October 28, 2014

5 months!

My little Logan,
   You are a sweet bundle of a baby. You roll ALL THE TIME now. Right now you are laying on your belly in front of me, eating your hand, and scooting back and forth trying to eat anything you can touch. You have gone from being a passive watcher to an active participant. You want to touch, hold, and eat everything in sight. My hope for you is that you never lose this zeal for life. That you always have a wonder for the world and for new things. I hope you have an interest in how things work and remember to question the world around you. 
     It is so funny to see how engaged you are. You LOVE to watch Miles. No matter what you are doing (with the exception of being in the car), if you hear Miles you stop what you are doing and watch him. Yesterday Dad took him to get Aunt Bailey and you were so confused as to why you had no entertainment. It was strangely quiet and you were fussier than normal. 
     Even with all the big things you are doing, you are still my baby. You still kick your legs like a newborn, like to be rocked and swaddled like a newborn, and you still love your binky. I love you so much Logan Walter. You have my heart. Completely. 
     I can't wait to see what changes time will bring us. You have created a unique viewpoint for me. With Miles I could only guess at the future and wonder, but with you I get to see the future in your brother and be excited to see the same things in you. I see Miles at 3 and wonder what things you will like when you are his age... I see him talking and playing and feel excited to see that same stage with you. I remember what Miles was like at 1 and 2 and I feel excitement at getting to do it again, but with you! You give me a perspective I have never had before. I get to enjoy your little moments now because I have already done them and I remember they go too fast but I also get to see glimpses of the future and be excited for those too. Thank you for that. 
     You are such a sweet baby. You LOVE people. Whenever anyone smiles at you, you reply by smiling with your whole body. You have the biggest grin and your whole body can't help but wiggle when you smile. Half the time you smile so big, you have to turn your head and hide your face. It is so cute. I hope this joy you have never goes away. 
     Thank you for choosing me for your mommy. I could t imagine having anyother baby in my arms each day. I know you will grow into a great man because you have a great one to look up to and a big brother who will help keep you in line. My heart is yours... Please keep it safe. I hope you stay healthy and strong, don't risk your life unnecessarily... I took great care in making it. Please go to school, find a passion- I don't care if it is as a garbage man, Disneyland trash sweeper, lawyer, or doctor. Just make sure you find something you love. You , your brother, and your daddy are my everything. Keep growing strong and please start giving me more sleep. 
   Your very tired momma. 

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