April 27, 2012

Friday Update

1. Karoline and Ben went home today. I am sad. I hate having an empty home and what makes it even worse is Carl is on call tonight so he won't be home until Miles and I are sleeping.
2. Miles has started baby babbling. He is saying so many new sounds.... not just the m, a, and b sound. He is super chatty and "talks" his own language all the time.
3. Miles has officially said dada. It is really cute that now he says mem and da.
4. Miles found out that he can lift the toilet lid. This was swiftly followed by learning that he can splash in the toilet water. We have now put locks on each toilet.
5. Miles opens and closes his mouth in a popping sound when he wants to eat whatever you have. It is really funny and looks like he is a little fish. He really likes to try EVERYTHING you are eating, so now I have to be careful what I eat to help him in finding good for him foods.
6. Carl has started Psych and will have finished his 3rd year of med school in another 3 weeks.
7. I was reading this book called the Wonder Weeks and Miles is officially in a stage of cranky-ness before a big developmental leap. This leap is one of learning sequences. That means that he is learning that when he lifts the toilet lid, he can splash in water. This also means that he is going to be cranky for the next 2-3 weeks.
8. Karoline let me borrow a book called The Magicians Guild... and it was SO good. It is part of a trilogy and I have now bought book 2 and 3.
9. Miles also learned how to crawl up on the dishwasher and stand... yes, stand up on the dishwasher. This was followed by swiftly falling on his knees and head while daddy was trying to grab him. He is now sporting a nice bruise on his forehead. Poor little guy.
10. Carl has started playing with Miles by going around our rocking chair with Miles chasing him. It is so funny because Miles laughs SO hard. It is so cute!

April 20, 2012

Friday Update

1. Having Karoline and Ben here has been so great. I'm glad we get another week with them!
2.We made a quick visit to see my family and had a great time. Miles did great in the car both times and it was really nice to see my mom and Rodney for a few days.
3. While we were there, Miles spent some great time with Grandpa and water. I caught a video of Miles and Grandpa watering the front lawn.
4. Miles also played in the backyard in the doggie water dish. He splashed in the dish, spilled it all over, tried to swim in it, tried to drink it, and got SO wet! 
5. Miles is still so in love with men. We go to a restaurant and he talks to the boy waiters and wants them to hold him. He crawls after Ben or Carl all day and is the happiest in a boy's arms. 
6. Miles says mom, momma, mammmmmmma, ba, baba, bbbbb, mmmm, aaaaaa, mem, and he mouths the m sound. He is getting so much better at letting his wants known by the noises he makes.
7. Miles is so smart. We have started closing the dog door and when it is open, he takes the little door and tries to close it. He can even pinch the part that opens the door. He will pinch it and then let go and try to slide it up. He is so close to being able to open and close the little door.
8. We went to the zoo again last week and had so much fun looking at all the animals. We also decided to buy a pass for the zoo and aquarium along with a pass to bring 2 extra people for free for the whole year. I am really excited for all the fun zoo adventures we will be having this year.
9. Carl has his last day of his 3rd year of med school today... he has to make up 4 weeks of psych because he took the time off for Miles' birth, but he is technically in his forth year starting tomorrow!
10. Our friends are going to watch Miles tonight so Carl and I can go on our second no baby date since Miles was born. We are going to go see the hunger games!

Miles watching Karoline and Ben playing the wii

Miles with daddy at the mall

giving daddy a bit of a hard time

sitting at the zoo

watering the lawn with grandpa rod

fun with water

April 13, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles is 40 weeks old today... that means he is exactly double the age of conception.... that means that he is as old out of the womb as in... I don't know why but that makes me feel both happy and sad.
2. Miles did as well on the flight home as he did when we left. He slept the whole way :)
3. It was so much fun to see my family. Miles LOVED my dad and seems to make quick friends with any male he meets.
4. Miles went to the doctor yesterday and here's his stats for this month:
   He is 29 inches tall- this means he is in the 79% length for age
   He is 23 lbs 15oz- this means he is 95% weight for height, but 90% weight for age
   His head is 50cm around- the 98% for his age.
5. Miles still has his soft spot on his head (which is normal... they normally don't fully close until between 10 months to 24 months) BUT that combined with his head size gets Miles an ultrasound of his skull. I guess what can happen is the fissures in his skull can close too soon and it can force his soft spot to stay open. We have to schedule an appt to see if the fissures are closed.
6. While we were at church Miles hit his chin on a windowsill and bit his top gum with his bottom teeth. It bled but looked ok. After a few days, he developed what looked like a blood blister and today it looks like it popped. If I look by where he bit, I can see a little tooth! I think when he bit his gum he made the gum thinner and made room for his top tooth to start coming down.
7.  We have friends from Germany visiting and it is so fun! I love hanging out with one of my best friends all the time and it has been so great finally meeting her husband! PLUS she is pregnant so I get to rub her belly!
8. Miles has started to eat more grownup food lately. He had his first hotdog, ham, turkey, and more things I don't remember.
9. Today after our moms group, Miles fell asleep holding his toy. It was so funny I had to take a picture!
10. Miles rode his first four-wheeler while at my dads... he took him around the yard and Miles loved it.
Miles and Mya playing together

