March 28, 2015

10 months!

     How are you almost a year old already? You are so curious. You climb and crawl and stand and try to figure out the world. 
     You love bath time! You can be yelling and cranky but you will happily go take a bath and cry when you have to get out. 
     You have taken your first steps! I think you'll be running before long. You stand up by yourself and try to walk but only make it a few steps and then fall. I have a feeling you will love running when you finally figure out how to stay up. 
     You love to eat. You follow anyone who has food and whine until we give you a bite. You have learned to spit out things you don't like. It's fully to have you try new things because more often than not, when a new texture goes on your mouth you will make a funny face and wipe it out with your arm or spit it right out onto your chest. 
      When we go to the park you love the swings. You laugh and laugh! I think this is another point showing me how much of an adrenaline junky you will become. You love to be thrown in he air, spun around, and anything that might be slightly scary is awesome. Unless it involves loud noises when you are tired and then you will just cry. 
     I love you so much my sweet Logan. I'm glad this last month was filled with lots of heathy weeks and I hope they continue. You are a sweet baby who loves his family and is happy all the time. You are fun loving and I am love this stage of life with you. Thank you to God for choosing me to be your mommy. 

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