April 22, 2014

Easter weekend

We had so much fun with all our visiting family. Miles woke up to find his Easter basket full of books, a movie, a few toys, and some fun coloring books. We then got up and ate some Cinnamon rolls and had a fun Easter egg hunt with cousin Mya.

I planned it where each kiddo got a certain color so they would each get the same amount of eggs with the same toys inside. Mya was so cute. She would find a blue egg and yell, "Miles, right here Miles!!" It was really sweet to see them working together to find all the eggs. After they were all found, we sat on the porch and the kids opened all the eggs. Miles decided to eat every treat as he went along while Mya decided to put all her treats into a pile and open all eggs before deciding what she wanted to eat. 

Easter was so much fun. It was great to see my sisters and brothers (even if we were missing a few). Wish my dad and mom could have been there too, but they came up the day before. Having everyone over makes me realize how much I love having my family around. I miss hanging out with my sisters and having family for Miles to play with. 

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