July 4, 2014

Family update

1. Miles says "duh-nuh" for 'that one' and will correct himself only when Carl or I remind him that duh-nuh is not a word. 
2. Miles knows all of his letters and letter sounds and likes to sound our words. He doesn't know how to put sounds together yet so he will make all the letter sounds sss-ttt-oooo-pppp, pots sign. It is really cute. 
3. Logan is going through his 6 week growth spurt a littl early and is a monster. He is so sweet and such a good boy until the evening and then all he wants is to sleep but nothing will soothe him enough to get him to sleep. It is awful. 
4. Miles did sparklers for the first time and he loved it. I think this is the first year he has showed an interest in fireworks. Next year we will have to buy some and set them off for him. 
5. I am reading, The Happiest Baby on the Block, and it has so many great tips on keeping Logan happy. 
6. Miles loves his friends and cousins. He asks to play with our neighbors, Blake and Carter, all the time. He also asks to play with his cousins and reminds me often that he has e-nen-non (11) of them.
7. Carl got a four day weekend for the Fourth of July and it was awesome! A much needed break to help with cranky Logan. 
8. Logan is officially 6 weeks old. How is he that old already? Seems like time is flying and both my babies are so big. 
9. Speaking of big, it's Miles 3rd birthday today. I took him out for pancakes at IHOP and he loved it. He has also decided that he wants pizza for dinner and donuts for lunch. I think we will give him pizza but donuts will have to wait. 
10. Logan loves his swing. It is the only way I seem to get anything done during the day. 

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