May 30, 2014

Logan finally arrives

I started feeling Braxton hick contractions weeks ago. A few times a day my belly would tighten and then stop. I decided to get my membrans stripped on Tuesday in hopes of having Logan early. The early contractions were quite annoying! 

Friday night I started feeling the belly tighten and cramping. I remembered that feeling! These contractions weren't just Braxton hicks but were the kind of contractions that did something. They hurt like cramps and came quick. Carl and I stayed up until midnight with the contractions coming every 5-7 min. Carl texted our doctor and we put some family on alert because last time, this stage of labor only lasted a few hours. We decided to try to sleep and see if my body would do anything with the contractions. They didn't. 

(My final belly pic taken on Friday) 

I woke up Saturday morning with the same kind of contractions going strong every few minutes. We called Carl's stepmom (who was sweet enough to volunteer to watch Miles when the time came). She came over and we all hung it until Carl came home. My mom decided to drive up "just in case" and my sister Bailey came and spent the day with me. Seems like everything was in a perfect place for Logan. I labored with cramping contractions all day and made cookies to help take my mind off of everything. I kept asking my belly, Logan don't you want to come out and meet everyone? We all want to meet you! Come soon. 

 (A screen shot of my contractions app) 

I went to bed around midnight again, hoping to have this turn into active labor. I woke around 4 and sure enough, the contractions had started to really hurt. They were the kind where I had to stop and breath through the pain. This was it! I woke Carl and told him this was it and we had to go. My sister went in and stayed with Miles while my parents slept and we went to the hospital. 

I am so glad the hospital is only a short 5 min drive for us because I was already ready for an epidural. Oh how you forget, and then quickly remember, the horrible pain of labor. It is something that fades with time, but the second you feel it again you remember exactly how bad it can get. We went inside (after multiple stops for contractions) and quickly got put in a room. Turns out we were the only ones in labor. Our nurses were so nice and found I was at a 5. They called Dr. Moss and then they told me I couldn't have an epidural until he got there, I got my blood drawn, labs checked, and then had the anaesthesiologist come. That was not the answer I was looking for. 
 (The ONLY pic of me in active labor pain) 

Thankfully Dr. Moss didn't take too long and everything for my epidural got lined up fairly quickly. 2 hours later I had an epidural and was already at a 7. Things were moving right along! Right after I got my epidural Carl called my sister and we checked in on Miles. My mom and Rodney were awake and Miles was up playing with his toys. My sister decided to join us again for this birth, so she left our house and came right over to the hospital. 
 (Me after the epidural... Feeling good!)

All of a sudden, I felt like I must have been cold everywhere and started shaking all over. Between transitioning and adrenaline, my body was on overload. I couldn't get my body to quit shanking. I wasn't in any pain, just shaking. At this point, Bailey joked that it all seemed so surreal. I was having a baby but wasn't really laboring and in pain. Dr. Moss came in periodically to check on us, but for the most part Bailey, Carl, and I just chatted about how excited we were to be able to finally meet Logan. 

A few hours went by quickly and soon I felt lots of pressure and was a 10.  Time to push! I pushed 3 times and they broke down the bed, Carl gowned up, and I knew we were so close. 

I pushed 3-4 more times and out came Logan. It was so cool to have Carl be the first one to hold our baby. Logan went right on my chest and I got to look at his sweet face while he got rubbed down. We decided to wait for cord clamping so Logan just laid on my chest and once I covered his face he opened his eyes. 

The rest of the delivery time went great. I got to hold my newest baby and got to bond with him right away. I had forgotten the amount of love that surges right after delivery. Little Logan was born on 5/25 at 10:24 am. He weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 20" long. I couldn't believe he was bigger than Miles. He looked so tiny! 

The first night went ok. I had the rush of delivery so I wasn't even tired until around midnight. My parents stayed with Miles and Carl stayed with me. Logan only woke up twice but I still only got around 3 hours of sleep. We had lots of visitors come and meet Logan... Family, friends, other interns... It was great. Logan got lots of love from lots of love. Carl even brought Miles to meet Logan (details on the next post). 

We didn't stay in the hospital long and were discharged by 11. Little Logan passed all his first tests and we were ready to head home. 

 His going home outfit 

So awake! 
Miles helping daddy 
Finally home and hanging out 

All-in-all I am so happy with the way this delivery went. I really liked my doctor and having Carl baby catch was awesome. My favorite part was the epidural and holding my sweet baby for the first while of his life. It was a special delivery and I am so glad my little Logan Walter is finally here. 

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