October 1, 2012


I have been finding and thinking up new crafts. I am still doing fun things, but I tend to forget taking pics and so I don't post about it... but I thought I would show you four of the new things I have done to help out with organizing or just for fun.

First: Carl and I are in the process of making Miles an interactive latch board. It is going to have these wooden shaped doors that he can unlatch and lift up to see pictures of us! Stay tuned for the finished product soon.

Second: I decided to use my already present sconces to hold my necklesses. That way I can actually see what I have and can pick out something that matches what I am wearing. So far I have put on jewelry almost everyday because I can see it sitting there.

Third: Carl and I bought a shadow box and drilled a hole in the top, put a picture of somewhere we would like to vacation, and are already saving up for our next big vacation to..... Disneyland!!! I am hoping that seeing the picture of the castle will make us WANT to save.

Fourth: I decided we needed more counter space so we got rid of our fruit basket and instead went to target, bought $2 baskets, and hung them on the wall. They look really good and give me a ton more counter space. I love it! (the pan Carl got for his birthday and he liked it so much he decided it needed it's own space on the wall to keep it safe from scratches, so it's on our wall too).

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