February 25, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles and I spent all week with my friend Lindsey and her family. It was so much fun!
2. Miles LOVES men. He likes the way they play and would cry whenever my friend's husband would leave the room.
3. Miles has gotten so much better at crawling. He is going faster and faster, but still not so quick I can't catch up.
4. Miles is still stroking his hair. He mostly does it when he is tired, but it is really cute to see.
5. Carl says that Miles has a different cry face now and when I asked him what he meant, he said that Miles must have control over a facial muscle that he didn't before because he cries differently.
6. In the morning, Miles stretches his whole body out and I swear, I can see him actually getting bigger and bigger.
7. Carl is finally finished with internal medicine. We are so ready for him to start an easier rotation and this means that he has the whole weekend off!
8. It was so cool to see Miles playing with my friend's kids. They are 8 and 2 and it was really fun to see how he interacted with bigger kids.
9. Miles is a jealous baby. I was playing with my friend's little 2 year old boy and Miles started crying and crawled over to me. I was kind of wrestling with the little 2 year old, and Miles comes over and starts pulling on me wanting my attention. I didn't realize how jealous he really was until that moment.
10. We cleaned up our living room and got rid of a few more things, so our house is looking great!

Here are some pics from our trip to visit friends!
Miles playing with his new friend

 These were taken by a 8 year old:
Miles and I playing

Miles screaming

playing upstairs

This was taken today... I think this might be the last time in his jumpy :(

a video of Miles playing with my friend's husband and kids. I don't think you can really see, but Miles thought this was SO funny. The kids just started yelling and trying to get Miles to laugh.. so funny.

February 17, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles has started raptor screaming again. It stinks.
2. Carl only has one more week of Internal Medicine and then he will be in Family med where he will only work 3 days a week instead of 6.
4. Miles has gotten really good at crawling. He now crawls into his play room without me.. I'll just look down and he's in the other room standing on his play table.
5. Miles does not like strangers. A nice lady at Walmart was talking to him and telling him how cute he was. She touched his cheek and he poked out his bottom lip and cried so hard I had to take him out of the cart and hold him to calm him down. 
6. Miles has found out that he has hair! When he is tired, he likes to grab his hair and feel it. It is so cute!
7. Miles has started to get more daring and sometimes while he is standing, he will let go of the table and stand by himself for a second before he falls. It is crazy how advanced he is!
8. Our first Valentine's day went really well, although we celebrated it a day late. Miles got a cute shirt that says daddy rocks, I got a new pj shirt for when it gets warmer, and Carl got a nice romantic bath alone for an hour with candles and a glass of wine.
9. We have been putting Miles to sleep earlier at night. I lay him down and nurse him around 7:30 and he sleeps alone until we go to be around 9. He tends to wake up a lot during that time though. I think he gets uncomfortable and realizes I am not there and wakes up. I then have to go and nurse him back to sleep. He really only does this once or twice before he goes into deep sleep.
10. I have been trying to watch what I eat to help lose some weight and I am proud to say that I am 20 lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant... that means that since Having Miles, I have lost a total of 45 lbs. I am fitting in jeans I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. It is nice.. I would still like too lose another 10-15 lbs, but I am just glad to be where I am!

sleeping Miles

Miles drinking out of my cup

playing under the jumper

I was trying to take a 7 month pic 

Miles decided to eat the paper

Miles crawling to me and standing up

February 10, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles has started playing with his tongue again. It is so cute. He especially likes to do this when he is wrapped up after he is done nursing and before he falls asleep.
2. He has also started sucking in air when he gets excited.
   both of these are in the following video-

p.s. sorry about the BIG booger in his nose, I didn't notice until after the video :) 
3. Miles is a BIG guy.. we had him measured and he is now 23 lbs 10 oz and is 28.75 in tall. He is in the 99th percentile for both.
4. Both sides of my family are thinking of going to Idaho for a part of the summer. That means that I think Miles will spend his first birthday in Idaho meeting many members of his family that he hasn't met yet.
5. Miles has started crawling even farther than before. He can now crawl all around the living room and even has crawled to the kitchen. He really only likes to do it when there is some kind of motivation (like the Jezzie or me going to the kitchen) but it is so cute to see him do it!
6. I just finished a book called

