December 21, 2014

7 months

   Unfortunately this month has been characterized by being sick. First at the end of thanksgiving, you got Roseola. This is a high fever followed by a weird rash. Then you got a head cold and were stuffy and miserable for about a week and a half. And now you caught another head cold that is runny nose and fevers and coughing. You and your brother have been nothing but sick for the whole last month. My prayers each night seem to be the same- let the kids get better and let them sleep so I can. It is such a recurrent thing that even your brothers prayers sound like this, "bless monny to not be sick, feel better. Bless baby logan to not be sick, feel better, sleep good. Bless Minos to sleep good, feel better. Bless daddy work. Name of Jesus, amen." I am hopeful that you are getting all your sick out now so you can be a healthy kiddo later. 
     Other than being sick, you have really started to realize you can move around. You crawl and find things. You see something you want and go to it. It is fun to see you follow your brother around and trying to play with him. You crawl or scoot over to his toys and pick them up. I think you are wondering why they are so cool to Miles when all you do with them is  out them in your mouth. 
     You have such a little personality. You have decided to be weary of strangers when they hold you. You like them, but only as long as they don't touch you. After about an hour, you warm up and enjoy playing with whoever is around. 
     You still love eating. You want to eat anything we are, and try to eat your brothers food all the time (although to be fair, he DOES leave it on the floor so doesn't that make it your food too?). 
     You growl at anything you don't like or want. This means that when you are hungry and I am not feeding you fast enough, you growl. When you want your binky but can't get it in yor mouth, You growl. When you want to be held, your growl. It is really cute, but I wonder when you will start to say more sounds and words. 
     I love you so much my sweet baby. Merry Christmas. I can't believe you are already 7 months old. Feels like you have always been here but that there is no way you are so close to a year old already. Thank you for filling out home with more love, happiness, laughter, and fun. I can't wait to see you and your brother grow up and play together. I have a feeling I k in for lots of surprises. 

   Your mama

December 13, 2014

Life according to Miles

I told Miles I was so tired and asked if he could watch Logan while I napped. This was his response: 

"No monny, I can't. I can't because him cries a lot. He cries and cries and me can't watch him." 

Me: "why can't you watch him when he cries?"

"It makes me so hard. It makes me mad and sad when him cries. It so hard." 

Me: "why is it hard when he cries?"

"It just do's" 

The things kids think of. And no, I would never actually go sleep while my 3 year old watches my 6 month old. I am not stupid, just a curious mom who wondered what silly things her kiddo would say. 

Here are a few pics of my sleeping kiddos 

November 26, 2014

6 months

My dearest Logan, 
   These last 6 months seemed to fly by. How are you already closer to a year old than birth? I see you rolling on the floor, trying to eat your brother's toy and I see how much you have really grown. This last month has really been filled with so many changes. 
     You now eat food! In fact, you love food. You open your mouth and say mmmmmm whenever you really like what we feed you. You kind of expect to eat at every dinner we have. You sit in your high chair and growl at me until I give you a bite of food. I kind of think you'll be more of a foodie than your brother. 
     You now roll and army scoot. You are so determined to move where you want and to get what you want. You are so close to crawling and have been sitting up on all fours, shaking, and trying so hard to move forward. Most of the time you just fall and then use your tiptoes to scoot forward. You have become quite good at going where you want.  
     You LOVE your older brother. You watch him all the time and love when he plays with or talks to you. I hope this will translate to you two becoming great friends. 
     You have two teeth already and are biting everything. When we ask Miles why you have to be careful of brother, he replys by saying because you are so bitey. 
     I love you so much Logan Walter. Our family wouldn't be the same without your sweet smile and patient attitude. Thank you so much for each day you give us. May the future hold more joy and great times ahead. 

  Mom (also the word I have been telling you over and over in hopes that you will say mom first😊)


October 28, 2014

5 months!

