April 29, 2015

11 months

My dearest Logan,
    With your birthday coming around the corner, this month has been full of you growing up. You now walk like a champion. In fact, you run (or try to run) more than you walk. If you fall, you just crawl to the nearest thing and pull yourself back up to standing so you can walk again. 
     You use your hands to say 'all done' when you are finished eating. Half the time I forget that's what you are saying and I think you are just waving at me. I wonder if you will get more sign language as time goes by. I tend to forget to sign as much as I did with your brother. 
     You are a great baby. You laugh a lot and get tickled at the silliest things. You love to watch and laugh at Miles. You have so much patience.... Unless you are tired. When you are tired, you don't take anything and you have a temper. When something happens that you don't like you scream and throw yourself on the floor. It is funny to see you assert your will on us. When you want something, you are super good at making it known. Especially when you are tired. 
      You are super inquisitive. You will walk and crawl all over the house, as long as someone is in the room with you, just to see what else you can find to chew on.  You love to play at the feet of Miles. I think you do this because you love to play wth him and he always drops the best things. You watch Miles and have already learned so much from him. 
    Speaking of learning, you mimic so much now. If I click my tongue, you do too. If I growl, you do too (and you often do this when you don't like whatever is going on). If I make kissing sounds, you try to do it too. It is really fun to see you trying new things. 
      You FAVORITE game is peek-a-boo. You will play this game with anything-from a door to a blanket, your hands, toys, or whatever you can find to hide in or under. You also LOVE pillows. You love to go over to pillows and lay on them. If any pillow is on the floor, you will walk or crawl over to it, just to lay on it for a second or two. 
     You have really started to develop your own personality and it is super fun to see.  You walk around and talk you baby talk to everything. We went to the store and you just walked around chatting to whatever fun thing you saw. It was really cute. 
     I can't wait to see what the future brings. Please grow up well. Be strong in your faith and be a protector of the weak. Be a force of good and of change in this world. Grow up to be a good man, a man like daddy, who loves family and is brave and loyal and a hard worker. Please grow up well, but not too soon. Stay little while you can. 
      I love you Logan Walter. You are my favorite Logan in the whole world. I can't imagine our family without you and I know you were always meant to be with us. Thank you for your sweet giggles, loving smile, cuddles, and curiosity. You are so loved. 

Love, momma

Logan playing in a tent 

Playing under brother

Playing peek-a-boo

Loving pillows

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