June 23, 2011

Baby gear!!

Bailey got here!!! I love when she is here because she is such a joy to be around. She is so much like me and we just "get" each other. She also is such a great helper (she is willing to get stuff that I can't reach and to help with whatever I might be doing). Anyway... I love my sister and it is so nice that she gets to be here for a bit before Miles gets here.

Yesterday we decided to do one of the crafts that I have wanted to do for awhile... a baby wipes case! It was really easy (once you got the hang of it) and I think they turned out GREAT! We still have to cover one more big case today (we ran out of glue yesterday so we had to quit early) but here are the pics!

Here is the one I made first (I made one while Bailey waited so I would actually know what we were doing)

Here is the second one I made

Here is the one Bailey made


And here is what the Jezzie did while we crafted.... isn't she so funny?!

Here is the website I used as my guide (although I used a glue gun not mod podge). They were really easy to make and I was the only one who walked away with a tiny glue gun burn.