March 17, 2011

(Hopefully) Final Ultrasound

We got scheduled for another ultrasound on March 16th because at our last ultrasound the tech found a little white spot on baby's heart. Carl had looked into it and we had decided that this was not a big deal and that at the very least, at least we will get to look at our baby one more time before he comes out.

When we got to the appointment, we had to speak to a genetic counselor. What a waste of time! She was nice, but we had already read about studies and what this spot could mean. We knew what we were going into and she didn't tell us anything we hadn't already considered...

The spot most likely means nothing. He has no other signs for any condition. This is merely a precautionary thing that the doctors have to do (in other words, they do this to cover their butts just in case we are one of the .001% of people whose babies are really sick).

We spent about 25 minutes in her office, with her telling us things we already knew.... but then were whisked off to an ultrasound room. We were lucky enough that my mom was able to join us and see little Miles too!

We had another tech come in and do the first "screen" where they check his leg length, head size, heart, stomach, kidneys, ect. She was really nice and gave us a few pictures.... BUT Miles was being a punk for her and wouldn't turn and show us his profile. He wanted to look at us instead :)

Soooooo... here are a few pics that she gave us (sorry for the poor quality, but that's what you get with a cell phone pic)
Here is his face... he was laying with both hands right under and in front of his head. Isn't he cute?! Ok, ok... it might just be that I am his mom and that's why he's cute. I can still understand if you think he looks a little creepy, just get past looking at the bones and imagine his sweet face, curled up with his hands, taking a little nap. See... sweet, right? You can even see his little fingers in this picture :)

And yes, he is still a boy... confirmed by 2 more doctors :)

This is his leg. Carl is so amazed by the fact that he has a well defined calf muscle. He is going to be a runner!! LOL (even the tech commented on his legs, how good they look, and that he is a mover!)

After the ultrasound tech finished, the actual doctor came in and took a VERY quick look at Miles. He checked a few of the measurements the tech took, told us he was still a boy, and looked at his heart. While looking, he commented, "I don't see anything here.... what did they see? Hmmmm... well, I think this is a good sign." He kept looking and told us that the spot was tiny, barely noticeable and that Miles should be fine. He couldn't promise 100% that everything was ok because he can't see inside, but he said not to worry and that it should be ok.

Knowing that his advice was the best you really can get from a doctor, I am not worried... I never really was worried about his heart, but it is nice to know that the doctor agrees.

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