July 29, 2015

miles turns four!

My dear sweet Miles,                                                                                   7/8/15 your 4th birthday
            I seem to say this every year, but how is it that the last year has flown by so quickly? You are just turning four and already are such a little man. You remind me of your dad, all the time. You seem to have grown up so much this last year, but I think most of the reason is you are no longer the baby. You now have a little brother to play with, protect, love, teach, argue with, push, torment, and just another little one to have around all the time.
            I never imagined what being a big brother would do to you. You have become quite the little protector. When we have play dates or your cousins visit, you defend Logan for any infraction. He gets screamed at by Easton, you rush over to hit him for yelling at Logan. A kid pushes him and you push the kid back, even if I have already handled it and the kid is in time out. You seem to need to be in control (just like mom, sorry son) and need to make sure you do it yourself…. Unless it is cleaning up, and then you need someone else to do it.
            This year you have learned how to speak so much better. Your vocabulary has expanded and people who are not family can understand you. You know all the letters and sounds, numbers up to twenty-ten (30), and you can even read easy words and books. I think you got your daddy’s brains because you understand things so fast and are so smart. You already try to find ways of getting your way or of having us change our minds if you don’t like what is going on. You like to skirt the line of obedience, just like your dad when he was a kid.
            You have started waking up at the super early time of 5:15-5:30 each day… it is way too early for mom and dad, but no matter the bed time, you are awake and ready to start the day at 5:30. This means that bed time has become 6:30 for some books and teeth brushing and a 7pm bed time. You don’t give us any fuss when it comes to bed. You go in and get ready and snuggle in with your bears and blankets and go right to sleep. I love this about you and only hope that each of your siblings follow suit.
            This year has been the biggest change for you, mostly of Logan, who is now big enough to play with, but also because we have started doing school stuff and I realized how incredibly smart you are.  I know the future holds so much for you. You are so caring, smart, loving, and you have so many of my, and your dads, best qualities. I love you Miles, and I hope you read these letters seeing the wonder and love I have for you. You are more than I could have ever imagined and I can’t imagine ever having life without you. I thank God for you and Logan each day.  God is amazing and knew what I needed in my children without me ever expressing it.
            I hope you grow up loving God. He has freely given us so much. He gives us goodness while we only give sin. I love you Miles, but God loves you even more. Never forget that. This last year you have been going to church with us and often when we ask what you learned you say: God loves me, God made me, and Jesus is my friend. Such truth out of such a little guy.
            I have hope for your future, but I also look forward to all the wonderful things we have to share in the next year. Thanks for being my son. Happy forth birthday, my love. I love you.
      Mom (yes, you now only call me mom… not mama or mommy or even monny anymore… you are such a big boy)