My little Logan,
   You are a sweet bundle of a baby. You roll ALL THE TIME now. Right now you are laying on your belly in front of me, eating your hand, and scooting back and forth trying to eat anything you can touch. You have gone from being a passive watcher to an active participant. You want to touch, hold, and eat everything in sight. My hope for you is that you never lose this zeal for life. That you always have a wonder for the world and for new things. I hope you have an interest in how things work and remember to question the world around you. 
     It is so funny to see how engaged you are. You LOVE to watch Miles. No matter what you are doing (with the exception of being in the car), if you hear Miles you stop what you are doing and watch him. Yesterday Dad took him to get Aunt Bailey and you were so confused as to why you had no entertainment. It was strangely quiet and you were fussier than normal. 
     Even with all the big things you are doing, you are still my baby. You still kick your legs like a newborn, like to be rocked and swaddled like a newborn, and you still love your binky. I love you so much Logan Walter. You have my heart. Completely. 
     I can't wait to see what changes time will bring us. You have created a unique viewpoint for me. With Miles I could only guess at the future and wonder, but with you I get to see the future in your brother and be excited to see the same things in you. I see Miles at 3 and wonder what things you will like when you are his age... I see him talking and playing and feel excited to see that same stage with you. I remember what Miles was like at 1 and 2 and I feel excitement at getting to do it again, but with you! You give me a perspective I have never had before. I get to enjoy your little moments now because I have already done them and I remember they go too fast but I also get to see glimpses of the future and be excited for those too. Thank you for that. 
     You are such a sweet baby. You LOVE people. Whenever anyone smiles at you, you reply by smiling with your whole body. You have the biggest grin and your whole body can't help but wiggle when you smile. Half the time you smile so big, you have to turn your head and hide your face. It is so cute. I hope this joy you have never goes away. 
     Thank you for choosing me for your mommy. I could t imagine having anyother baby in my arms each day. I know you will grow into a great man because you have a great one to look up to and a big brother who will help keep you in line. My heart is yours... Please keep it safe. I hope you stay healthy and strong, don't risk your life unnecessarily... I took great care in making it. Please go to school, find a passion- I don't care if it is as a garbage man, Disneyland trash sweeper, lawyer, or doctor. Just make sure you find something you love. You , your brother, and your daddy are my everything. Keep growing strong and please start giving me more sleep. 
   Your very tired momma. 

September 18, 2014

Four months!

     Wow. This last month has been full of traveling and awakening. You are such a fun baby. You are so sweet and happy. You laugh and smile so much now. You are so ticklish and laugh so good whenever tickled under your neck or on your chest. 
    We drove to Farmington and you got to meet so many family members. Everyone loved seeing you and you did so good during the 8 hours in the car. 
     You LOVE your brother. No matter what you are doing, if you hear your brother, you stop and look at him. You follow his voice and will even stop nursing just because Miles comes over. 
     We just had your four month appt and you are such a big boy. This is what we measured you at:
18 lbs 2 oz 99% weight for age,
weight for length is 85%, 
26"long 86 percentile,
44.5 cm head 96 percentile
     You are growing so much. I love to see the new things you can do each day. You are so good at holding up your head and put everything in your mouth! I have a feeling you will start teething soon. I am going to miss your sweet gummy smile. 
     I can't wait to see the little guy you are going to be. I imagine all the fun times you are going to have with us. It is so much fun watching you grow and learn. Just a few days ago you started really looking at things. 
     It started with sitting in your car seat and holding your binky. You just looked so hard at it. You practiced holding it, putting it in your mouth, turning it, and pulling it out. You looked so hard at that binky. It was really fun to watch. Now you are finally starting to play with toys. You will hold them and shake them. 
     I have so many hopes for you. I hope you grow to be caring and strong if heart. I hope you grow up loving and laughing and that you are best friends with your big brother. I hope you always remember the love your father and I have for you. I hope you stand up for others and never question what is right. 
     I love you so much Logan. I rock you and stare into your sweet face while thinking about all the things God has prepared for you. I know you will do great things. I know you will love fiercely. I know we have some rough patches ahead, but I also know that you are worth everything I could ever give. 

