October 4, 2010

winning weekend

This last weekend my mom, Rodney, and Nate came to visit. They came to go to the balloon fiesta but we never actually made it there :) We mostly hung out and my family played wii golf. It was really fun to watch my mom and Rodney play golf on the wii. They are just so funny.... I think my mom now wants a wii for Christmas so they can play video games... mostly just the golf and bowling, i guess:).
We did go to Albuquerque on Saturday and while driving, my mom suggested we all go to the hard rock casino. I don't think any of us really cared either way, but my mom offered to give us all $50 to have fun with so we all went. Everyone split up, except Carl and I who went and played the quarter slots. It was so fun! The last time we did this was when I was 21 and Carl was only 20 so he didn't get to play.... this time was better because we got to sit by each other, talk and having a good time while we BOTH played.
Well, we went to a little room and played some more and ended up winning (I took pics with my phone but I guess I didn't click 'save' before I clicked off the camera so it wasn't on there).Carl won more than I did, but we both came out with more money then my mom gave us (and she didn't even want any of the money back, so we got to keep it all!!). It turns out that Carl, Nate, and I all won money and my mom and Rod just lost the $50 they played.... it is sad but true. I think that is just how it goes because the same thing that happened in Vegas for my 21st birthday, the kids won and my mom and Rod didn't. It was so fun and all-in-all a great way to spend an hour while we waited to eat dinner (and my mom and Rod were not upset, just glad that we all had fun and that we won some money).
It was a good weekend and I look forward to seeing them again for Jessica's baby shower in a few weeks :)

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