November 15, 2012

Family update

1. Miles is getting so big! It seems like he isn't growing tall, just growing up... If that makes sense.
2. Miles says all kinds of words now. They are his own language, but I know what the sounds mean. He says "wwwwwa" for water, "mi" for milk, "ba ba" for bye bye, "nI nI" for night night, " hhhha" for hot, "nn ak" for snack, "huh huh" for yes, "ba" for tons of things... Like ball, bak (the sound a chicken makes), sheep and, frog (for ribbit, lol).

He says tons of animal sounds and makes the sound whenever he sees that animal. He knows bee, fish, camel, monkey, elephant, Cow, horse, lion, snake, tiger, bear, zebra, owl, and he kind of squeels for spider. He can also say giraffe and of course, mama and dada. Miles can also make the sign for milk when he wants to nurse.
3. Miles learns so fast. You have to be careful what things you show him because he will remember them and do it on his own rigght away. He learned how to open one of his toys by Carl showing him once.
4. I am so excited for Christmas this year. I think it will be one of the best Christmas times in awhile. I'm hoping to take some great pics of Miles Christmas morning and I'm hoping that the gifts I got Carl will be perfect.
5. Carl has such a light schedule that we get to go see our families for Thanksgiving this year! Last year we had Thanksgiving here with my mom and Rodney, but this year we get to go home and see everyone! I am really excited to spend time with family and do some last minutes blak friday Christmas shopping.
6. Speaking of shopping, I am almost finished with shopping for Christmas. Only a few more gifts and this Christmas will be complete!
7.  Miles is teething again. I think. He keeps eating his hands. Whenever he isn't too busy playing, his hands are always in his mouth. Yes, I said hands. He ususally has BOTH hands in his mouth at the same time. I have cheched and can't see any tooth buds, but I think he'll surprise me by all of a sudden having another tooth. In fact,when I ask him if he is getting another tooth he says huh, huh. So it's got to be happening, right?
8. Miles got totally sick last night. He woke up crying and throwing up at 1,4 and 4:30. It was hard watching him cry and throw up while holding him and a bowl over his mouth. He was a super trooper though and went right back to sleep with no fuss.
9.  Miles was a bee for Halloween and Carl and I were father time and mother nature. It was fun to dress up and see Miles trunk-or-treat.
10. After haloween, my mom bought Miles an Elmo costume for $5 and he is actually a bit scared of it. Lol, he loves Elmo but really doesn't like the idea of being Elmo. Lol