January 28, 2015

8 months

My sweet Logan, 
  This last month has been full of being sick. Poor guy... You have been sick since Thanksgiving and just can't catch a break. This month has been full of a head cold with lots of coughs. You seem to be doing well in spite of all the colds. 
    You pull yourself up on everything. You love to stand. You have even started to let go while you stand (although it doesn't last more than a second before you grab hold again). You even walk while holding our hands. I think you'll be walking early, just like your brother. 
   Speaking of your brother, you LOVE him. You crawl around following him and watch him like he is the center of your world... And he kind of is since he gives you so much entertainment. After he goes to bed, you often stay up a bit later, you crawl around and chat so much because you don't have someone to watch. 
     You have started doing the cutiest thing but I have a feelin fit won't be cute when you are older. You have started to giggle when you do something naughty. If I catch you pulling the books off the shelf, you giggle. As soon as you find my phone, you pick it up and giggle. When you see outlets, you crawl up to it and poke it while giggling. It is so funny and when I hear that giggle I know you are most likely doing something you shouldn't. (You also really enjoy crawling to the laundry room and eating all the shoes). 
    Each day seems it like you so something new. You are so curious and ready to know all about the world around you. I think you'll end up having your dads curiosity. I hope you never lose that.
    You started to hold your mouth all the way open, like a scream.  It is so funny. You don't do it all the time and once your cold started up again, you stopped doing it. You also now have 4 top teeth! It is so strange  to see you with so many teeth. I miss your little gums. 
     We went to Disneyland this month and we had so much fun. You were a bit sick but handled it like a champ. 

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