January 23, 2014


Miles has started doing a few things that surprise me. He has always loved to read, but lately he has been bringing me book after book. It's like he can't get enough. I counted and we have over 150 books for him to read and he has read all of them multiple times. 

This brings me to my small story. Yesterday we were playing outside (it was 70 degrees here!) and he saw a piece of brown lint/grass. 

                  Here it is- his "moth"

He saw it and called it a moth. Then he pointed to his mouth and said mouth. I wasn't really sure where he was going with the whole moth in the mouth thing so I told him that we don't eat moths. They are yucky. 

He then went inside and was making a bunch of noise. After a few minutes he came out holding this book. 
We haven't read this book in a few months; although we did read it each night before bed for 3 weeks the last time we did read it. 

He opens to this page:
He tells me moth frog mouth. Num num num.

I was blown away. #1-He actually remembers that we read this book months ago.  #2- he made the connection between the "moth" and that frogs eat them. #3-he knew right where to look to make me understand what he was trying to say. 

He is really starting to grow up. He remembers the books we read and will "read" them to himself later. He is actually very good at recalling specific details of the books. I think he remembers more than most of the second graders I taught. 

He also has found ways to tell me about other connections he has made. Two days ago we ate lunch with Carl and saw smoke coming out of the smoke stacks on the top of the hospital. He said mommy, smoke! And pointed to it. Then he said Mommy, Miles go Grandma Joni's, smoke. He remembered the BIG smoke stacks we saw in Page, AZ. He keeps amazing me with the thigs he remembers. 

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