May 26, 2015

One year old

Happy birthday my sweet Logan, 
     It is really hard to believe you are already one year old. Where did time go? How are you a toddler and not my little baby, already? I feel cheated of time. Your first year went so fast. It feels like a blur of sleepless nights, lots of sick days, running, playing, and watching you learn and grow so fast. 
      You are an amazing toddler. You are your own little person already. You follow Miles around like he is the sun. He is the most amazing person to you. He is always doing funny things and dropping toys you end up playing with-so you follow him almost all the time. You are a daddy's boy! You love to run to dad when he gets home from work each day. You will point at him while I'm holding you so he will come hold you instead. There are times you want me (like when you are hungry or tired or hurt) but you love to follow Miles when playing or playing with dad. 
        You laugh so easily. You find humor in everything..... But you also have a temper! You yell at anything that is not what you want. Brother not sharing? You yell. You want up? You yell. Get a toy taken away? You yell. It is so funny to see how quickly you get angry and how quickly you are totally ok. 
     You have an amazing smile. Your sweet little teeth show and you get a sparkle in your eyes. Sometimes you have a special laugh you do when you are being naughty and you know it. You look around and giggle and stop and look at me and give me the cheesest smile. It is awesome. 
       You are really good at letting us know what you want. This last month you have started pointing at what you want. You sign 'more' by clapping and can sign nurse and all done. Those are the main things you use to show us what you want (other than crying or yelling). 
       I can't wait to see what kind of person you grow to be. I hope you grow to love God. I hope you grow up and learn to control the temper and find a way to have balance in life. I foresee you as a kid with a great sense of adventure and sense of humor. You are so much more of an adrenaline seeker than Miles. Where he is cautious, you jump right in. I also see many adventures for you and your older brother in the future. 
       I love you so much, my sweet Logan. You are sleeping in my arms right now and I know the day will come, all too soon, where you will no longer fit here. Happy first birthday, son. You are such a happy and wondeful baby. I am lucky to have you call me mom. Thank you for that. 
       Please don't grow too fast. Keep your sense of wonder. Always love others. Keep the sparkle and love for life. Never doubt my love for you. You have been loved from the beginning. Stay sweet. 

Love, momma

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