May 31, 2014

Miles meets Logan

The mornin after delivery, Carl brought Miles to the hospital to meet Logan. He was so excited. Logan was out getting some testing done, so Miles got to come in, sit with me, and chat about the day before. We got to have about 20 minutes of Miles and mommy time before he met his brother. When the doctors came back with Logan, Miles was so sweet. He came and sat with me and laid his head down to Logan and kept saying, "hi Logan. Hi. Love you."

He wanted to hold Logan so we held him together. 

It was so fun to see Miles meet his new brother. He was so gentle and loving and just kept looki at him and talking to him. He asked about my belly a few times but seemed to understand that my belly is "little tiny" now because Logan came out. 

Miles and Carl stayed until they discharged me and Miles even helped daddy carry his baby out of the hospital. 

Even now, Logan has been home for 5 days and Miles is the best big brother. He tells me each time Logan makes any tiny sound, loves to hold him ("hold my Logan monny"), and calls Logan his baby. He sings sweet songs to Logan and if Logan is crying Miles tells him," it's ok Logan. No cry." Seems I am seeing a tender side of Miles that I haven't seen before. I have a feeling Miles and Logan are going to be best friends. 


Holding Logan when we got home

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