September 12, 2013


Has it really been two months since I updated the blog? Wow... well, here are the top ten:
1. We went and visited Phoenix to see my sister before she has her baby (she is due in a bit over two weeks). Mya and Miles got along so well. It was really fun to see him interact with Mya again. She is a hoot and such a fun and beautiful girl. I sure wish we lived closer to them.
2. Family visited us! Lin, Ike, and Brock came and stayed with us for Labor day weekend. It was great seeing them and showing them our new house. I just wish they could have stayed longer.
3. I bought Miles a little potty  and he decided to potty train after nap time. He sat on the little toilet and went potty. He had gone potty more than 15 times in one day and only had a few accidents but he decieded that he was done after one day and that potty training wasn't happening. He doesn't want to go on it anymore and I figure I'll wait until he is ready so it isn't a horrible experience.
4. Carl has started in patient rotations. This means that he can't take any leave until next year with the exception of January.
5. We are trying to figure out what we can do in January since it will be his only time off this year. Any suggestions?
6. Miles and I met our newest girl member of the family a few weeks ago. Her name is Rylie and she was 6 weeks old. Miles did so well with her. He was gentle and loved kissing her head. He now likes other babies!
7.My sister had her baby this week... a little boy and now I am trying to find a good time to go visit. I can't wait to meet little Easton!
8. I got Miles a doll house and he loves making all the little people do what he says. They go potty, sleep, play video games, and whatever else his mind comes up with. It is so cute to watch him play.
9. Miles is sleeping in his own bed by himself. We have a family room, so he sleeps in the room with us, but his bed is separate from ours and is made to be a toddler bed. He crawls in and out and when he wakes up in the morning, he snuggles in my bed for a few minutes with me. It is so nice!
10. My mom is planning on visiting at the end of the month and I can't wait! I haven't seen her since May and I think this is the longest we have gone without a visit since Miles was born. It will be so fun to have her see our house and be able to just hang out with her.