
5. We went on a walk a few days ago and bundled up Miles really good... and it was only 35 degrees out.... but he stayed warm!
6. Miles can turn himself in a circle while he is on his belly- I think this is the start of him wanting to crawl.
7. Miles has started to do this really annoying scream when he is tired. It sucks. I hate hearing it... especially at night when he can't nap because bed time is in 30 minutes.
8. Carl did REALLY well on his tests. I'm glad Miles and I came to my mom's for a few weeks to let him study.
9. It has been so nice having Carl here with us. He is able to play with and help out with Miles. Having him here has lead me to believe that there is a reason children have 2 parents because it is just too hard to do alone.
10. Miles got his second tooth in!

all bundled up for a walk

sleeping with mommy

sitting on Aunt Linley's doggie, Cooper with Aunt Lacey right next to Miles

December 16, 2011

Friday Update

watching the chrsitmas tree

sleeping with grandma

sleeping with grandpa

sitting by himself!


    1. Miles now has teeth... ok tooth but still! It is just poking up out of his gums so he likes to chew on everything.... we have now started with teething toys.
    2. Miles is SOOOO close to sitting up on his own. He can sit for a bit but usually he hears something and when he turns his head quickly, he falls in that direction.
    4. Miles has developed the 'cry when mom is not around'  thing... when he can't see me he isn't sure I am still there, so he cries. It is cute and sad at the same time.
    5. Miles has been having such a great time with my mom and Rodney. Rod just loves to play with Miles on the floor.... he puts his face close to Miles and Miles grabs his ears and laughs. I got a video of it last night, so I'll try to post it when Carl comes tomorrow.
    6. Miles is going to try food when Carl gets here! Most baby books and sites recommend waiting to start food until your baby can sit unassisted and Miles is almost there.
    7. Miles has a super stuffy nose at night. When he rolls over to his back, his nose is so stuffy and he breathes funny. I wonder if this is a side effect of teething.
    8.Miles is into patting.... he has figured out that he can feel with the inside of his hand but he doesn't know how to rub things side to side, so he pats EVERYTHING! It is really cute except when he decides to pat my face while nursing at 2 am.
    9. Miles is SUPER stubborn... like his momma. He wants what he wants and he will wiggle and move around until he is either distracted or he gets it.
    10. Miles has found his feet again. He holds them and pulls on them almost all the time now.

I am so excited for Christmas!

December 9, 2011

Friday Update

Miles is getting so big!

1. I have been thinking that he has grown in the last few weeks and when I measured him last night he was already 28 in long and 21 lbs 4 oz!
2. Miles loves when I sing to him (and I do it ALL the time).
3. This is our last weekend away from Carl... I'm so excited for him to get here next weekend.
4. I am planning a secret date for us next Saturday.
5. Carl's mom is going to watch Miles for us for a few hours while we are on our date. This will be the first time I am away from him for more than an hour. I am a bit nervous, but she raised Carl perfectly so I know Miles will be in good hands.
6. I love our cloth diapers. The only downside is they will only fit Miles up to 30lbs and he is already so close to that! Let's hope he will start growing tall without gaining more weight.
7. I have to do diaper wash every other day because of the way Miles is using up diapers. I still have to change him in the middle of the night so he doesn't wet through them..
8. I am so excited for Miles' first Christmas. He already has a bunch of gifts under our tree.
9. I have wrapped ALL of the gifts under my mom's tree... that includes my own gifts, so I know what EVERYONE is getting for Christmas from my mom and Rodney.
10. I bought the newest Eragon book the other day. I have been waiting to see how the series ends for a few years now. I hope to read it sometime soon, but with Miles I don't really have as much time to read.... maybe I should just look up the synopsis online to see how the series ends...LOL.

OH yeah.... and my baby is 22 weeks old today! (My niece is almost a year old too! What a big girl!)

