August 20, 2014

Three months

My dearest Logan Walter,
     These last month has been so great with you. You have started smiling and do it so often. You love to see dad, brother, and me. You have become such a happy baby... Of course you have grumpy times, but you are mostly just a happy guy. You love to be talked to and enjoy watching brother run around. You have started siting in your bumbo and love to sit and watch all the stuff going on. You started really looking at your toys and enjoy trying to figure out how to grab it and hold it. 
    I am so glad to have you. It feels like you have always been here and yet you are barely 3 months old. I love seeing your smong face each morning and am so glad I get that each day. Please don't lose that. Keep feeling happy and excited to greet the day. 
     I am so excited for the things to come. You are so close to laughing. You are ticklish and whenever tickled, you make this funny grunting sound that is soooo close to a laugh. I'm excited to hear it when you finally let it go.  I'm excited to see you get to play with Miles. He can't wait to play with you and often brings you toys to show you. He'll place toys all over your body hoping you'll play even though you are still so young. There are things that are fun to look forward to, but please don't grow up too fast. I feel like your brother grew up so fast that I am trying to soak up your littleness.
     You make these sweet baby coos and I love to try to get you to "talk". You don't really talk often. It has to be quiet and you can't be too tired. If there are other things going on, you would rather listen to others talking or other new sounds than talk. In fact, you very favorite time to chat with me is while nursing. You will lay in my arms, stare into my eyes, and coo at me as if to profess your love for your mom. It is really sweet. I don't look forward to the day when this stops. You just sweetly make the best little sounds. 
     I love you so much Logan. You are already showing your own little personality and in excited to see what kind of baby, toddler, child, teen, and man you will become. Keep loving your family, keep enjoying the little things, and please for my sanity keep sleeping in (and don't wake at 6 like your big brother). 

  Your momma

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