August 30, 2011


This is what Miles and I were up to yesterday  

August 26, 2011

Friday Update and the 100th post!

I can't believe I am already up to 100 posts! It is crazy to think that I have blogged that many times. My blog has really evolved from food and dates to pregnancy and now the baby. It really has grown, just like I have.

Well, onto the Friday update! Miles is officially 7 weeks old today! It is hard to believe that my little baby is getting so old so quickly!

1. Miles loves to smile. He is now smiling all the time. He smiles whenever he is happy and sees or hears Carl or  I... it is so cute! 
2. He has started doing a practice laugh while awake. It isn't a total laugh but it really cute to hear. Maybe I'll catch it on video and blog it so you can hear it too.

3. Carl goes back to school in 3 days! I am not looking forward to him being gone all the time, but it will be nice to have a set schedule again. 
4. We went grocery shopping yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff for lunches,2 baby washes, and 2 lotions... we had a half full cart and only spent $48. All thanks to sales ads and coupons!
5. Miles now weighs almost 13 lbs and is 25 in long! He is getting so big!
6. Miles is starting to like his binky... especially when he is sleeping. It calms him down and helps him relax.
on the way home from Farmington

7. I "wore" Miles in a sling during nap time yesterday... he seemed to like it and only woke to eat. It was a nice solution to him wanting to be held and me needing to do some chores.
Miles in the moby wrap

8. I have started back up with my meal planning again. It is nice to know what is for dinner every night without having to figure it out at 5 pm when I am too hungry to fix anything.
9.Miles now has to wear his hair in a mohawk because he has a long patch down the center of his head, with no hair on the sides.... he looks like he is subject to male pattern baldness... lol.
happy boy!

life is so hard! 

10. Miles LOVES to kick when he is awake and happy.... here is a video of him doing his "exercises" and "talking".... enjoy! 

August 20, 2011


After a really rough night, this was what I woke up to

BEST thing ever to wake up to :)

August 19, 2011

Friday Update

My baby is officially 6 weeks now!
1. We decided to do another trip to Farmington this week since Carl only has 2 more weeks off.
2. Miles has found his hand. He prefers it to the binky.. I am hoping that if I keep putting the binky in, he will eventually love it and forget about his hand.

eating his fist

3. We decided to do something crazy... we went to a movie WITH Miles! We saw Harry Potter.
4. Turns out Miles does well in movies. He didn't even cry once- and it was over 2 hours long!
5. Miles is getting cuter and cuter. He loves to sit on his dad's lap and kick. It is so cute to watch!

kicking dad

6. We went on another walk and Miles fell asleep. He LOVES going on walks!

him sleeping after our walk.

7. We made dinner for my parents tonight and it was great! We made bruschetta, garlic and tomato pasta, steak, green beans, and homemade tiramisu. It was so yummy!
8. Tonight Miles had a really fussy night. He was so tired that he just cried and cried. It was the most he has ever cried. I felt so bad. Finally I got him to nap, but it is so late that I wonder what kind of night we will have tonight. 
9. Miles has started smiling when he is awake! It is the sweetest thing! It isn't a social smile yet (you can't make him smile by doing something funny) but he just does it when he is happy. It is really cute. I love to see the smiles.
10. We go home on Sunday- I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to family. 

his cute whistle face! 

August 14, 2011

Friday Update- On Sunday

I'm a bit late again, but here is our weekly update!


1. We went to a BBQ on Friday at one of Carl's med school friend's houses. It was a blast seeing everyone (who last saw me 8 weeks ago) and showing them Miles. 
2. Miles is now sleeping in the bassinet next to our bed. He has been for the last 3 days and he is doing well... He sleeps but makes these noises like he is trying to poop in his sleep. He makes these noises every 10-15 minutes ALL night. I hear these noises and think he is awake, so I wake up to check on him but he is STILL SLEEPING! It is a bit frustrating, but I just need to learn to sleep through these noises.
3. We went for our first real walk on Thursday. It was really nice weather outside- cloudy and breezy and not too hot. Miles LOVED it! He looked around at all the trees and loved hearing all the new noises. It was great!
4. My baby turned a whole month old this week! It was a happy but sad day- how is he already a month old? Wasn't he just born a few days ago?
5. Miles is still super hungry when he is awake. He likes to eat every 60-90 minutes. It makes his awake time a bit hard to do things, but while he is sleeping he can go 4 hours without nursing. That makes me LOVE nap time!
6. I have been cooking a bunch of food and freezing most of it so when Carl goes back to school we have extra meals.
7. Miles still has blue eyes! I keep waiting for them to darken and turn brown, but they haven't and they are so light that I wonder if they will stay light. 
8. We went out to Dennys yesterday and realized that having a baby really didn't change what we do. It did change how quickly we get things done because we can't leave unless Miles is fed and changed and is napping. We still go to Walmart, and out to eat (on occasion), and up to ABQ for different things but Carl says it takes us 2 to 4 times longer to do things. 
9. Nothing else has really been going on. It is all about Miles all day, everyday :)

 us on our walk

 We both had a great time

 Miles practicing his whistle face

  sleeping in his bassinet all by himself :)

Look at that sweet face!

 so cute, right?

