May 14, 2013


We were lucky enough to have Carl's mom offer to help us go to Disneyland! We arrived on a Saturday and left on a Tuesday. Carl's mom bought us a room at the Grand Californian Hotel. It was AMAZING! The room was beautiful and it was so nice to have a room so close to the park.

We went into the park Saturday night and Miles rode his first ride-Ariel's Undersea Adventure. He loved it! The park was so slow that we rode it twice and walked right on. Miles just looked around and pointed at all the fish. It was great!

We ate a character breakfast Sunday morning with all the critters at Chip and Dales critter breakfast. I wondered how Miles would act with the characters and man, he was terrified. He cried and hid under the table. It was so cute... sad but cute. We then spent the morning doing rides and came back for a quick nap at the hotel, followed by rides all night. It was so great!

The next day we got up early and did the early park entrance. Miles loved all the bugs land rides! We even got to meet Minnie Mouse! Because Carl's mom is a member of Disney Chase rewards, we got to have a personal meeting with a character and we lucked out because it was Minnie! Miles loves Minnie! It was the cutest thing. We walked in and he said, "Ma-ma" for Minnie Mouse. He then blew her a kiss, gave her five, and hugged her. He had a little baby crush on her. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip. So sweet.

That afternoon we rode It's a small world and Miles loved it. I think he really liked that we were in a boat and that he could see all the animals and movie characters. It was really neat to see him so excitedly pointing at stuff. We also did world of color Monday night and it was great! Miles did so well, just played with my phone the whole time and sat in his stroller.

Miles was so good for the whole trip that we decided to buy him an M&M pretzel. He ate it and made a giant mess! He loved it! It was a nice treat for him and a fun way for us to do something out of the ordinary for him. As luck has it, on our way out of the park, while he was covered in chocolate and M&M color, we saw 2 princesses that we had to take pictures with. At least he was easily cleaned up with a few baby wipes.

 All in all, Disneyland was so much fun. Miles didn't throw a single tantrum. He loved seeing all the rides and Ma-ma. We all had so much fun and I must say that my weeks of planning left us with a happy baby who never lacked for stuff to do and a happy family who just got to enjoy some family time.

he was so scared of the characters at breakfast!

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