January 27, 2012

Friday Update

1. My baby is getting so big. He looks more and more like the man he will be each day.
2. He has started using a sippy cup.. now, he's not effective with it yet but he's starting to get the hang of it and likes to chew it and get the surprise of apple flavored water in his mouth.
3. Miles sat up all by himself after being put on his back.. this is a GIANT milestone for him because now when he falls down, he can get back up all on his own!
4. He ate peas for the first time and didn't gag! It was the first new food he liked and didn't gag with the first bite.
5. I gave him a mum mum and he LOVED it! He ate the whole thing and once again, didn't gag when little pieces were in his mouth. He just ate it and bit off more.
6. My procedure went really well! I am only a little sore but still so glad my mom is here to help.
7. Carl gets this whole weekend off! His first weekend in 5 weeks! YES!
8. Miles is officially in 12 month clothes for everything. I can't believe this is the last of the real baby sizes he will ever wear.. it will make me sad to have to box them up eventually.
9. We let Miles play with Jello the other night... he liked squishing it but really didn't like to eat it (which is good because I didn't want him to eat it anyway).
10. Miles crawled forward last night... it was only two legs forward, but he's going to be moving so soon!


see my teeth?

playing with our cool play table- it even talks in spanish!

taking a nap in our new carseat- did I mention Miles is in a big boy carseat now?

January 20, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles has started scooting backwards. It is so cute... all of a sudden I'll look up and he is across the room suck with the leg of his table between his legs and he can't scoot anymore.
2. Miles has mostly stopped the horrible scream. Now he just cries. He cries a very sad, tears coming down cry. Unless he is tired... then he screams.
3. Carl get his first real day off today! It has been a LONG time since he has had a day off with no school... but he still has to go and do a home-visit for about an hour.
4. We are going to redo our livingroom. Now that Miles is going to be moving around and getting into a lot more, I need an entertainment center that he can't get into. One that is tall enough he can't pull the t.v. down on top of himself.
5. I hope to find a nice dresser at the Goodwill today so we can get the living room started.
6. I am having a procedure Thursday to fix even MORE problems that labor caused... don't worry, it's not too bad... an in office procedure that hopefully shouldn't take too long to recover from (is the recovery from labor EVER going to be over? LOL).
7. Because of my surgery, my mom is coming to stay Thursday, Friday, and maybe Saturday depending on how I feel.
8. After cleaning my kitchen and living room, with Carl's help of course, my house seems so clean... and now that it's clean, I feel so much happier. It is strange how much a clean house makes you feel motivated and happy.
9. Miles has started making sounds again... we went for about a month where he would make noise, but not really sounds. Now he is saying things like "bbbbb" , "er", "goo", "erg", and last night we thought he said "hey". It is great that he is trying out sounds again.
10. I wore Miles in my moby wrap yesterday... it had been about 3 months since I had used it, and he loved it... it also made me really see how BIG our son is. I remember going to the grocery store with him in it and he was so tiny, now he is a giant in it!

Miles talking and playing
Miles laughing really hard while we were at my mom's

January 13, 2012

Friday Update

Miles is officially 6 months old... crazy, right?