August 10, 2011

Three whole years

Today marks three years that Carl and I have been married... now we have been together a lot longer (7 whole years).  Since we have Miles we didn't do too much but it was still a nice day. We ate lunch out at St. Claire and went shopping to pick up our pictures, some shoes, and a movie. It was nice. We took Miles and he did really well. He didn't cry at all and just ate, hung out, and slept. It was a great afternoon :)

This evening I couldn't help but think about how fast the last few weeks have gone. Carl only gets 2 weeks left... then I will be home all day, just Miles and me. I haven't really been alone with him for more than just one day (Monday, where Carl had a test he had to go to). I feel very nervous about not being able to do it all. Will I be able to keep up with everything? How can I cook and clean with a newborn? I just started to think about how I haven't ever done this and wondering if I can. What a way to end my 3 year anniversary- worrying about the future and things I can't change.

Well, other than that 30 minutes of missing my family and feeling really nervous about the future, today has been nice. I know I have a lot of things to be thankful for and I also am certain that everything will be great and Miles and I will figure things out as we go. I am lucky enough to have a great baby and I think that eventually we will get a routine that will work out and will be perfect for our family.

2008-2009 (first year) : Carl graduated
2009- 2010 (second year): I graduated, we moved to Los Lunas, I started teaching 2nd grade
2010-2011 (third year): I finished up teaching and we got pregnant!
2011- now (this year): Miles was born!

Before I end this blog, I thought I would write a few great memories that happened in my marriage this last year.
1. MILES!!! I made and grew and birthed a wonderful little boy.
2. Going to Disneyland with my husband last September for our 2 year anniversary.
3. Getting to bake lots of different things and giving it to Carl for lunch everyday.
4. Having my love for Carl grow so much from having our son. Going through labor and having our baby makes me realize that I love Carl so much more than I ever have.
5. Having Carl take care of me while I was SO sick in the first trimester.... he really did everything, while I sat on the couch and either slept or felt like throwing up. (Not that the feeling sick part was great, but knowing that my husband will be there and take care of me when I am not feeling well was the great part).
6.  Seeing how much Carl loves me and is patient with my requests... like the crazy second trimester where all I wanted to do was clean the whole house, organize everything (and since I had a few bleeding scares I couldn't lift anything so Carl had to do ALL the lifting), putting shelves in the nursery closet, and cleaning out the garage.... a garage sale included.
7. Many, many, more things that I just can't remember now but still am glad they happened.

I love Carl so much and couldn't have asked for a better husband or partner. He is my best friend and such a great dad to our little boy. He is patient, and kind... loving, supportive, and my best friend.

us in high school when we first started dating

Thanks for a great 3 years Carl :) I hope to have MANY more. I love you.

August 8, 2011

One month old!

Happy one month to my little boy. I decided after reading this blog and seeing how this blogger wrote love notes to her daughter every month, I would write a love note to Miles each month... letting him know what things he has accomplished and what things have stuck with me.

Dear Miles,

You are now a whole month old. I can't believe it. I can't believe that you have already been in this world, learning and growing for a whole month now.... granted, you spend most of your day sleeping but when you are awake you look like you are taking in the world. Your eyes show how smart you already are. In just 2 weeks, you had already learned how to hold up your head and have practiced doing it every time you are put on someone's shoulder. You track our voices and love to just look at everything.

You LOVE bath time. Each night when you start to get fussy, either your dad or I get in the bath and take you too... you just sit in our lap LOVING every minute of being in the water. You go from being a bit fussy to really calm, wide eyed, and totally relaxed. In fact, sometimes you are SO relaxed you pee on us! It is great that you love the water. I hope you continue to love it.

Nights are the time when you are the most fussy... I think it is because you are sleepy on top of everything else. You HATE pooping.. especially in the evening. During the morning it isn't as big of a deal, but at night you scream and cry about it until you either fall asleep or just fart it out. It is so funny to watch but still sad to hear you cry. I wish there was something I could do to help you but all I can do is hold you and try to comfort you until it is over... this really is the only time you are fussy. Otherwise you have the best disposition. You are happy and alert and just love to look around.

