November 25, 2011

Friday Update

1. Miles is such a great baby! He is always so happy. He laughs all the time and just enjoys the world.
2. Miles has figured out how to jump in his jumper... that is what is on the video, him jumping!
3. Miles had his first Thanksgiving.... he couldn't eat anything, but he was just happy to have his Grandma and Grandpa visit! I'm excited for next year when he will get to participate in everything.
4. I can't believe we are already half way through his fourth month.... time is just going so fast!
5. Miles LOVES the Christmas tree.... at night when he is getting cranky, Carl will sit with him under it and he just looks, tries to grab the needles (don't worry... it is a fake tree with plastic needles), and laughs. It is the greatest thing to watch.
6. Carl is really getting into being a dad. He takes Miles from like 7-9 each evening (with the exception of when he eats) and just plays with him. It is a nice time for me to get a break and a great time for Miles and Carl to get to know each other.
7. My sister-in-law had my nephew, Davin (on the day before Thanksgiving!) and I can't wait to meet him!
8. Black Friday is today and we already braved the crowd last night at walmart to get some sweet stuff.... and Miles came with us. He was in an umbrella stroller and by the end was a bit overwhelmed with all the people.
9. I didn't realize how enticing it would be to just give Miles a taste of something.... my mom kept asking if she could just give him a little lick of potatoes.... "they're just potatoes... come on, he wants it!" she kept saying to me.... it was funny but in the end he really didn't eat anything. Although this does make me kind of excited for when he can just try foods we are eating.
10. Carl ended up getting a little bit of time off this weekend (yesterday and today... tomorrow he has to do morning rounds and wake up at 3:30am, but he then gets Sunday off). He slept until 9:30 yesterday (and we went to bed at 9pm) and I have a feeling he will sleep more again on Sunday. Poor guy... I know he is so tired, but he is a champ at making med school work for our family.

Happy Black Friday!!!

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving! We sure are!

November 18, 2011

Friday Update

1. Miles has now found his feet... He likes to roll to his side and hold his toes (he hasn't figured out how to pull them to his mouth, but he likes to hold them).
2. I have started losing my pregnancy hair... it is sad to see so much great hair falling out each day.
3. We went for his 4 month check up and here are his stats:
     He is 67.5 cm tall (that is 26.5 in)
     He is 18.13 lbs
     His head is 45 cm around
4.  He percentiles are:
     95% weight for age
     80 % weight for length
     91% length for age
     95% head size for age
5. Miles did better with his shots... he only cried for a few minutes and then flirted with all the nurses. They all loved him and commented on how sweet and handsome he is.
6. Miles is super cranky today. I think getting his shots has made pooping hard. He doesn't like to poop any more because pushing hurts his little leg, so he just cries and screams until it comes out... this makes for a cranky baby and an irritable momma.
7. My mom and Rodney are coming down for Thanksgiving.. I am really excited to see them again!
8. I keep thinking about this time last year and how I was SOOOOOO sick. I had morning sickness so badly that all I did was lay on the couch and eat Ramon noodles. I am glad to not be there anymore, LOL!
9. I finally went through and organized all of Miles' pictures based on how old he was. It is nice to have all of the pics I have taken in one place.
10. I looked at a picture from when Miles was a month old and I can't believe how big he is now and how fast it has gone!

Miles a few days old

 Miles now :)
Happy boy

November 17, 2011

Baby love

Carl as a 3 day old

Macey as an infant and as a 7  month old

Miles 4 months playing on a blanket

Sleeping Miles- 4 months

Who do you think Miles looks like?

November 11, 2011

Friday update

1. Miles and I are now home!
2. Miles cried for the last 40 minutes on the way home. As soon as we stopped and I got him out, he smiled and said goo. He was just tired of the carseat.
3. Miles got in his jumper seat. He doesn't understand the jumping, but he likes to play with all the toys.
4. Miles gave me 4 hours straight of sleep wednesday night, thanks to the  miracle called cluster feeding! It was great!
5. Last night he was not so generous.... We slept horrible. Lots of waking up, lots of nursing, not too much sleep.
6. I was nervous about coming home, but it has been really great. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to sleep next to my husband!
7. Carl and I are going to have another date this saturday..... It is only the second "date" since miles was born.
8. Gas is so cheap here... It was $3.60 in st. george,  around $3.26 in farmington, and barely over $3 here!
9. Miles is already 18 weeks old! It is so nuts.
10. Miles had his 4 month apt on monday.. I'm nervous about him getting his shots.... Poor guy. I know he is going to be in pain and I hate it.

November 10, 2011

Bathroom update!

My sisters, brother Dillan, and I updated my parents bathroom for Christmas... check it out!


Sooo.. what do you think?? Best gift ever??


Here are some pics of Miles' latest firsts

first night with Grandma and Grandpa in Saint George

First time playing with a slinky- (he LOVED it!!)

First nap with cousin Mya

First time sitting up in his bumbo 

First time all bundled up- first snow!!

First snow

First book with daddy after a month away!

First time in his jumper!


Now that I am home, I thought I would write about our first Halloween (and of course share some pictures).

Carl came up to Farmington to meet up with Miles and I and we spent Halloween weekend together with Bailey. We went to the mall with a friend so her kids could go "trick-or-treating" and to give us a fun reason to dress up Miles. We had fun walking around seeing all of the cute costumes.

Carl and Bailey left Sunday (and Halloween was on Monday) so Miles and I stayed with my mom and passed out candy to all the trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. It was fun!

