July 9, 2013

July means birthday time

  Oh my goodness.. how things have changed this last year. You are so grown up. I feel like you are turning into such a little man. This year has brought along a new home, a new city, new friends, less family and still more family, new cousins, and so much more, You still aren't much of a talker. It seems like you have become satisfied with the amount of words you can say. You don't really try many new ones (although I did get you say two for the first time a few days ago! Doooo is how you say it and it is so cute). 
   You have changed so much this last year, it's hard to remember everything that is so different. I look back at your pictures last year and remember that you were so much smaller. It is only then that I can really see how much has changed. You seem to be a total momma's boy. You love your dad and grandparents (and you remind us often that you love grandma and grandpa) but you seem to want momma more than anyone else. You take great naps. Like 2-3 hour naps.. I would be super grateful if you could keep that up for at least another year.
   You love green beans, peas, and corn on the cob. No other veggie will even touch your tongue. You like apples, bananas, and watermelon (although you have only liked watermelon for about a week). You love to read and play blocks, watch your daddy play video games, and anything Mickey Mouse- including Disneyland. 
    You climb on everything and go up and down stairs like a pro. You are not afraid of telling people what you do and don't want (either a mmmm-hmmmm or no no no, no no). You like to sit on my lap and love to drink decaf coffee in the mornings. It seems like you are more grown up than you should be. 
   I still think you are super smart. You still love outside and if slide, park, water, or pool is mentioned you run to the front door and say bye-bye. You are just the light of our lives. I see wonder in your eyes and I know you are going to grow up to be something great. Your dad and I talk about what you might choose for a career and so far we could see you being: 
- a horticulturist. You love flowers and will stop whatever you are doing to smell them.
- an entymologist. You LOVE bugs. All bugs. Big ones, small ones, yucky ones.. any bugs you see you want to hold and pinch and bring with you everywhere.
- a geologist. You also love rocks. Whenever we go outside, you grab a handful of rocks to bring with you. I have rocks all over inside and in the car because you give them as gifts as well take them everywhere and also as hide them wherever you like.
- a zoologist. Animals are so much fun for you. The zoo is a favorite place and you love the zebras, giraffes, gorillas, and frogs. 
-a marine biologist. You also love dolphins, fish, and sharks.
- a chef. You love your little kitchen. You like to cook your play food and "eat" it. You say numnumnum.
   This is just a fun stage of life for you. We were sitting in a Starbucks and another couple with twins that were about a year younger than you sat by us. The dad asked how old you were and commented that he couldn't wait for his boys to be your age. That your aged toddler was just fun and I agreed. You are independent enough without wanting dad and mom too far away. It is great! You still have a giant sense of wonder about life and just love to do things with us.
   It seems like the older you get the more I see traits you get from your dad and me. I know that you are cautious and that 100% comes from me. You get so tender about family leaving and about things changing, just like me. You love to read like me too! You tend to be a little bit of a turkey about things too- just like dad. You do something and tell me no when I asked if you did them- just like dad. It is so fun to see things you do that remind me of how I was and how your daddy must have been as a kid.

     Now that I have said so much about who you are now, lets talk about the future. I hope that you grow up never doubting our love for you. You are our world. You mean more to us than anything else. You are so sweet and loving and no matter what life throws at you, I hope you keep your heart open so others can see what I know is there. I love you little Miles. You are the best little boy and I could never have imagined that I would get the chance to raise and love you. Thanks for that. 
      Please learn to sleep more. 6 am is not the best time for waking up... mommy needs a bit more rest. Also, please keep saying mmmm-hmmmm. It is so cute and I love it. If you could also keep saying mmmm-no? because it makes the no so much easier to hear when you say it all cute like that. Try to not grow too much this next year and please learn more words because it is hard trying to figure out what you want when there are 15 things that you call ba. 

We love you, xoxoxoxoxoxoxox,


  1. He looks so cute in his chef outfit!

  2. I love the chef hat that is so cute. Awww I wish we were closer!