We have started to put you under a fun play mat.. you just kick and kick. It is really fun to watch... although you only like to be there for about 10-25 minutes and then you get bored and do your little scream cry. It is really funny... I think you get tired of moving around so much and you start to miss people. As soon as someone holds you, you are fine. I think you just like people and enjoy the attention, which makes me think you are going to be a very social person. 

You are the cutest baby I have ever seen. I know every mom has to say that about their baby, but it is totally true with you. You are so cute... and I LOVE all the faces you make. While you are sleeping, you make all kinds of faces (I think it is your face muscles trying out the faces you will be using later). You even laugh in your sleep... it is so cute! I can't wait to hear your actual laugh. I hope you have a great one.. a laugh that comes out all the time. I wonder what color eyes you are going to have... for now they are VERY blue! I think they will eventually turn brown like your dad's but I  LOVE seeing them blue for now.

Today was the first day we were left alone together for longer than a few hours. It is going great! I was even able to shower with you in your swing in the bathroom with me. You just hung out and talked to me. It was so great and I was so proud that you didn't even cry! You are getting so big. I can't get over the fact that you are already 10 pounds. 10 pounds! You have grown out of your newborn clothes and are wearing 1-3 months. I can't help but wonder how long you will be in these clothes... especially since you eat all the time! When you are awake, you eat almost every hour... but thankfully at night I have to wake you up to nurse! You are the best little boy.. you let us sleep 4 hours at a time. It is so wonderful!

You have only spent half of one night sleeping by yourself. Usually you are sleeping with me or your dad (except during the day we have started to let you sleep in your swing or rocking chair so we can get things done around the house). It is nice to have the snuggle time with you each night and I know that one day soon I will miss it (especially since we are going to try and have you sleep in the bassinet next to our bed soon). Some of my favorite times are napping with you on my chest or cuddling with you while you sleep at night. You are so sweet, especially when you are sleeping.

Well, I can't wait to see what the next month will bring- from what new faces you will make to the new sounds you will learn (as of now, you only really know the noise nnnnnnggaa. it is the cutest sound!). I wonder what things will be different next month; what milestones you will hit that you haven't yet. A part of me wants you to stay this little forever- my little snuggly son, but I also look forward to you learning so many things. I look forward to hearing your voice, hearing you say "I love you", going camping with you, teaching you to love reading, hearing you laugh, and watching you grow into a great man like your daddy.  Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. I have already changed so much in the one month you've been here in so many different ways. I love you so much, more than you can ever know (or at least until you have your own baby and can feel this love for yourself) and I know that my love will only continue to grow. 


August 5, 2011

Friday Update

It's already time for another Friday update... and again I can't believe how old Miles is getting... he is already

4 weeks old!!!

He got a little upset when we were trying on the hat the night before we took pictures.. but he is still so cute!

Just fresh and clean out of the bath with mom!

This last week has gone by so fast!

1. We spent the weekend in Farmington and left on Monday.
2. It was SO nice to have Miles meet family that hadn't met him yet.
3. Miles is starting to get the hang of how to use a binky... it has been tricky, but he is getting better and better at it all the time!
4. We did a photoshoot and I am totally in love with the pictures of him in his owl hat. SO cute!
5. Miles sleeps great in his swing... so great that I am finally able to get stuff done while he sleeps.
6. I feel SOOOOO much better!!! I  am finally able to get stuff done. It is nice to feel well enough to move around and get ready and clean up. It is nice to be able to move around and not hurt all the time.
7. Carl is half way finished with his paternity leave... only 3 more weeks left with him home (what am I going to do when he leaves????).
8. The days seem to go by so fast. Yesterday we went to Walmart and it took us 3 hours to do all the shopping and stuff... we were there so long I had to nurse Miles before we left because he woke up hungry.
9.  Miles was weighed yesterday and he weighs 10 pounds and 5 ounces!! My baby is getting SO big! He is 4 weeks old and has gained 2 pounds and an ounce since he was born. I knew he was eating a TON! He was also measured at 22 inches long... that's 2.5 inches longer than at birth!
10. Here is a video of him hanging out at my mom's house... he was just kicking and kicking! He is so strong (sorry it is upside down... my phone didn't turn the video like I thought it would)

August 3, 2011

First professional photoshoot

Carl and I decided that since Miles is growing so fast, we would get professional pictures done while he is still little. We went to kiddie kandids and had a great time! Miles did fantastic with only a bit of crying toward the end (when he was sick of being moved around and changed so much). We got some really cute pics and are really excited to get the actual pictures in about 2 weeks, but since we bought a digital copy of the pictures I have some to share today!!! Let me know what you think

This was the only real cry he made and it was over in about  5 seconds. But isn't his cry still so cute?