July 7, 2014

Miles turns 3

My dear Miles, 
   How time seems to fly. This year has been a big one for you. You have changed so much and so much has happened to our little family. You seem to have grown into quite the little boy now. You aren't a baby or even a toddler anymore. You are a kid. A big, loveable, independent, silly, kid. 
    This year you learned how to talk so much better. I am no longer the only one who can understand your words, although I am still needed for a few translations here and there. You say funny things that remind me so much of your dad. Just yesterday you told your dad that you weren't ready to come home, but nahmost. You say, "dah-nah" even though you KNOW it isn't a word and you can totally say 'that one' instead. In fact, when ever dad or I say 'duh-nuh', you tell us, "that's silly. That's not a word." You even click your tongue like I do. It's funny to see you "think" about something while clicking your tongue. 
   You are such a little character. You love to do silly things. You sometimes do naughty things and giggle because you know you shouldn't do them. Then you promptly say sorry in your sweet voice because you know it gets you out of trouble. There are so many examples of this... Today you went potty and rolled the toilet paper to the floor. After I told you to stop, you waited until I looked away and then roiled even more onto the floor. When I again told you no, you promptly said, "sorry monny. I just roll paper to wipe... See?" And you rolled more. 
    You are already so smart. You learn new things so fast. You know all the letters and the sounds they make, numbers up to 12, all the colors and how to make them (like red and yellow make orange), most shapes, and are starting to learn how to sound out words. I love seeing your love for learning. You remind me of your dad with how learning is enjoying for you and you love to read, like me. I hope these are qualities you keep. I love the glee on your face when a new Zootles or High Five magazines come in the mail. You say, "ooh, my MAGazines." It is so sweet. 
    You LOVE your new brother so much. You give him loves and pat his head and try so hard to put his binky in. You sing to Logan and tell him hi all the time. I can't wait to see how you and Logan will get along. I hope you two find best friends in each other. 
    I love you so much Miles, you are the sweetest, best little boy. I could never have asked for a first baby like you. Thank you for all the wonderful things you are and all the happiness (and sometimes fustration) you bring us. I couldn't imagine our world without you and I know you will grow up to be the best big brother Logan could have. 

Lots of love, 
  Your Monny. 


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