September 11, 2012

Phoenix Part Two

After staying with Lin and Ike, we got to spend a week with Shelbie, Brian, and cousin Mya! We had so much fun! Miles loved playing with Mya everyday and was so excited to go and wake her up each morning. Mya has grown up so much since the last time we saw her. She is talking now! She called me Maysh and called Miles Mies. It was so sweet! It makes me super excited for when Miles can talk. The first day we were there Miles was a little rough, but he learned quickly to be soft and nice. It was so sweet to see how they played. One moment that sticks in my mind is Mya was laying on the floor watching t.v. and Miles walked up to her, laid his head on her tummy, and she patted his head and kissed him. It was so sweet. They both really enjoyed playing each day. We also went to the aquarium again, went to the park, shopped, and played so much!

Here are some pics of our week!

Miles sitting on Mya

Mya hiding so Miles can't get her toy

I love this picture! Such a beauty!

fighting over the stroller

taking a rest together

SOOOOO much fun! We had a great second week in Phoenix. I just wished we lived closer so these two could play all the time. I know that they would be best friends if they saw each other all the time. We just left yesterday and already Miles is missing his cousin Mya.

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