Here are some pics:

the pumpkin my dad carved... it says miles

My little Nemo :)

A cute shot of his hood

In the carseat ready to go

Miles and I on Sunday.... he is wearing a onesie that says silly monsters

Halloween day

 Getting ready for trick-or-treaters

The two of us :)

November 8, 2011

4 Months

    You are the greatest baby. I am so blessed to be your momma. I feel like everything I prayed for and asked God to bless you with happend. You are so sweet. You love to smile and laugh and are just the most happy baby. In fact, you are now laughing all the time. You think I am the funniest person and like to laugh at the funny things I do..... and I would do almost any silly thing to make you laugh. 
     We have this month spent traveling. We have spent your whole 4th month of life living out of suitcases and seeing as much family as possible. This last month has had its hard times, but mostly this month has been a testiment to really getting to know each other. I have been for the most part a single mom because your daddy couldn't go on a month long vacation :) but we had so much help from grandparents and aunts and uncles. It has been so fun watching you meet all of the family... you got to meet 2 new cousins, 3 Aunts, 4 Uncles, and so many others.
    This month has been so FULL of learning. You have learned how to hold up your head, stand up, enjoy laughing, you rolled over for the first time, and you roll side to side. I don't think your dad will ever let us leave for that long again. Right now you are in your Grandmas arms,  wanting to stand up- protesting laying down because you are tired.
   We just had the time change 2 days ago and it is a bit tough for both of us. You are staying up an hour later but not sleeping in any longer (although you are sleeping in until what used to be 8:20!) I think you are going through another growing spurt due to your strange sleep patterns. You wake up every 2 hours wanting to eat. I hope we quickly get over this..... it seems like I haven't lost this much sleep since you were a newborn.
   I was looking through my old posts and watching you coo as a little baby and things are so different now... when did that happen? Did I sleep through the moment you moved from little baby to big grown up baby? You are so different than you were just a month ago. I feel like each month I am shocked at how fast time is going. You are growing up too quickly! Even though you are so big, I feel like this is the best time... the best month... or maybe it is better to say the best stage so far. You can play alone for longer than ever before, you LOVE to socialize and talk to people (you say goo a lot!), you laugh at my silly songs (and I make up the silliest things to sing to you), and you are not so breakable.
    Well, you are starting to give your grandma a bit of a hard time, so I guess this has to be the end of this letter. I sure love you and would do anything to protect you and keep you happy. Thank you for being such a fantastic baby this month... I'm excited to see what the next month has in store for the both of us (maybe more sleep and napping alone??? I'm thinking that if I hope and wish it enough it might come true)

   your momma

November 5, 2011

Friday update

1. Visiting family has been so great. I'm sad to be leaving to go home so soon.
2. Miles is waking up every 2 hours to eat at night... I am so tired.
3. I got to meet kobe for the first time.... He is smaller than miles (and he is 6 months older), so cute, and has the sweetest laugh.
4. My family has been so great with  helping me out. They watch miles any time I need a quick break.
5. I'm excited to see carl again.... I haven't been home for a whole month and i'm ready to sleep in my  own bed with my husband again.
6. I have started feeding miles about 1.5 tbsp of rice  cereal mixed in with a bunch of  breast  milk. I'm hoping it will help him sleep longer.
7. My mom and I went  shopping today and I got a cute sweater dress... I'm hoping to wear it this winter.
8. I am going on a diet as soon as I get home. I really want to lose about 30 lbs.
9.  Miles had his first snow today... We wrapped him up all warm but he wasn't so sure about all that  wet hitting his face.
10. Miles loves all of his family.... He just loves being held and entertained by all the new faces.

November 2, 2011

Birthday- looking back on a whole year

Well, it's my birthday tomorrow and I am just filled with the overwhelming urge to write down all of the things I am thankful for.

Last year I wrote in my journal on my birthday with the thought and hope that I was pregnannt. I had taken a test and it and came out with a really light blue line. I was so hopeful and excited. Being pregnant was the goal and we had been trying for months to see that little blue line.... I wanted a baby so bad and Carl and I had just felt so ready to be parnets.

Last year's birthday was filled with possibility. Carl and I went out for dinner and since I wansn't 100% certain, I decided to wait to tell him about my possible pregnancy... so there we sat, eating dinner, and I held in the biggest secret ever. Well, you know how it turned out.. I WAS pregnant. It was the best birthday present ever... I actually took the test and found out about little Miles last year on my actual birthday. Fast forward a year and here I sit, typing this up while my perfect son is sleeping in my lap.

LOL... It is funny to look back and see how much has changed in my 25th year. I spent so much time trying to get used to my ever changing pregnant body and just as I would get used to it, another thing would happen and everything would change... then Miles came and it all changed again. My body is my own again and sadly, I miss my little belly partner... but I am very glad to see my son's sweet smile and hear his addicting laugh.

My year in pictures:
my first two pregnancy tests

Miles' first picture!

My first month pregnant

my second month

third month

fourth month

fifth month

sixth month

seventh month

eighth month

ninth month- the day before Miles was born

Miles right after he was born

with the gunk in his eye

sleeping after the long labor... only a few hours old

Miles at a month old

Miles at 2 months!

 Miles at 3 months

My birthday is tomorrow and I can't believe how much has changed in just one year. My whole life has more meaning and value than before. I can't wait to see what my 26th year has to offer, because so far my 25th year was the most amazing year of my life.