Miles playing hide and seek with Uncle Dillan

Playing with their favorite toy at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Riding the four-wheeler with Grandpa

Best buds

Happy boy eating his first hotdog

Miss Mya eating a cookie... what a cutie!

Saying goodbye at the airport

Hanging out at the park today

sleeping with his toy on the way home.

April 12, 2012

Nine months

     This last month has been full of greatness and more crying than I'd like to admit. You have the happiest disposition ever, BUT whenever you want to be held, are tired, or are around people you don't know, you cry... a lot. It has been difficult because the only reason for the tears are you want to be held. Maybe I've  spoiled you.... ok, I don't think of it as spoiling more like loving you but that doesn't change the fact that you love your mom and dad. Your dad and I have used a lot of the attachment parenting theory and it works! You are super attached to mom and dad. You love us and want to spend all your time around us. It is sweet and mostly it is wonderful, but there are moments that are tough. Right now your dad is in the kitchen and you are crawling all over his legs just wanting him, but he is trying to cook and that makes it a bit challenging.
     You LOVE your daddy. I think this is a relatively new thing because you used to want me all the time but now you can't get enough of daddy. When we visited family, you loved all the men around you. I think it is because daddy wasn't with us so you just decided to love any male you saw. It was so sweet to see you bonding with Grandpa Griz. You just loved him so much and if he came in the same room as you, you just had to have him hold you and play with you. I love how much you loved your Grandpa.
     While we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa, we also got to see a bunch of other family including cousin Mya! You played so well with her. It was the first time I have ever seen you actually play with another baby. Normally you just play by them but never really interact with other kids, but with cousin Mya you would follow her around and play with whatever she was playing with. One of the cutest things was when Mya would give you loves. She would walk over to you, stand behind you (just in case you decided to pull her hair she was out of the way), put her arms around you and squeeze! It was so sweet.
     I can't believe you are already nine months old. You only have 3 more months until you are a whole year old! It is so crazy how quickly you are growing. You are so close to walking. You actually took 3 steps for Grandpa, but really can't walk on your own. You stand up really well, but still use the side of your feet a bunch. I think once you stop using the side of your feet as much you will be able to walk more easily.
     You are still my little chatter box. If you are awake, no one else can sleep. You don't really spit any more, but you do say "AAAAAAAAAA"  all the time. You also started saying mom but don't really say it much anymore. I love that you said momma first. It was so sweet to hear your little voice saying mom, momomommom, momma. It was so great!
     Well, hopefully this next month will be full of more laughter, less tears, and even more happiness. I love you so much Miles and can't imagine you being any different.

I love you more than I can ever express,


Friday Update

1. Miles and I are visiting my dad and family this week!
2. Miles rode on an airplane for the first time and did great! He was awake for about 5 minutes while they de-iced and fell asleep during takeoff. He slept right up until we decended. It was great!
3. Miles has started LOVING male attention. I think it is because he misses his daddy so he wants any male that looks nice. It is so strange to see my bayb, who was so scared of strangers, going to other boys in my family after seeing them for 2 seconds.
4. Miles has started playing with other kids. He plays with his cousin Mya so well. He is automatically interested in whatever she is doing and likes to follow her around. This is the first time I have seen him interact with another baby. He usually just sits by himself and plays.
5. I met my nephew Davin for the first time this week and he is a cutie!
6. Miles got a walker toy for Easter and lovs it.. It has stuff to play with on the front and he likes to push it around on his knees.
7. It has been so fun spending time with my family. I love seeing my sisters and brothers. It is so cool to see Miles interact with Mya and it's nice to have a whole house full of family... The only downside is Miles and I really miss Carl.
8. Miles and I fly back on Tuesday and that same night we are going to have two visitors... One of my best friends all the way from Germany is visiting us for 2 weeks!

sorry this one was so late... i made it but Miles distracted me and i never posted it!