December 21, 2014

7 months

   Unfortunately this month has been characterized by being sick. First at the end of thanksgiving, you got Roseola. This is a high fever followed by a weird rash. Then you got a head cold and were stuffy and miserable for about a week and a half. And now you caught another head cold that is runny nose and fevers and coughing. You and your brother have been nothing but sick for the whole last month. My prayers each night seem to be the same- let the kids get better and let them sleep so I can. It is such a recurrent thing that even your brothers prayers sound like this, "bless monny to not be sick, feel better. Bless baby logan to not be sick, feel better, sleep good. Bless Minos to sleep good, feel better. Bless daddy work. Name of Jesus, amen." I am hopeful that you are getting all your sick out now so you can be a healthy kiddo later. 
     Other than being sick, you have really started to realize you can move around. You crawl and find things. You see something you want and go to it. It is fun to see you follow your brother around and trying to play with him. You crawl or scoot over to his toys and pick them up. I think you are wondering why they are so cool to Miles when all you do with them is  out them in your mouth. 
     You have such a little personality. You have decided to be weary of strangers when they hold you. You like them, but only as long as they don't touch you. After about an hour, you warm up and enjoy playing with whoever is around. 
     You still love eating. You want to eat anything we are, and try to eat your brothers food all the time (although to be fair, he DOES leave it on the floor so doesn't that make it your food too?). 
     You growl at anything you don't like or want. This means that when you are hungry and I am not feeding you fast enough, you growl. When you want your binky but can't get it in yor mouth, You growl. When you want to be held, your growl. It is really cute, but I wonder when you will start to say more sounds and words. 
     I love you so much my sweet baby. Merry Christmas. I can't believe you are already 7 months old. Feels like you have always been here but that there is no way you are so close to a year old already. Thank you for filling out home with more love, happiness, laughter, and fun. I can't wait to see you and your brother grow up and play together. I have a feeling I k in for lots of surprises. 

   Your mama

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