My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife: A One-Year Experiment...and Its Surprising Results 

it was really fun to read and gave me a lot to think about.
7. Carl is so close to being finished with internal medicine... only 2 more weeks and then he will be in family medicine (or family vacation is what the other students call it- because it is so easy.. yea!)
8. We have started putting Miles to bed earlier. He isn't taking a late nap and is going to bed an hour earlier... he is still getting the same amount of sleep, but now Carl and I get some much needed alone time.
9. ++++++++++++++---------------------------------------------------------------------------- that was -miles... he loves the laptop and pushing buttons is his favorite thing to do- besides playing with daddy's belt or book. 
10. Miles has stared eating his hands again... this makes me wonder if his top teeth are going to come in soon because he only did it before when he was teething his bottom teeth and then stopped once they came through. 

February 8, 2012

7 months

     I know I say this a lot, but this month has flown by! You have learned so much and really are the best baby. You are so curious, like your daddy, and very stubborn, like me (and on a side note, I was totally right when I made this post!). I love that you are interested in the world around you. You especially like the things that your dad and I use most often, including our cell phone, the laptop, the remote, straws from our drinks, anything we are eating, the wipes case, and really anything we happen to have at any given moment.
     You have started being afraid of strangers, but only when I am not with you. Your grandma was here for a few days this month and you cried when she kissed you because I was in the kitchen and you couldn't see me. She was a little sad, but I think you will end up being best friends with Grandma... after all, she will be the one who spoils you, gives you whatever you want, and will be the person you compare me too (but Grandma lets me!). I know that this sudden aversion to others will go away soon, but for now I am trying to take advantage of the fact that I am your favorite person in the whole world. Your face lights up anytime you see me.... even if it's just been a second or two. I think your dad is secretly jealous and envies our relationship, but I also know that when you get bigger you will stop thinking mom is cool and will want to be just like dad. I am not sure how I will feel when this times comes, but I don't really have much of a say... so I guess what I'm saying is try to not grow up too fast because I love being your best friend and I hope to stay that way for as long as possible.
     You really are the light of my day. I love you and your dad so much. Waking up to your smiling face makes each morning so much better, even when you wake up at 6:30 and are ready to play the second you open your eyes. The mornings are my favorite time. You are so happy to just do whatever- play, sit alone, play with me, sit in your highchair, or play in your crib. You are just happy to be awake and with me. It is great! On the flip side, your toughest time of day is from 8 to 9pm. Your dad says that you have a clock inside that tells you when it is almost 8 and a switch flips and all of a sudden you can't do anything independently and you just cry. It is crazy because no matter what time you wake up or when your last nap was, you are always cranky from 8-9.
     Well, I feel like this month has gone by in a whirl of you learning to stand, pull yourself to sitting, scooting backward, and finally crawling forward. You are so smart. When looking at the development charts, you are advanced in what things you do. Most babies can barely sit up and you are already mobile AND pulling yourself up to sanding AND you can walk along the side of the table while you stand- most 8 month old's can't do that and you have been doing that for a few weeks now! I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, lol... you do have Carl for a dad :)
     These last 7 months have been amazing. You have your own little personality- likes and dislikes, and I am so excited to see the little man you are going to be. I love you Miles, you are my little monkey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking me to be your momma.

p.s. it would be great if you could show your love for me by saying momma before dada... thanks

cool dude Miles

holding on to my neckless, even when asleep- see, you do play ALL the time

eating an apple while you sit next to me

playing in the playroom

you crawled under the table!

standing up!

standing in your playpin

eating our snack- Mum Mum for you!

Happy boy, even before bed time

Sleeping on me

February 3, 2012

Friday Update

AAA... I can't believe it is already Friday again.. it seems to come so quickly! We are almost to 7 months. Only a few days to go... I can't believe I almost have a 7 month old... where is time going? Thank goodness I am a stay at home mom and get to be with Miles all the time :)