December 8, 2011

5 months

     I can't believe how quickly time is going by. It seems like you have been a part of our family forever, but at the same time it feels like you should only be a few weeks old. You are almost a half of a year! This month has been SO fun! I feel like we are best pals and we just get to play and hang out all day long.
     You have once again learned a lot about life this month. You learned how to roll over onto your tummy from your back and you do it ALL the time. Everytime you are put on your back, you push your leg over and roll! It is so funny to watch because you HATE being on your tummy and after about 10 seconds you start to cry a bit. You struggle so much when you are on your tummy. You make little silly breathing sounds until I come and turn you over.... then you just roll over again. So, instead of putting you on the floor, I now put you in your jumpy.
     You started to to play with your tongue again this last month. You would cry and wiggle your tongue around to make silly sounds. It was really fun to see and hear, but you only did if for about a week and now have stopped playing with your noises. It is kind of sad. I just love each thing you start to do. It seems like every week brings on something else you figure out or you enjoy. I am so excited to start showing you food next month.
     You are so curious. You want to touch, taste, and figure out everything. It is exciting. It is neat to be able to look at life through your eyes... to you everything is so intresting and so wonderful. We took a bath yesterday and you were hitting the water trying to figure out how to hold it. It was really cute to watch. I just love your sweet curious expression. Miles, you like to get into EVERYTHING! Grandma says that I better watch out when you learn to crawl because you will be into everything.
     You are still so ticklish! I find new spots to tickle all the time. Your newest is along your spine. When I tickle you, you have the sweetest gummy smile. Seeing and hearing you laugh is my favorite thing. It makes up for whatever trouble you have made or the amount (or lack of amount) of sleep. Speaking of sleep, this month has been a bit weird. I think you went through a growing spurt because you decided to wake up every 2 hours to eat... and that (not so) fun phase lasted about 3 weeks. Well, you are finally over that and are going 4-5 hours without eating. It is nice to get a bit more sleep!
     You have your daddy's temper! Whenever you want something you can't reach, are bored, or just are mad in general, you yell. You do this cry yell thing that is super loud and kind of annoying, lol. I hate hearing the cry yell that you make.... it is definitely few and far between (and mostly happens at night when you are SUPER tired).  It is a slow to burn temper, the kind of temper that comes after lots of complaints and goes away just as quickly as it comes.
     Now for a few little things I don't want to forget:
Grandma Joni calls you boo boo.
You are SO close to sitting on your own.
You look nothing like you did when you were born.
You still get little bags under your eyes when you are tired.
You are so strong! You grip things so hard and push and try so hard to get what you want.
You are also so strong willed! You want what you want, when you want it.
You make little noises when you are hungry, kind of like swallowing.
You like to be scared..... not totally scared, but startled. You like when I do something unexpected or when I act like I'm going to drop you. Adrenaline Junky!
You HATE when something blows on your face.

I love you Miles. I love your cute smile, your sweet laugh, your little binky mouth you get after sucking on the binky for awhile, I love the crazy hair you get after laying down, your long eyelashes, and your sweet hand you lift up for me to kiss while you nurse.... but most of all I love being your mommy and I can't imagine my life without you (so  make sure and take good care of yourself so I never have to know what it's like without you).

     You are the bast baby.... I love seeing what new thing each day brings. Don't grow up too fast.

  your mommy
a.k.a. mama-  I'd love it if you'd start calling me that soon :)

December 2, 2011

Friday Update

  1. Miles learned how to roll over from his back to his tummy on Saturday,  so now every time he is put down on his back he rolls over.... it is so funny because he hates being on his tummy and he cries each time he is on his tummy BUT when you roll him back on his back, he just rolls over again.
  2. He has started to move his legs and arms, kind of like he is swimming, when he is on his tummy.... crawling here we come! (this is what the video shows)
  3. Miles does this funny sound whenever something is placed on his head- he breathes in really fast and acts like he can't breathe... even if it is only covering his eyes.
  4. Miles LOVES his jumper. He no longer likes sitting in his rocking chair because he can't move his legs and he wants to stand.
  5. On Wednesday Miles rolled over on to his tummy and then on to his back and then on to his tummy.... I think it was only an accident, but I have a feeling he is going to be totally mobile soon.
  6. We are in Farmington now, since Carl has a big test in 2 weeks we decided that Miles and I should leave to give him the time to study.... but we talk every night and skype too. He watched Miles roll over and I know that us being apart for a bit is a good thing. 
  7. My friend Lauren is getting married this summer and I am her maid of honor. I am so excited! I have been using pinterest to help me find cool things to suggest for the wedding.
  8. I think this has been my favorite month so far.. Miles is so sweet and patient and fun! He loves to play and interact with people. He doesn't really talk to new people because he is too busy watching the people and hearing them talk but once it is quiet he starts to talk.
  9. Miles is interacting with toys more and more. He likes to pull the strings and spin the toys and shake the rattles. It makes playing with him fun.
  10. Miles like to grab his toes. He lays on his side and pulls on them. He can't reach his mouth with them but still he likes to pull on them.