March 10, 2013

Christmas plus

Christmas this year was a blast. I think it was the best Christmas so far. Miles had so much fun opening tons of gifts and playing with family. I think his favorite part was reading with Grandpa and playing with his Uncle and Aunt. It has been really fun seeing him interact with all of our family. He remembers them from Thanksgiving so he wasn't shy at all.

Miles has started doing more and more things that surprise me. My mom has a puzzle that Miles loves. He plays it all the time and now knows where all the pieces go. Even us adults have trouble finding where each piece goes, but Miles can do it so easily.

I'll look over and Miles has done something else surprising. I cut him up some sausage and put it on the table. I looked over and he had climbed up the chair, taken all the pieces, and put them on the coffee table so he could watch Elmo while eating... silly boy.

I think the only bad part of this trip has been the evening we spent in the E.R. Miles got croup for the first time and it was scary! He had been running a fever for about 4 days and started coughing about 2 days after the fever started. I kept an eye on him and gave him Advil at night. He did ok the first night, but the second night he woke up and coughed and coughed and coughed. He coughed so much that he hurt his throat and started crying. Now Miles usually has a loud cry but because of his cough his cry was barely audible. He was gasping for air and making tiny squeek cries. It was really scary. I even tried to nurse him to calm him down but he couldn't nurse because he was trying to breathe and cry. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. 

Anyway, after calming him down we went to the E.R. and got him some medicine and a breathing treatment. We were there for only about 2 hours, came home, and Miles slept really good after that. It was really sad and scary. I hope he never gets croup again! We have never taken Miles to the hospital and we were lucky that because it was Christmas Eve, not many people were there so we were able to get in and out fast. I am really grateful for the people who helped us. When we got there it seemed like Miles was 100% fine... until you made him mad and then he would cough and have trouble breathing again. The doctor was really nice and gave us some great advice and didn't make me feel like I was so stupid for bring my baby in at 1 am.

Well, it seems like that is most of what is going on. Miles is feeling better now (although it took a few days to get over his cough). Carl and I had so much fun watching all of our family open gifts we bought just for them and watching them have fun with our Miles. It is great seeing family and having Miles get to know everyone here.

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