December 31, 2013

Pregnancy post

This pregnancy has felt so different from Miles. It makes Carl think we are having a girl, but I'm not so easily convinced. I am really not sure what we are having... Seems like I go back and forth often.

This time around LOVE pickles. Love them. Eat at least 2-5 every day. They are just so crunchy and tart and yummy. I remember lovig bananas last time but this time it's pickles. I don't loke them in weird things, like ice cream, but they make for a good accompaniment to sandwiches and most lunches. 

I also seem to have gotten heatburn earlier this time. I remember getting it from very specific thigs last time- cake, frosting, hot sauce, and a few others. This time I got it from pizza. We had pizza the other day and when I ate some for lunch I had heart burn for a few hours. I am worried that it is only going to get worse. 

I feel this baby a lot more too.. Not really kicking, more just shifting and moving in general. I can touch my stomach and feel where the baby is laying. It is a weird feeling. I can feel my 6 in baby just hanging out in there. I can touch him or her whenever I want to. It is cool. 

Other than that, my pregnancy is great and I finally feel like my normal self again. I don't have to eat all the time and I don't feel sick if I don't eat right away. I sleep good and don't need a nap. It is great. 

We have our 20 week ultrasound in 2 weeks and I am super excited to get to see our baby again. 

Me at 18 weeks

A few Miles firsts

I managed to capture 2 more of his firsts. 

While visiting my mom, Miles got his first icecream cone. 

He did so good eating it. He licked the icecream and ate the cone and it wasn't until he got to the bottom that he had trouble. We were in the car and he tipped up the cone... And... Plop. Out came the icecream all over him while the cone stayed in his hand. He cried, but it was so cute. He was so sad that it was over. 

Another first was his first movie. We took him to see Frozen. He got his own little popcorn and drink and had so much fun. He loved the previews and eating his snacks. He made it about an hour in and then was super bored and played his kindle for the last bit. I had a feeling it would happen that way... He doesn't even sit still with movies at home. We all had fun though and the movie was super cute. 

Halloween 2013

Man, I can't believe I didn't do a halloween post...

We had our first halloween where miles was old enough to have fun. The hospital where Carl works had a trick or treat thing the night before, so Miles and I went around trick or treating to each department. It was so fun seeing him say trick or treat. So cute! While we were walking around Miles kept getting the candy out of his bag and trying to eat it. He didn't want to walk around getting more candy, he just wanted to eat the couple of pieces we already had. 

Unfortunately, Carl had to work so he didn't come with us... But since we were at daddy's work, we were able to see him for a few minutes before having to leave. 
Just enought time to share a quick lick of his candy with dad. 

On actual Halloween, we decided to use fun handing out candy. At our old house we would have around 5 trick or treaters. Here we had around 500 or so. Maybe even more. Miles got dressed up and had so much fun hanging candy to each kid. He would get one and put it in each bag. It was so sweet. In between the massive amounts of people, Miles would sit in the livingroom with his hidden candy and watch Charlie Brown and the great pumpkin. He now calls every Charlie Brown movie his pumpkin movie. 

We had so much fun this year. It was really neat to see Miles interacting with all the other kids. I have a feeling next year we will be trick or treating with some of the other kids around. 

Looking back

Looking back at the last year of blogs, I realize how much has changed in our lives. 

Miles is so big now. He talks so well and is not a toddler any more. He is a child. He runs and plays and says what he wants. In fact, today he just told me, "love you." So I said, "love YOU." And he said," NO MOMMY, I love you. Miles loves you. Miles." It was so funny. He reminds me of Carl every day. He gives me looks when he is being a little naughty that I can swear Carl's mom must have seen daily. He loves to play on the kindle. He loves to build towers and play Legos and if he wants you to play with him he will come up and say, " Mommy, play Miles. Play blocks. Mommy, sit." It is crazy how much he talks now compared to a year ago. He even says bless you when you sneeze and says thanks for everything (he even told the guy putting our groceries in the cart thanks every time he stuck a new bag in). 