Well, here's what's new:
1. Miles crawled last night.. Carl was on the computer and Miles forward crawled to it all by himself. I guess he just needs a great motivator to really go forward.
2. He crawled 2 knees forward today at our play group.
3. Miles has a mysterious rash that has been there for about a month and feels dry. It is sometimes red or sometimes fleshy colored. I think it might be eczema. I will ask the nurse about it on Monday when he goes in for his shots.
4. Carl is now at the V.A. hospital. This means that he gets to come home sooner each night... he even got off at 1 today!
5. We found a new toy store we love. They have the greatest toys and were rated the best toys in the city for the last 5 years. I'm excited to get him some toys for his birthday in a few months.
6. I have only been to 2 play groups, but I really enjoy it and Miles and I love hanging out with the other moms. He naps on the way, plays for 2 hours, and naps on the way home! It is great!
7. Miles is 30 weeks old. I remember when I was 30 weeks pregnant, barely believing that I would have a baby in 10 weeks. It feels like just yesterday but also feels like forever ago.
8. Miles has officially developed stranger danger. He isn't a fan of others, unless he is with Carl or me. If we are around, he is curious about others and still likes to be shy around them, but if we are out of the room he cries.
9. We put in a new dresser for a t.v. stand, but we still need to paint it. It is cream now, but I think I want to paint it a light blue.
10. I love that Miles doesn't mind being in his pack-n-play. It is nice that there is a place for him to go and I don't have to worry about his safety. He has just started to grab the edge of the playpin and pull himself up to standing and it is crazy to see him stand up all by himself, looking over the edge at me, biting the sides.

February 2, 2012


I am sitting here watching my son eat a remote (don't worry, it is a "play" one I found that we don't use and I cleaned it) while he is trying to stand up on his piano. He is so cute and seeing him totally happy just hanging out with his mom in our jammies caused me to have a sudden epiphany- my life is awesome. I have so much to be thankful for and so I decided to just record a few things I am happy for today.

1. A sweet son who smiles every time he sees me (and as I type this I have tears of joy springing up in my eyes.... I am such a dork).
2. A husband who works really hard to make sure I can stay home to see my son smile.
3. A home that keeps getting better and better (and the great ideas I have gotten to redo our living room for cheaper thanks to pinterest!)
4. A son who would rather be in my arms than anywhere else in the whole world.
5. A supportive family who is there for me, no matter what I need....especially my mom who when I call freaked out needing some help, figures out a way to get off work and spend her weekend here helping us out.
6. A great extended family. I find myself thinking about my husbands family, missing them and wondering when we will get to see them again... I know, I am really lucky to have in-laws I don't just like but love!
7. A curious son, who at this moment crawled over to me, pulled himself up to standing, is grabbing my computer, and trying to eat the keys.. all because he sees I am touching it and he wants to too.+ -----------+------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (and yes, that was his typing--------) I am hoping he grows up to be a super smart, curious man like his daddy.
8 . An understanding husband who has been so patient with me and all of my complications and all the craziness that goes with becoming a new parent.
9. How everyday Miles comes up with something new, whether it is a new expression or a new milestone or a new sound or laugh... it is a great thing to be able to witness.
10.Our health...  one of my best friends has her baby in the hospital and it is so sad. It reminds me of the luck we have had with Miles. He has only gotten sick once with a head cold, for one day. I am so thankful especially because Carl works in a hospital and is in contact with lots of germs and we have kept healthy despite visiting so many people in last 3 months. We make sure to wash our hands often and we have all been healthy!

ANDDDDD... some pics!

sleeping on me.... man, I am thankful for this too because I know I won't get to do this with our next one

independent play time!

silly boy... he fell to the side after turning his head sideways because mine was turned to take his pic 

eating an apple for the first time... he liked it!

a very happy Miles

It seems like today is full of things I am thankful for... there are so many, more than I have posted here. I mean, is there anything better than a happy, smiling Miles? I sure don't think so.

February 1, 2012

The Aquarium

We went to the Aquarium last Sunday and Miles loved it. I think he loved watching the other people more than the fish, but we still had a great time. I thought I would share some pics from that day from Miles' point of view.
we started with a little play with daddy time on the couch

then we got ready and put on our cool dude shades

then we took a nap... so we wouldn't be too tired to enjoy the fish

Then we saw sting ray while daddy pointed out how cool they are

then we stared at daddy and the people next to daddy

we saw some cool fish in a tank

hi mommy!

look, a scuba diver cleaning the tank!

hmm... look at all the cool fish

big tank with big fish (if you look at the bottom middle of this pic, you'll see the eye of a puffer fish)

naptime on the way home