Your momma

August 20, 2014

Three months

My dearest Logan Walter,
     These last month has been so great with you. You have started smiling and do it so often. You love to see dad, brother, and me. You have become such a happy baby... Of course you have grumpy times, but you are mostly just a happy guy. You love to be talked to and enjoy watching brother run around. You have started siting in your bumbo and love to sit and watch all the stuff going on. You started really looking at your toys and enjoy trying to figure out how to grab it and hold it. 
    I am so glad to have you. It feels like you have always been here and yet you are barely 3 months old. I love seeing your smong face each morning and am so glad I get that each day. Please don't lose that. Keep feeling happy and excited to greet the day. 
     I am so excited for the things to come. You are so close to laughing. You are ticklish and whenever tickled, you make this funny grunting sound that is soooo close to a laugh. I'm excited to hear it when you finally let it go.  I'm excited to see you get to play with Miles. He can't wait to play with you and often brings you toys to show you. He'll place toys all over your body hoping you'll play even though you are still so young. There are things that are fun to look forward to, but please don't grow up too fast. I feel like your brother grew up so fast that I am trying to soak up your littleness.
     You make these sweet baby coos and I love to try to get you to "talk". You don't really talk often. It has to be quiet and you can't be too tired. If there are other things going on, you would rather listen to others talking or other new sounds than talk. In fact, you very favorite time to chat with me is while nursing. You will lay in my arms, stare into my eyes, and coo at me as if to profess your love for your mom. It is really sweet. I don't look forward to the day when this stops. You just sweetly make the best little sounds. 
     I love you so much Logan. You are already showing your own little personality and in excited to see what kind of baby, toddler, child, teen, and man you will become. Keep loving your family, keep enjoying the little things, and please for my sanity keep sleeping in (and don't wake at 6 like your big brother). 

  Your momma

August 7, 2014

Doctor visit x3

Today Miles, Logan, and I went to the doctor's for a (not so quick) visit. Thank goodness we all see one doctor because he is so great and fit all three of us in one visit. Yea for family medicine! Anyway... My appt was easy and went well. No after birth complications or anything. I'm doing so much better than I did after having Miles. 

Miles did SO great. They checked his blood pressure, his heart and lungs, and weight. He listened to the doctors so well and didn't cry or anything. He actually liked it all (and it didn't hurt that he got a sticker AND sucker for being so good). Here are his three year old stats:

34.2 lbs-weight for age 71 percentile, weight for height 68 percentile 

38.2"- 62 percentile
56cm head circumference- 93 percentile

Kid is getting so big! He has grown about 4 lbs and 4in in the last year. 

Logan is doing really well too. Talk about big, Logan is huge. The doctor commented that we should stop calling him tiny and call him Tank, lol. Here are his stats: 

15 lbs 12 oz- 99 percentile weight for age, 85 percentile weight for length 

24.5" (62cm)- 86 percentile 

43 cm head circumference- 96 percentile

Our doctor did find something kind of strange with Logan. He has a hairy spot on his back that can mean he has spina bifida. We got referred to radiology and will have to make an appt. soon to get it looked at by another doctor. 

After the doctor's appt we went to the immunization a clinic and Logan got 3 shots. He took it like a champ and only cried for a few seconds and then we went and say down and nursed. He's sleeping now and I'm hoping he will sleep for most of today. All-in-all the visits went well and only took 2 hours lol. Both my kids and myself are healthy and doing so well. 

Miles waiting for his turn, Logan waiting, his little ouchy legs from the shots, and him all crashed out from all the uproar. 

I also spotted this while in the office. Haha
I'm so proud of my hubby for being a second year resident and doing so well. 

August 2, 2014

Logan is two months!

Our little Logan is not so little anymore! He is already 15 lbs and 24" long. 

