February 8, 2011

February Visit

Last night Carl and I were bored and decided to play a game together. We played Mastermind... It was so fun! When it was my turn to hide the pattern and Carl's turn to figure it out, I laughed SO hard.... he would think out loud and some of the stuff he came up with was great. We had so much fun and played for about 2 hours!

Today, we had another CNM visit and just wanted to quickly write about how it went. I guess they installed a new way of booking patients, and they OVERBOOK one slot in the morning and afternoon. That means that when Carl and I got there, they were already really behind... so behind that we waited an hour to be seen. A WHOLE HOUR!!! We live in a tiny town and scheduled our appt for 10:30 on a Tuesday. I can't imagine how bad it is in the afternoon/early evening.

When we got back there, I was weighed and have lost another 2 lbs this month. That is a total of 6 lbs lost. When my midwife came in, she said that it hasn't been a big deal and as long as I am eating healthy and not starving, then it is all ok (then she made a little side note note that this weight loss actually results in me losing about 10 lbs and the baby stuff making up the difference).

We listened to the baby's heart and talked about going to Phoenix on Friday. The CNM suggested the regular: take breaks, move your feet, walk around, and don't be surprised if your feet swell.

I look forward to visiting family and meeting my niece... but am not really excited for swollen feet... well, I guess we'll see how it goes :)


  1. Make sure you drink a LOT! That will help make sure you take all the breaks too. :) I traveled a lot when I was pregnant and my feet never swelled, but I stuck with a lot of water and had to make MANY stops. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Yay!!! Can't wait to see you guys! We'll take it easy and do some fun stuff :) Love you!

  3. I love mastermind. My sister had it when we were kids! You don't get to complain about swollen feet because you are the only pregnant person I know that has lost weight in their first 18 weeks of pregnancy! Maybe I have to end our friendship! LOL I'm glad you're doing great!

  4. I'm not anonymous, I just can't figure out how to post without using anonymous. Kathy

  5. LOL!!! Thanks Kathy :) i may have lost weight, but i don't look like i have.... So i'm not sure if that even counts. And i will definitely bedrinking lots of water on the drive!