August 26, 2011

Friday Update and the 100th post!

I can't believe I am already up to 100 posts! It is crazy to think that I have blogged that many times. My blog has really evolved from food and dates to pregnancy and now the baby. It really has grown, just like I have.

Well, onto the Friday update! Miles is officially 7 weeks old today! It is hard to believe that my little baby is getting so old so quickly!

1. Miles loves to smile. He is now smiling all the time. He smiles whenever he is happy and sees or hears Carl or  I... it is so cute! 
2. He has started doing a practice laugh while awake. It isn't a total laugh but it really cute to hear. Maybe I'll catch it on video and blog it so you can hear it too.

3. Carl goes back to school in 3 days! I am not looking forward to him being gone all the time, but it will be nice to have a set schedule again. 
4. We went grocery shopping yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff for lunches,2 baby washes, and 2 lotions... we had a half full cart and only spent $48. All thanks to sales ads and coupons!
5. Miles now weighs almost 13 lbs and is 25 in long! He is getting so big!
6. Miles is starting to like his binky... especially when he is sleeping. It calms him down and helps him relax.
on the way home from Farmington

7. I "wore" Miles in a sling during nap time yesterday... he seemed to like it and only woke to eat. It was a nice solution to him wanting to be held and me needing to do some chores.
Miles in the moby wrap

8. I have started back up with my meal planning again. It is nice to know what is for dinner every night without having to figure it out at 5 pm when I am too hungry to fix anything.
9.Miles now has to wear his hair in a mohawk because he has a long patch down the center of his head, with no hair on the sides.... he looks like he is subject to male pattern baldness... lol.
happy boy!

life is so hard! 

10. Miles LOVES to kick when he is awake and happy.... here is a video of him doing his "exercises" and "talking".... enjoy!