July 15, 2013

Birthday Extravaganza Part two

A Monster Celebration

We had a second party for Miles the following weekend- a few days after his actual birthday. We invited over the other interns and neighbors. We had a full house! It was so fun.. we ate BBQ, laughed, chatted, ate some yummy chocolate cupcakes (that I made myself!), and just enjoyed. It was so great.... you can see the fun we had in the mess that the kids made (which only took me 5 minutes to clean up). 

It was so great. 


  1. So CUTE!!!! Look how cute and crafty you have become! Wish we could have been there.

  2. Thanks Shelb! It was with the help of pinterest and Bailey that this party was made possible :). I found all the ideas on pinterest and Bailey helped me make the hats and rocks. It was fun and since we didn't get to go all out for Miles' first birthday, I thought it would be fun to go all out for his second. I don't think we will do another party that is this big for awhile... maybe for his fifth birthday next.