   This month has been both the roughest time in your short life so far but also the best. You had a rough time figuring out sleep from about 5 1/2 weeks to almost 8 weeks. You would get so overwhelmed with all the noise and stimulation that all you could do was cry. The only thing that helped you feel better was a good swaddle blanket, your binky, shushing noises, and bouncing in moms arms. We did a lot of bouncing. Right around 7 weeks you started smiling at us. You would look at us and smile back at our faces. What a fantastic reward for us! 
     You also started playing with toys. You will sit under your play mat and hit or kick your toys for awhile. You love it! 
      Right around 8 weeks you started a new sleeping trend of actual awake times and actual sleep times. It is really nice! You are sleeping in 3 hour segments and not just here and there and being cranky. 
      You are starting to watch your brother more and more. You like to follow his voice and see what he is doing when you are awake. I'm really excited to see how your relationship with Miles will grow.  I love to see him laying next to you, talking to you because I know he loves you and that love is only going to grow as you start to interact more. 
       I love you so much. I watch to sleep and play and am so glad you are my son. I love to see your little eyelashes and lips. You are still so tiny (even at 15 lbs). I love to see your eyes light up when you notice me and the smile you give me. You like to grab the back of my shirt when I hold you and it is so sweet to feel your hands holding me back. I love to watch the faces you make in your sleep. I watch you practice being mad and happy. I hear you practice laugh and see the pouty cry face. It makes me excited for the next few months when these things will be more than practice. 
      Thank you for figuring out sleep. Thank you for giving me better night sleep than Miles did. I couldn't survive waking up each day with Miles at 6 (even though YOU sleep in until 8) without all the good sleep you give me in the night. Thank you for being so sweet and cuddly and being my little tiny boy. I love you so much. 

-Momma a.k.a Monny. 

July 15, 2014

Family update

1. We had a resident BBQ on Saturday that was so fun.  I was not expecting to through a party for 20+ people until Friday morning when Carl texted me to see if we could do it. Although I spent most of my time trying to get Logan fed and asleep, I had fun meeting new med students, seeing the new interns, and hanging out with the residents wives I'm friends with. 
2. We took Logan in the pool for the first time this week. He was tired and hated it. He cried for the 2 minutes he was in and then grandma Barney took him inside and gave him a nap.
3. I made felt bandaids for Miles' doctor kit. He loves to doctor his toys and fix ouchies. 
4. Miles danced with a little friend and it was so cute. He put his finger out and danced like a disco dancer. When I asked him why he danced like that he told me, "dance like dancing zombie". It is a sad time when the only kind of dancing your kiddo can emulate is from a video game- plants vs. zombies
5. Logan is doing better with finding a routine and sleep schedule. He has his good days and bad, but I don't think it'll be long before he has a schedule of naps instead of random sleeps and awakes he does now. 
6. Miles loves this little bear. He calls it daddy bear because it is a little brown bear I gave Carl for valentine's day a few years ago so it is daddy's bear. He can't sleep without it and loves to take it all over the house. 
7. I am helping out with a ladies night out tonight. It's spa night and I can't wait to get away and leave the boys with Carl. I know Carl will do great with they boys. I'm hoping they don't give him a hard time for bed time tonight. 
8. We also took Logan to the park for the first time this week. He LOVED it. He looked around all the sky and trees. Miles ran around and had a blast. It was so great since it was only 84 degrees outside and felt amazing! 
9. I got Miles a preschool curriculum for his birthday (with the help of my mom) and we have already started some of it. He is much smarter than I thought.
10. Miles can do AB patterns really well. I showed him what patterns were about 3 months ago and he had no idea how to do them. I showed him again a few weeks ago and he kind of caught on. I showed him again yesterday and he can now do them on his own and make his own patterns with no help. Such a smartie!

Here are some pics from this week: 

Logan's first park trip 

A rare smile
His first swim
Miles climbing at the park
Morning snuggles
Sweet sleeper
He's getting so big!