Carl is well into residency. He works so much it is so crazy. We still manage to have family time and somehow found the time to make another baby, lol.  He worked crazy 4:30am-7pm for 12 weeks straight. One day off a week with no break kind of work. Now he is in an easier rotation and the next time a busy rotation comes up is when the baby is due. 

I am doing well too. This year has been good to me. We moved into an amazing house surrounded by more friends and family. This was the main thing lacking in our last home. I felt so lonely. Here is different. I know my neighbors and have family 15 min down the road. I miss being closer to my mom, but she isn't more than a days drive or a quick flight away. Even though the first trimester of this pregnancy was rough for me, the rest of this pregnancy has been good. It's exciting to think about all of the lasts we have have. The last Christmas, New Year, etc without our newest baby. It makes for exciting times to come- all the firsts we have coming up! 

Our family has grown and changed this year... Here's hoping to a wonderful 2014 full of great times, happy memories, strength, health, and a great time looking back at the end. 

Christmas 2013

This Christmas was full of fun! We had to do our family Christmas a bit early, since Carl had to work on Chriatmas day. 
Carl had off 4 days the week before so we did our Christmas on Thursday the 19th. We woke up and played Christmas music, drank some coffee, and opened gifts. Miles got so many great toys and games this year. He was 100% spoiled. It was fantastic. He was so excited to open presents and would ask to open more each day after our Christmas. I think this was the first year he really got into the idea of Christmas. 

After presents we made a yummy breakfast and spent the day playing with our new things and relaxing. 

We took a BUNCH of pictures on our nice camera, but I'll post the few I took on my phone. 





All of our gifts after everything was opened. Miles had the big stack on he left and Carl and I had our presents on the right. 

We then got the spend Christmas Eve and Christmasmorning at Carl's dad's house with all the cousins. We had so much fun opening all the gifts, playing, and enjoying the great food and company. 

Christmas was so wonderful and we still get another small one when we go visit our moms in a week! I love the holidays and am sad to see them go. It feels like Christmas brings out so many good things and I love giving gifts and spending time with family. 

It is crazy to think that this is our last Christmas as a family of 3 and that next year we will have another baby! 

December 14, 2013

Family update

I am getting horrible about these blogs. Anyway, the reason I haven't been blogging is we are expecting baby #2 at the end of May! I didn't want to blog about it before I hit the second trimester but we are there now, so yea!!

Carl and I decided we wanted to start trying for baby #2 and it only took a month before we were pregnant. It was kind of shocking since it took 8 months before we were pregnant with Miles. Because it took so long with Miles but didn't take long with this one, it hasn't felt real until just a few days ago. It seemed like I was just sick for 6 weeks. 

My body hates the first trimester. All I want to do is sleep, sit, and eat (although I experience such bad nausea that nothing sounds even remotely good enough to eat). It makes for interesting times. I feel like from week 5 to week 11 I had the stomach flu that just wouldn't go away. Thankfully my doctor have me some medicine to help with nausea so I wasn't totally useless with Miles running around all day. Poor kid was a bit neglected at first. I think he loved it because it meant extra movies and snacks because I was too sick to play and make food. 

I'm feeling 100% better now and feel like my old self again. The only difference is now I have an avocado sized baby in my tummy and have already started showing. My belly looks just like it did when I was 4 months with Miles, even though I'm only 3 months. My belly feels huge! Because I know what to expect a bit more, I can feel my uterus and actually feel where the baby is laying. I feel his/her little body. It is really neat. 

We have decided to wait to find out gender until the baby gets here (as long as I don't give in and find out earlier, lol). I think it would be a great memory to have us finding out if we have a boy or girl when Carl catches him or her and sees for himself.

Here is a quick snapshot of baby from our last ultrasound 

It's kind of hard to see, but he/she was sucking the thumb in this next pic  you can see the fist right by his/her mouth.

Little one is growing good and everything has settled back into a normal routine. Just in time for the holidays!