This has been the craziest week in quite a while.
     1. We had his 6 month appt on Monday.:
            He is 21 lbs 13oz
            28in tall
            47.5 cm for head circumference
    2. That means he is in the 97% for height, 97% weight for age, 97% head circumference for age!
I tell Miles that means he has aced all of his first real tests :)
    3. Miles has started pulling himself forward while sitting- into the almost crawling stance! And then he rocks back and fourth.... oh no, this must be the beginning of crawling!
     4. Miles got 4 shots at his appointment and he only cried for about 5 seconds. As soon as I held him and talked to him he stopped. It was so great... but then we got home and he slept for 2 and a half hours! He hasn't napped that good since he was a little baby.
     5.Miles LOVES Jezzie, the love is not mutual however. When we were on our trip to Phoenix, Miles pulled Jezzie's ear and since then she doesn't trust him and doesn't like to be too close to him.
     6.  Miles ran a fever all night on Monday. I gave him Tylanol and it helped a lot! He was fine all day on Tuesday but started to run a small fever Tuesday night. I gave him Tylanol (but because we had ran out of the concentrated stuff, Carl went and got more and they no longer make the concentrated stuff... this means that instead of one dose being .8 ml it is now 5 ml. which is A LOT for a baby to drink)... Miles didn't like the new Tylanol, so he spit it all out on his jammies and after cleaning him up I took him to bed..... I nursed him and after a few minutes, he threw up..... he threw up ALL over me and him and our bed. It was like 10:45 pm and Miles is throwing up like 3 cups of milk and whatever Tylanol he managed to swallow. It was horrible!
     7. He has started pulling himself up onto things.. he can only manage to pull up to kneeling but this translates into him wanting to try to stand on anything. Sooo, when he is in your lap, he will pull hair to try and stand on you. It sucks... and hurts.
     8. Miles is STILL doing the raptor scream. I hate it. He does it so loud and every time he is even slightly unhappy... although it mostly centers around when he is tired. This means that from 8-9 every night our house sucks to be in. He is cranky, wants to be held and isn't happy with anything so he screams every minute or so. It is like someone stole my sweet, loving baby and returned with a screaming, hair pulling, biting, demon baby. I am so over this stage.
     9. Oh yeah, and Miles started biting me while he nurses. He did it 5 times yesterday. I am not really sure how to stop him, other than what I am doing- I say ow really loud, tell him no, and stop feeding. Does anyone have an idea of how long I will have to do this before he gets the idea and quits? Thank goodness he only has his bottom teeth so it doesn't hurt too bad.
     10. We are going to our first playdate today! I am so excited and a bit nervous to meet a bunch of new people but mostly just excited to get out of the house and see a bunch of new moms. Wish us luck (and that the new demon baby Miles doesn't show up until we get home, LOL)
     11. And because it has been a crazy week, here is one more thing... we have started playpin training Miles... this means that most of his play time is IN his playpin and he is really liking it... other than when he is tired demon baby.

Miles little baby feet

Playing in his playpin... he turned his piano upside down because he was trying to use the music stand to pull himself up. 

Do you see a happy Miles? I do!

This is what I woke up to this morning... sweet, happy Miles

January 8, 2012

6 months

My dear little Miles,
     I know I say this all the time, but how is it you, my little baby are already 6 months old? You are such a joy. I can't imagine not having you around. We are just best buds. You smile at me all the time and I think I am your favorite person in the whole world... followed by your daddy and then grandpa Rod. I think you just really just love to play and socialize. You are the happiest baby and smile at almost everyone, even if you are super tired and grumpy.
     You are almost grown out of size 6-9 month clothes... you are already too big for the 6-9 jammies because you are so tall. You have done so much this month. You are so good at sitting now and are starting to grab things to stand. You even have started to try and push up to crawl- you're not too far away from being mobile... honestly, I kind of dread ( but at the same time am super excited) seeing you learning to crawl and walk. You still have so many things that make you my little baby that I am scared to see you grow up even more. Can't you just stay little a bit longer?
     My favorite part of the day is right after you wake up from any sleep. You are just so happy and willing to give me loves... you let me hold you and you put your head in my neck. It is so sweet.... I hope you never grow out of that.
     I find that the more and more time we spend together, the more I LOVE being your mom. There are times where you scream and it is tough, but over all, when I see your little face I am filled with so much love. I am looking at you right now, chewing on your purple hippo on your little jumpy and seeing you look at me with those loving eyes- it is making me well up with tears. I just love you.
     You are super teething! With two bottom teeth, you put EVERYTHING in your mouth. It is one of the things that every baby goes through, but it is different because you are mine. It is something new that you are doing. It is really cute to see you biting your little chewies. You don't even drool yet. It is just lots of biting (but you haven't bitten me yet, thankfully) and lots of munching.
      There are a few things that I don't want to forget-
*the way your eyes light up when I walk into a room or surprise you... you get the biggest smile on your face, like I am your whole world.
*the moans you make when you are falling asleep. You seem to fight sleep up until the very end.
*how absolutely curious you are. You want to touch and experience everything so much that you even grab my shirt and the blankets while you are half asleep and nursing at night.
*your gummy smile- this isn't going to last too much longer with all the teeth you are getting.
*the way you hold my finger when we nurse. It is so sweet.
*the way you grab your feet and eat them. I thought you might have grown out of this by now, but nope... it is so cute to see you laying on the floor holding your feet in your mouth.
*how you have started leaning into me when you want me to hold you or you want to nurse... it is a cute way you let me know you just need some mom time.

