September 18, 2014

Four months!

     Wow. This last month has been full of traveling and awakening. You are such a fun baby. You are so sweet and happy. You laugh and smile so much now. You are so ticklish and laugh so good whenever tickled under your neck or on your chest. 
    We drove to Farmington and you got to meet so many family members. Everyone loved seeing you and you did so good during the 8 hours in the car. 
     You LOVE your brother. No matter what you are doing, if you hear your brother, you stop and look at him. You follow his voice and will even stop nursing just because Miles comes over. 
     We just had your four month appt and you are such a big boy. This is what we measured you at:
18 lbs 2 oz 99% weight for age,
weight for length is 85%, 
26"long 86 percentile,
44.5 cm head 96 percentile
     You are growing so much. I love to see the new things you can do each day. You are so good at holding up your head and put everything in your mouth! I have a feeling you will start teething soon. I am going to miss your sweet gummy smile. 
     I can't wait to see the little guy you are going to be. I imagine all the fun times you are going to have with us. It is so much fun watching you grow and learn. Just a few days ago you started really looking at things. 
     It started with sitting in your car seat and holding your binky. You just looked so hard at it. You practiced holding it, putting it in your mouth, turning it, and pulling it out. You looked so hard at that binky. It was really fun to watch. Now you are finally starting to play with toys. You will hold them and shake them. 
     I have so many hopes for you. I hope you grow to be caring and strong if heart. I hope you grow up loving and laughing and that you are best friends with your big brother. I hope you always remember the love your father and I have for you. I hope you stand up for others and never question what is right. 
     I love you so much Logan. I rock you and stare into your sweet face while thinking about all the things God has prepared for you. I know you will do great things. I know you will love fiercely. I know we have some rough patches ahead, but I also know that you are worth everything I could ever give. 

Your momma