     You really are growing into your own person. You have likes and dislikes, moods, and wants. You have certain faces and favorite things. I love the little man you have grown to be and although I am a bit sad that you are half way to a year old, I am so proud of the little man you will be and I can't wait to see it. I love you Miles, more than even I understand. I look at you and all I can think of is how to make this moment last longer because I am going to blink and you will be 1 and then 10 and then 25. It is going to go too fast and I am going to look back and remember that you were the happiest baby I have ever met, I loved you with all of my heart, and you looked at me like I was your everything. Thank you for that son. You and your dad are my everything too.

With all of my love,
    your momma

January 6, 2012

Friday Update

Wow... it is already Friday again. It seems like Fridays just come so fast! Well, last week my baby was 26 weeks old... that means he is officially 6 months! (52 weeks in a year means 26 weeks is half way!) His real 6 month birthday comes this week on Sunday.

1. I have so much blogging to catch up on, including Miles first Christmas and New Years.
2. I keep hoping to catch up on Carl's day off, but his next day of is NEXT Thursday and I have a doctors appointment.
3. Miles is so cute! We have been feeding him baby food and so far he LOVES oatmeal. He opens his mouth really wide and wants more and more... it is really fun to see. Yesterday he ate 5 oz at one sitting!
4. Miles is still grabbing his feet. He does it almost every time he is laying on his back. He can even stick his big toe in his mouth!
5. Carl started internal medicine rotation and it is hard! He is on call every 3 days and only gets on average one day off a week. That means he could go 10 days or so without an actual day off. At least it is the last hard rotation... only 7 more weeks!
6. Miles did great traveling. The drive went well, but his schedule was a bit messed up due to lots of napping in the car. I think we are finally starting to get back into our normal routine.
7. I am doing well, but having a bit of the lonely blues... I miss all the family I've been around for so long. It is just Miles and I for most of the day and although I love all the great time we have, I still miss seeing other adults all day... not to mention that Carl gets home so late that it is tough to not feel alone and lonely.
8. Miles is still doing the crazy scream.... only now it is whenever he is bored, stuck somewhere, tired, or whenever he is generally unhappy. It stinks!
9. He is still doing his super cute old man face! I love it!
10. My family is going to start doing a weight loss thing and I am so excited to do it!

Miles after eating oatmeal

He is a bit of a messy eater

His two teeth! 

New sunglasses we got him this last weekend... isn't he so cute!?

His old man face :) 

January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas! There were so many presents given with lots of love. Carl was able to come the week before Christmas and we spent the day with family.

sitting under the tree with dad

Hanging out with the jezzie and grandma

hanging out with jezzie

happy boy

photo session with Lin

my present this year

he is so cute!

tired boy

Us after all the Christmas stuff

Aaaa... sweet family

We woke up Christmas morning (Miles slept in until 8:30!) and made some coffee and opened up gifts at my mom's house. Carl and Miles got SO much stuff! I got the cute outfit in the pic above and a beautiful bracelet... Carl got a beautiful jacket, nice shoes, the shirt he has on in the pic above, a few other shirts and so much more I can't even remember. Miles got a rocking horse, jammies, puzzles, and so much more. 

We all showered, Miles took a nap, and we went over to Rodney's family's house for a late lunch. We all hung out and ate some yummy food and then we went over to Carl's mom's house ( I know! 3 Christmases in one day). We hung out with all of his family and opened a bunch of gifts... everyone was so generous, especially to Miles. 

All in all, we got to see so much family and spend some good time with everyone enjoying Christmas. It was so much fun watching Miles try to open his gifts and seeing everyone open the gifts we got them (that is my favorite part!). Miles' first Christmas was so much fun and such a great day. Miles was so tuckered out by the end that he slept so good that night for us (which was the best gift he could have given me).